Choosing the Best Wedding Bands for Men

Don’t know how to choose the perfect wedding ring for your husband? Find out everything you need to know about wedding bands for men here.

By Jennifer Prince

groom wedding band
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Though many women have plenty of experience with jewelry by the time they get married, the wedding band may be the first piece of jewelry some men ever wear. As a result, the decision can be a difficult one. Should he wear platinum or gold? Does he prefer something thin and plain or wide and ornate? If it’s his first foray, he may have zero frame of reference. But the decision doesn’t have to be quite so complicated—especially if you have this helpful guide at your disposal.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Men’s Wedding Band

Before you start thumbing through rings, it helps to have a foundational knowledge. When choosing the perfect mens wedding band, consider:

  • Budget: As with any wedding-related purchase, keep your finances in mind. If you’re looking for an affordable men’s wedding band, set a budget before you start shopping. Bands can range from under $100 up into the thousands, depending on the materials, construction, and detailing.
  • Style: Does your guy love wearing suits or polos with khakis? Then a classic ring may be in order. In contrast, an outdoorsy type may enjoy a durable, less conventional band. Take into account what he likes to wear every day.
  • Vocation: Factoring in his job is a wise decision. An inexpensive silicon band works well for those who work around machinery or with their hands. In contrast, a camouflage printed silicon band may not work well for a bank executive.

Variations in Wedding Bands for Men

The factors mentioned above will significantly influence the other features of your wedding band. Above all, make sure that the ring fits your lifestyle and is one that will stand the test of time.


Traditional wedding ring metals remain classic for a reason, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up and go with a different substance. Whether you go with the classics or try something new, men’s rings come in a variety of creative materials.

  • Precious Metals: Gold, platinum, palladium, and sterling silver are precious metals, although sterling is softer and less expensive than the others. One perk of a gold wedding band is that it comes in several colors, such as yellow, white, rose, and green, to be truly unique. Whether you go for a classic gold men’s band or you prefer a unique green one, it’s easy to find your perfect ring when going with a precious metal.
  • Alternative Metals: As far as wedding band materials, there are a few newcomers on the scene. Titanium, steel, chrome, and tungsten all create unique men’s wedding rings that offer durability and lower price tags.
  • Wood: Mens wood wedding bands are unique. Trees such as oak, teak, zebra, and chestnut are valued for their color and grain. Solid wood rings are growing in popularity and can also feature intricate designs. This style is perfect for those who are looking for more rustic men’s wedding bands.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic is affordable and strong, although it can shatter if it’s dropped. A bonus: Ceramic’s ultra-smooth surface is also hypoallergenic.
  • Silicone: Many active people have silicone bands. They’re inexpensive, easy to replace, and come in lots of fun colors. Silicone wedding rings can either serve as a nontraditional band or as a second band to wear on certain occasions.
  • Tattoo: For those who want a more permanent solution, having a band tattooed on is an option. An inked wedding band also works well for those who have more active jobs and lifestyles. A huge plus is that it won’t ever be lost or forgotten.
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Most don’t consider fit when it comes to wedding bands for men. However, there are two different styles of rings designed for ease of wear. The majority of bands offer a standard fit, where the inner surface is flat. In contrast, rings with a comfort fit have a slightly curved inside to adjust to the finger a bit better.


Whether or not you choose to have stones is a matter of personal taste. Just because a men’s band has stones doesn’t mean it has to have one central stone like an engagement ring. Many wedding bands for men have smaller, inset stones, such as diamonds or sapphires. Of course, stoneless wedding bands are the most timeless choice.


There are many creative designs out there for you to showcase your love. Etching, grooves, facets, and hammering can all add interest to a plain band. Others feature braiding, two-toned metal, and wood inserts. Custom men’s wedding bands can also be ordered featuring an impression of your spouse-to-be’s fingerprint.

Personalizing Your Search

One last piece of advice: Don’t feel like you have to be all matchy-matchy with your partner. Find rings that suit each of you, and if they happen to match—great! If not, it’s ok to seal the deal with more personalized pieces.

This is typically good news for the guys, as they can find something that really suits their style. They can pick smart, memorable bands, or have one that flies under the radar. And one thing’s for sure: The more they love their selection, the more precious it will be.