Groomsmen Accessories: A Comprehensive Guide

A head-to-toe guide of all the groomsmen accessories that your wedding party might need. Read more here.

By Deanna deBara

Groomsmen Accessories
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Part of a groomsman’s duties is dressing the part and making sure that he has the right wedding attire—and that includes groomsmen accessories.

But what kind of accessories might your groomsmen need? Let’s take a look at the different accessories you might consider for your groomsmen—from their heads down to their toes:


Groomsmen Accessories: A Comprehensive Guide Photo Credit // Unsplash

If you’re having a summer wedding and getting married outside in a sunny locale, matching sunglasses could be a great groomsmen accessory. Not only are they helpful in keeping the sun out of your groomsmen’s eyes, but they can also add a bit of fun to your wedding party’s attire. Consider sunglasses the intersection of wedding party style and function (plus, they can make for great photo ops).


Groomsmen ties are one of the most versatile groomsmen accessories out there. There are a ton of different types of neckties; you can go with a traditional black tie, add a bit of fun with a bow tie, go formal with an ascot, or choose something unexpected such as a shoelace tie.

Neckties also give you a lot of options with design. You can add a pop of color by having your groomsmen wear matching ties in one of your wedding colors. Or, if you want more variety, you can have each groomsmen wear a tie in a different color (or different shades of the same color). You can have your groomsmen go with a solid tie, patterned tie, wide tie, thin tie….the possibilities are endless.

Pocket Square

A pocket square is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a square of fabric that goes in the pocket of a groomsmen’s suit jacket (or sometimes, at less formal weddings, a dress shirt)—and it’s a great accessory to pair with a necktie.

You can either get your groomsmen’s pocket squares in the same fabric as their necktie—or, if you want a bit more contrast, choose a different fabric that pairs well with the tie. Also, feel free to mix patterns and solids, as long as there’s a visual element that ties the neck and tie together (for example, a solid blue tie with a patterned pocket square with blue accents).

Groomsmen Accessories: A Comprehensive GuidePhoto Credit // Unsplash


If you’re keeping things simple and your groomsmen aren’t wearing a suit jacket, suspenders can create a visually cohesive look for your wedding party—and can also dress up a more casual groomsmen look.


Cufflinks are an accessory that fasten the cuffs of a dress shirt—and they’re a go-to accessory for groomsmen. Personalized cufflinks also make for great personalized groomsmen gifts—so if you’re not sure what to get your groomsmen as a thank you gift for playing such an important role in your big day, cufflinks are a great way to check both “wedding party gift” and “groomsmen accessory” off your wedding checklist.


A wristwatch can be a sleek, stylish, and sophisticated groomsmen accessory—but they can also be expensive, so, unless your groomsmen all happen to have the same watch, either choose a wrist watch that’s on the affordable side or cover the cost and give the watches as a groomsmen gifts.


Another groomsmen accessory that offers a ton of options and versatility is socks. Similar to neckties, there are a ton of sock options for your wedding party. If you want to keep things more traditional, you can stick with a classic black, brown, or navy dress sock. If you want to keep things streamlined, you can choose socks that match your groomsmen’s neckties and/or reflect your wedding colors. If you want to have fun with it, you can have everyone choose a bright color or a bold print.

Just make sure that the socks you and your wedding party choose are comfortable, sweat-resistant, and go well with the next groomsmen accessory, which is...


Shoes really tie an outfit together—it’s true in everyday fashion, it’s true in wedding attire, and it’s true for your groomsmen’s attire.

Traditionally, groomsmen wear dress shoes in black or brown. But, there’s no need to be traditional if that doesn’t vibe with your wedding style. If you want to keep things more casual or sporty, matching sneakers can be a great option. You can have your groomsmen buy their own shoes, you can buy your groomsmen their shoes as a gift, or (if you’re going for more traditional dress shoes) you can have them rent shoes for the day.

From head to toe, formal to casual, and everything in between, there are a huge variety of accessories that your groomsmen can rock on your wedding day. Just remember, there are no rules for groomsmen attire. Ultimately, you have to choose the accessories that feel right for you (as the groom), your groomsmen, and your wedding style. And, now that you know the different groomsmen accessories that are available, all that’s left to do is get out there and get choosing.

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