How to Care For a Wedding Ring

When you get your wedding ring and/or engagement ring, there’s a lot to get used to—especially when it comes to daily wear and care. How's our full how-to to care for your wedding ring.

By Anni Irish

How to Care For a Wedding Ring
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The First Look ✨

For people who aren't used to wearing jewelry, wearing a wedding and/or engagement ring can be a big adjustment. Not only do you have to get accustomed to wearing it daily, but you also have to consider the best way to care for it.

Wedding rings tend to be very expensive, and when you are rocking this stuff for the first time, it can be a little scary. You’ll wonder about a lot, like whether you should wear it in the shower or take it off when you do the dishes. And for good reason—there’s a right way and a wrong way to care for your special piece of jewelry. Here are seven tips to help you take care of your wedding ring.

Clean Your Ring Often

This should go without saying, but cleaning your ring regularly is important. It not only keeps the band and stones looking amazing, but it also helps keep the piece sanitary. Thankfully, cleaning it isn't a very involved process. A few simple steps can help keep it looking sharp.

Simply add a few drops of soap or mild dish soap to a mug or cup filled with lukewarm water. (Avoid using harsh chemicals, like bleach, which can damage the ring.) Let the ring sit for a few minutes—or even overnight, depending on how dirty it is—then use a brush with a soft bristle to lightly scrub the band and stones clean. After that, rinse in clean, lukewarm water (remember to plug the sink!), then lightly rub it dry. Repeat these simple steps a few times a week to keep your ring looking great.

Cleaning it at home is a good practice, but it’s also important to get a professional cleaning done a few times a year. You can bring the piece to any jeweler, and many even provide the service for free.

Remember to Polish the Band

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Over time, your ring will start to show signs of wear from oxygen, exposure to water, and the oil from your skin. When you clean your ring, it's also important to clean the band. Depending on the type of precious metal it is––silver, yellow gold, white gold, platinum, rose gold, etc—you will need to polish it to keep it looking shiny. Check with your jeweler about the best way to clean the type of metal you have.

Think About When to Take Your Ring On and Off

It's important to know what kind of diamond you have because certain activities can affect it more than others. If you have a band with more delicate and smaller stones, avoid wearing it during a workout—you could wind up damaging the stones or even losing them.

You should also try to avoid wearing your ring during hands-on activities, such as tennis, kayaking, rock climbing, etc. Other activities such as a day at the beach might also be another good time to leave your ring at home. For things like doing the dishes or washing them by hand, consider getting a pair of gloves, so you can wear your jewelry without worry.

There are no hard and fast rules on whether or not you should wear your ring when you sleep. You have to decide what works best for you—it’s a matter of comfort.

Get Insurance

Accidents happen and when you have a new expensive piece of jewelry, it’s important to get it insured ASAP. The good news is that most pre-existing policies for homeowners and renters will let you add your ring to it. This can be done with a simple phone call to an agent to add a rider to your policy. It will include the valuation—something you can easily get from the jeweler where it was purchased—which is like an insurance policy for the receipt itself.

Remember to Check the Settings and Prongs

While regular cleanings are important for your ring, it’s also imperative that you check the whole ring, including the setting and prongs. Pay close attention to your ring setting. Is one prong shorter than the other? If you shake it, do you hear anything? If you do, that means the stone is loose and needs to be reset. Bring your ring in yearly to have it checked out by your jeweler to help prevent problems before they occur.

Try to Avoid Resizing the Ring Often

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While it can be tempting to resize your ring, it may be something you should hold off on doing. There are a variety of things that can affect the size of it––weight gain or loss, changes in temperature, medication, and even traveling. And if you are a woman and become pregnant, that will certainly affect your ring size as well.

That said, if you notice your ring is constantly loose, it should probably be resized. Before you choose to size your ring up or down, be sure to speak to your jeweler and explain the situation—they can best advise you on how to proceed.

Have Safe Places Around Your Home to Place Your Ring

If you’re prone to taking off your jewelry and forgetting where you leave it, be sure to establish a safe place to put your ring. Placing small jewelry dishes around your home in key areas, such as in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc, can help you keep track of your ring and prevent you from losing it. Being able to properly take care of your diamond engagement ring and/or wedding ring is important. With proper cleaning and care, it stays in tip-top shape for years to come.

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