How to Invite Kids to the Wedding

Looking for a guide on inviting kids to your wedding? Check out our list of ideas here, so you can have the kids be a part of the experience.

By Ruksana Hussain

How to Invite Kids to the Wedding
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Planning your wedding day is a personal experience for yourself and you are special to others—and deciding whether or not to invite children to the celebration is part of that experience. If you have chosen to invite kids to your wedding, then here are a few creative ways to do just that.

Remember to address the entire family on the wedding invitation envelope, so there’s no doubt the kids are welcome to attend. include everyone by name on the invitation itself, so they each feel personally invited.

Add Kids to the Invitation

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Adding a smaller invite for the littles to the primary invite for the family will make your younger guests feel special. It can be a smaller version of your invitation but addressed to them. Simple, to the point, and aligned with your overall wedding theme.

Send a Handwritten Note

Adding a little postcard with a handwritten note inviting the kids would make any parent feel comfortable bringing their babies to the wedding. It’s a personal touch that shows that you put thought into the decision to invite kids to the wedding.

Share Your Plans

Either in your invitation or as a follow-up call to guests with kids, provide them with details on how you plan to incorporate children into your wedding celebration. Will there be babysitters, entertainment, activities, etc. to keep the kids occupied?

Present a Surprise Gift

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An age-appropriate token of your choosing with a wedding invitation addressed to the little kid you are inviting would certainly be a lovely surprise to receive in the mail. Let them know they are as important a guest as their parents or others at your party.

Sweeten the Deal

A custom box of chocolates with a special invitation inserted asking your little guests to RSVP if they would sweetly make time in their busy schedule to attend your wedding should receive a resounding yes.

Make It Your Special Secret

Tell the parents, of course, but sending an email invitation or a text asking to respond yes with a special code that only the two of you will understand will give all the mystery feels. Receiving the invite on a personal account or addressed specifically to them is key.

Turn It Into a Treasure Hunt

Leave a secret box for them at the door or send along a goodie bag and have them look for a special message from you with a question to which the only acceptable answer is yes, of course. It’s an activity for them, and you’ll have fun setting it up.

Give Them a Word Jumble

A crossword puzzle or word search game that spells out your invitation to the kids can be a great activity for the parents to enjoy as well. This might work better for older kids than younger ones, but informing the parents ahead might help create some excitement.

Keep It on Theme

If you’ve already decided on a theme for the kids' table at your wedding celebration, then sending an invitation aligned with that idea is easy. Your wedding planner will probably have some suggestions to help you create invites online with similar colors and characters.

Suggest a Role

Send a disposable camera inviting kids to be your unofficial photographers for the day. You can also try a sketchbook and pack of colored pencils inviting them to draw their RSVP.

Provide a Visual

Kids are creative and react to visuals, so send an invitation for your big day that’s a collection of images of things like the wedding venue and the activities you’re planning for them to experience at your party. These can also be converted to illustrations or given a comic theme to make them fun.

Entice With Preferences

A fun way to invite kids to your wedding is to send them a little survey or poll of their preferences. Would they like a candy tower or a juice bar, a petting zoo, or a painting corner? This will also give them and the parents an idea of what to expect when they attend.

Do It With Video

Schedule a time with the parents, and invite kids to the wedding over a video call. Make it a special invite your little wedding guest will cherish. This way, the parents know right away that kids are invited, and you get to see them responding, too.

Remember when you choose to invite kids to the wedding ceremony that it’s your special day. While you want it to be a celebration that’s memorable for your guests, it’s most important that you’re comfortable and enjoys yourself. Have fun with the invitations and make them truly an extension of your plans for the day.

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