How to Choose a Tie for Groomsmen

Find out everything you need to know about choosing groomsmen ties for your special day.

By Deanna deBara

groomsmen ties
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Asking your groomsmen to be at your wedding is one of the first items on the groom’s wedding checklist. But, once you’ve asked your groomsmen to be in the wedding party, the next hurdle is figuring out what they’re going to wear while you say you are “I do’s”—and that includes their groomsmen ties.

But how, exactly, do you go about choosing a tie? What things do you need to consider? And, with so many ties out there, how do you narrow down your options and find the right tie for your groomsmen?

Figure Out the Type of Tie You Want the Groomsmen to Wear…

When you think of a wedding tie, chances are, the first thing that pops into your mind is a traditional necktie.

But, going traditional isn’t the only neckwear option for your wedding party. So, the first step to choosing a tie for your groomsmen is narrowing down the type of tie that you’d like them to wear.

You can, of course, go with a traditional necktie. But, you could also go with a bowtie (which is great for more casual looks), an ascot (which is more formal, and can work at black-tie wedding events), or a bolo—or “shoelace”—tie, if you’re going for more of a country or western look. Before making your selection, keep in mind what your overall wedding style will be. When it comes to groomsmen accessories, you want to make sure that their neckties also match with their socks, suspenders, pocket squares, or anything else they might be wearing.

The point is, there are a ton of different tie categories out there—so, before you attempt to choose a tie for your groomsmen, you want to narrow down which category of neckwear is going to be the right fit for your wedding day.

...And If You Want Them to Match

The next decision you’ll want to make when choosing a tie for groomsmen is whether you want everyone’s tie to match.

Traditionally, the groomsmen would all wear the same attire—including the same tie. Normally, all your groomsmen will wear a matching tie and it will usually be in the complement of your wedding color. But, no rule book says you have to keep things traditional. Mismatching bridesmaid's dresses have become a serious trend in recent years—and there’s no reason that you can’t embrace that same mismatching philosophy on the groom’s side.

If you do decide to have your groomsmen wear different ties, the key to making them look “purposely mismatched”—instead of looking like each groomsman just wore whatever tie he felt like wearing that day—is to tie the look together (pun intended!) and create visual consistency with at least one feature.

So, for example, if you want all your groomsmen to wear a different type of tie, you should have them all wear a tie that’s the same color. Or, if you want them to wear different colors, they should all wear the same type of tie. That way, when you look at the groomsmen as a whole, they’ll look like they “go” together—even if they aren’t wearing the same matching tie.

How to Choose a Tie for Groomsmen | Zola Photo Credit // Ripperton Films

Choose the Colors and/or Patterns for the Tie

Speaking of colors, another element of choosing ties for your groomsmen is choosing the colors and/or patterns for the tie.

If you want to keep things traditional, you can stick with black or gray ties. Or, if from a visual perspective, you want to make it clear that your groomsmen are a part of your wedding party, you can incorporate your wedding colors into their ties. And, if you want to make a statement, a patterned tie will add visual interest to the groomsmen’s wedding attire (just make sure that it’s not too loud and doesn’t steal attention from you and your partner).

Have Your Groomsmen Try on the Tie With the Wedding Attire

Once you’ve chosen your groomsmen’s ties, you want to have them try on the ties with the rest of their wedding attire to make sure that it all comes together—and you want to do it well before your wedding day.

Having your groomsmen try on their entire wedding outfit—ties included—before the big day will allow you to look everything over and make sure that it’s in line with your vision. And, if it’s not? No worries! That’s why you want to do the try-on in advance—because if there’s something you don’t like, you have plenty of time to go back to square one and choose a different tie.

Buy or Rent a Few Extras

Generally, once you’ve chosen a tie for your groomsmen, they’re the ones that are responsible for buying (or renting) their neckwear. But, if you want to play it safe and make sure that every groomsman walks down the aisle in the tie you chose for them, it doesn’t hurt to buy (or rent) a few extra. That way, if something happens (for example, if a groomsman flies in for the wedding and his luggage gets lost, or if a groomsman spills a beverage on his tie and stains it right before he’s supposed to walk down the aisle), you have a few backups at the ready.

Choose the Tie That’s Right for You and Your Groomsmen

When it comes to choosing a tie for your groomsmen, there’s no “one size fits all” approach. Ultimately, you have to choose the tie that feels right for you, your groomsmen, and your wedding. And, now that you know the things to consider when making that decision, all that’s left to do is get out there and get choosing.