Customized Wedding Invitations

Looking to create customized wedding invitations? Our experts at Zola can help. Read on for our top tips and advice.

By Maggy Lehmicke

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The First Look ✨

  • Wedding invitations are your guests' first look into your wedding, so make a great impression with customized wedding invitations.
  • Look at wedding invitation schemes and visual references to make sure they with the other aspects of your wedding suite.
  • DIY wedding invitations allow you to embrace your artsy side. Illustrate your own designs or upload your designs to Zola to get them professionally printed.

They might just be pieces of paper, but wedding invitations still hold a lot of weight. Since they’re often the first aspect of the wedding that your guests see, they’re also a great opportunity to create a powerful first impression. Whether you’re using one of Zola’s designs, hiring a professional, or doing customized wedding invitations, there are a lot of different ways to infuse your personality into your stationery, while still keeping them classy.

With so many options, knowing how to design a wedding invitation can often be overwhelming. Read up for some of our quick tips on how to create customized wedding invitations that are worthy of your big day.

Pull Visual Inspiration.

Most likely, you wouldn’t walk into a bridal salon without a picture or two of dresses you like, so it shouldn’t be any different when it’s time for you to design a wedding invitation. Photos not only help as you navigate through digital options or work directly with a designer, but they also give you a visual reference to use as you plan other parts of your wedding. For example, as pretty as that deep burgundy and gold invitation suite may be, it’s not going to feel right if you’re having an all-blue farm wedding. Inspiration could be anything from a picture of your venue to a pretty menu card that caught your eye. Think broadly and creatively!

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Consider First Impressions.

Aside from the Save the Dates (which are often sent long before you have your color or theme ironed out), your invite is a window into what your wedding might look like. Shape, colors, paper options, and other illustrations are all elements that influence the overall look and feel of your wedding stationery. If you’re having a laid-back, farm wedding, then off-white, deckle-edge paper might work well for you; while a black-tie affair may demand darker colors, cleaner lines, and a thicker cardstock. If you’re having trouble deciding what “feeling” you’re going for, browse through some of Zola’s designs, or look back at your inspiration images for ideas.

Think About Your Color Scheme.

Color is important for a lot of reasons—not just how you want your wedding stationery to look. For example, maybe you always pictured navy cardstock with white envelopes and professional calligraphy. However, you might regret that decision if your invitations are traveling long distances or through the rain. Luckily, many of Zola’s invitation suites come in a wide variety of colors to choose from (and you can always opt for free guest addressing). At Zola, we offer some of the hottest trends in wedding invitation designs. Whether you’re going for a popular wedding invitation theme or you prefer something a little more unique, we offer a beautiful selection of quality designs. Try to incorporate some of your wedding colors, but don’t be afraid to branch out when it comes to things like envelopes and script colors. Most importantly, you don’t need to have every color in your color scheme included in your invitations. When in doubt, simplify.

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Make It Cohesive.

In addition to making sure that the invitation design aligns with other aspects of your wedding, it’s important to make sure that the invitation suite, as a whole, feels cohesive. Keep in mind that the more you customize your wedding suite, the more opportunity there is for elements to feel disjointed, so it can help to have an extra eye or two looking at your personalized wedding invitations. There’s no reason that the whole suite has to “match,” but your partner or maid of honor may be a good judge of whether certain colors and themes work well together. You’ll also want to make sure that you have all the different elements laid out (ie. invitation, RSVP card, map, etc.) so you know exactly what you’ll need to order.

Think Personally.

As with every aspect of the wedding, there’s nothing more heartwarming (or impressive) than personalized wedding invitations that really seem to embody the couple themselves. For example, an artistic duo with traditional, illustration-free invitations will feel just as out-of-place as a more traditional couple sending out invites with bright colors and bold, graphic fonts. If you’ve taken calligraphy classes in the past, consider addressing the envelopes yourself. If your partner is a photographer, try using a photo of his or hers as the background. If you both are seafarers, tie the suite together with string and a sailor’s knot, in lieu of a belly band. These are all simple ways to make a pre-designed invitation suite feel more personal.

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DIY What You Can.

If you’re artsy, embrace it. From writing your own funny wedding invitations to hand-painting watercolor wedding invtations for a more rustic look, there are so many ways that you can add a personal touch to your invites. You can even upload your own custom design to Zola if you still want the professionally printed look, but prefer the artistic freedom. Printing with Zola ensures that each and every invite will look its best. If you’re planning to do a lot on your own, just make sure that you start early, so that there’s enough time to get it all done.