Wedding Balloon Decor Ideas

Balloons make everything more fun and joyful, including weddings! Check out these fabulous wedding balloons decorations from Zola, the wedding expert!

By Emily Forrest

Wedding Balloon Decor
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Balloons are the international symbol for festivities. Think about it, they’re basically just floating orbs of color and whimsy. What could be more fun than that? And when worked into traditional wedding decor, balloons can create a lighter-than-air atmosphere of love and celebration.

Wondering how to work balloons into your wedding decor? You’ve come to the right place. These wedding balloons decor ideas, from the ceremony through the reception, will take your breath away.

Wedding Balloon Decor for the Ceremony

From the aisle decor to the bouquets, there are several ways to add buoyancy to one of the most beautiful moments of your special day.


Say your vows under a classic balloon arch. You can go for a classic arc, or explore different shapes based on your theme, including:

  • Frame: You and your future spouse make a gorgeous picture. Frame the moment you say “I do” with a balloon frame.

  • Triangular Arch: A modern take on a classic balloon arch, the sharp shape of a triangle contrasts artistically with the balloons’ soft curves.

  • Gazebo or Chuppah: Create a whimsical structure of balloons as the focal point of your wedding ceremony.

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Ceremony Columns

If the Romans or Greeks had known about balloons, they would have loved this idea. A column of balloons combines classic architecture with modern fun. A pair of columns at the end of the aisle or on the sides of the ceremony space will definitely evoke some extra oohs and aahs.

Aisle Decor

Balloons are one of the few wedding decorations that can easily add vertical dimension to your aisle without sacrificing the view—which, let’s be honest, is the most important thing. Tie balloons to aisle chairs to add an elevated level of decor to your ceremony space. This wedding decor addition works especially well in venues with high ceilings or in wide-open spaces—so long as it’s not too windy.

Balloon Tip: You can tie balloons to aisle chairs, or you can use other decor to anchor the balloons. Tie balloons to floral arrangements, vintage antiques, or even stacks of books—anything that expresses your personalities.

Incorporated into the Ceremony

Balloons make an eye-catching substitute for several aspects of your wedding ceremony. Here are just a few ideas to bring these lighter-than-air decorations to your “I dos:”

  • Balloon Girls and Balloon Bearers: Instead of scattering or carrying flowers and rings, have the smaller members of your wedding party walk down the aisle with balloons. As an unexpected bonus, little kids tend to have more practice holding balloons than carrying flowers or rings.

  • Bouquets of Balloons: A bouquet certainly smells sweet, but does it float festively through the air as you walk down the aisle? For a fun twist on a ceremony classic, swap the blooms for a bundle of balloons.

Balloon Drop

Picture this: You’ve just said your vows. You can hear your usually stoic sofu sniffling up a storm in the front row and your soon-to-be mother-in-law grinning bigger than she ever has. Finally, the officiant declares, “You may now kiss!”

You and your now spouse kiss for the first time as a married couple—and hundreds of bright balloons fall like rainbow snow from the ceiling. The crowd goes wild, and you’ve never been happier in your whole life. Pretty epic, right?

Wedding Balloons at the Reception

The balloon fun doesn’t have to stop at the ceremony. Try these wedding balloon decor ideas for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Guest Table Decorations

Guest tables are microcosms of your wedding aesthetic—and the perfect place for your wedding balloon decor. Check out these fun ways to add wedding balloon decorations to your guest tables:

  • Table Number: Make it easy for guests to find their tables with balloon markers. Use fun fonts and designs to indicate the number of tables on classic round balloons, or use helium-filled balloons shaped like numbers.

  • Floating Name Tags: Make it easy—and fun—for each guest to find their seat with custom name balloons tied to each chair. As a bonus, it’ll be easier for everyone to learn each other’s names.

  • Centerpieces: If balloons are the center of your wedding day decor, they can absolutely be the center of your guest tables. Try using clear balloons filled with glitter or confetti to make it easier for your guests to look around and watch the festivities.

