Bridal Shower Backdrop

Looking to create a stunning bridal shower backdrop for photos? Read on for more inspiration.

By Amanda Mitchell

How to Create a Bridal Shower Backdrop for Photos
Photo by Unsplash

A bridal shower is an excellent way to usher someone you love into the next stage of their life. But it’s far from stress-free: Will people have a good time? How much food should you order? What’s the budget?

Luckily, there are a few elements of the day that come sans stress—like an Instagram-ready bridal shower backdrop that your guests can use to capture a moment with their favorite person—the bride.

But how does a bridal shower photo backdrop come together? It’s much easier than you think: Here at Zola, we came up with the best way to create a photo backdrop, as well as some clever and eye-catching decor ideas that can help you celebrate your friend.

Find the Right Wall

Bridal Shower Backdrop Photo Credit // Unsplash

First things first: You'll want to figure out how to set up your bridal shower backdrop. This can be determined by examining your space. If the party is outside, there may be a gorgeous tree or a wall of foliage you can decorate with streamers, letters, or twinkle lights for a built-in backdrop. If your party is set to take place indoors, try to locate a beautifully-painted wall in the venue. Even a plain white wall can be a great blank canvas to build upon to show off your bridal shower theme.

Or, Go Custom

If that doesn’t excite you, you can always order a custom backdrop from a place like Etsy or have one printed at Printastic. From there, you'll want to purchase a backdrop stand—like those you’d find at a portrait studio. Most standard backdrop stands can usually carry lightweight fabrics, canvases, foam, and paper, but anything heavier, like vinyl, might require a more heavy-duty stand. Putting up a backdrop stand is easy and pretty quick, making this a great option if you're short on time and in need of decor.

Now, Decorate Your Backdrop

Okay, so you've settled on how you're going to build your backdrop, and now you're ready to really make it pop. There are plenty of ways to decorate your backdrop for your festivities.

Use lights: A beautiful and simple idea is to use Command hangers to drape string lights from the ceiling (or loop around your backdrop stand).

Use balloons: Balloons have always been popular—even more so now that we're becoming a far more photographic world. Buying a balloon garland in the colors of the special day and attaching it to your backdrop can be a game-changer for the event.

Use personalized letters: Make sure everyone knows who's being celebrated by decorating your backdrop with customizable acrylic or vinyl letters. You could even have an over-the-top banner printed to commemorate the day.

Use flowers: If you're using a foam board, covering it in fake flowers (you can push them through easily, no need for staples) in differing colors feels like a beautiful way to add to your celebration. If the floral budget is tight, opt for greenery garlands instead.

Use craft supplies: Fringed tinsel or fluffy yarn balls are another way of bringing in texture to your backdrop. And of course, paper. Paper, in a way, is almost built for a backdrop wall. You can hang streamers from the ceiling and have them rest against the backdrop for some texture and movement in your photos, or cut out paper garlands to hang down.

Use wrapping paper: Wrapping paper and wallpaper are always excellent choices for easy backdrop ideas. These materials are a breeze to work with and simple to clean up.

Whatever you choose, Zola has every resource to make your bridal shower the festive event it should be, making it an easy and enjoyable day.