  • High-Flying Table Garlands: Table garlands are typically sprawling floral pieces that span the table, but why not give your guests a reason to look up? Using long balloon strings, your balloon decorator can create an elevated balloon garland design for your guests to enjoy.

Balloon Tip: Fishing line anchors balloons invisibly. You can also wrap the fishing line in other decor like vines, ribbons, tassels, or tulle.

Balloon and Flower Accents

Think of balloons like flowers of the sky. The gentle shapes of flower petals and mini balloons create an almost ethereal statement. Work with your florist to bring balloons into table garlands, entryway decorations, and more.

Balloon Tip: We hate to burst your bubble, but be mindful of what you pair with balloons. For example, balloons and cacti are a recipe for disaster, since those little prickles may cause the companion decor to pop. Instead, use softer flora in your arrangements.

Photo Opp Wall of Balloons

Your guests will be snapping pics of your wonderful wedding reception left and right. Why not give them a balloon-filled photo opp? A wall of balloons creates a stunning textured effect in photos. Plus, a balloon wall looks like something out of one of those Instagram museums. Can you say #WinningatWeddings?

Need inspiration for your own balloon photo wall? Take a look at these ideas for a photogenic masterpiece:

  • Monochrome: A giant wall of color makes a stylish impact in a wedding venue and in photos. Use your balloon wall to amplify your wedding palette’s most important color, while adding fun to your wedding reception.

  • Mix Up the Sizes: Create an almost bubbly texture by using balloons of varying sizes. You can even use smaller balloons of different colors to add pops of color on a predominantly white balloon photo wall.

  • Ombre: A cascade of shifting colors is a stunning addition to your venue decor and will have guests clamoring for a quick pic.

  • Balloon Cave: Create a small, slightly closed in space to take photos in. The area will feel like a fun balloon hideaway and encourage guests to lean in closer, get goofier, and smile bigger for their photos.

  • Playful Props: Use props like bubble wands, old fashioned pipes, rubber duckies, or empty champagne bottles to connect with the bubbly balloon wall theme. Just be sure to avoid anything sharp.

Balloon Tip: To counteract flash photography snafus, use matte balloons, not shiny ones for your photo wall.

Wall Decor

Use balloons to add floating designs and decorations to your wedding venue’s walls. They’re great for spaces that need a little zhuzhing up (or venues with wall areas you’d like to cover up). Try these ideas for your balloon wall decor:

  • Initials: Let balloons spell out your names or initials on a venue wall. This day is uniquely yours, so why not say it with balloons?

  • Designs: Balloon designers can do beautiful things—think carnival balloon art on steroids. That includes:

    1. Flowers
    2. Abstract art shapes
    3. Balloon versions of you and your spouse
  • Phrases: Use balloons to spell out key themes, important phrases, or your wedding hashtag. Something as simple as “Love” or “We do” also works.

Dance Floor Balloon Drop

Save the balloons for the end of the night, or when the deejay inevitably plays “We Are Family.”

Balloon Tip: What else is round, festive, and great near a dance floor? A disco ball. Hang clusters of balloons and disco balls together for a groovy wedding decor accent.

Balloon Tunnel Send-Off

Some newlyweds exit their receptions through a tunnel of sparklers, a shower of petals, or a fleet of bubbles—why not balloons? Have your wedding guests line the entryway with helium balloons in hand to create a fun, airy tunnel.

Wedding Balloons That Work All Day

A few balloon decorations can be used during the ceremony and the reception. Take a look at these all-purpose balloon decoration ideas that will blow up the fun on your special day.

Canopy of Balloons

Whether over the reception or over your vows, a canopy of balloons makes an extravagant statement.

Wedding Balloon Decor Ideas Photo Credit // Shutterstock

Entryway Balloons

Nothing says “Hey! The awesome love celebration is over here!” like a ton of balloons. Use balloons to show guests where the ceremony or reception entrance is. You’ll save yourself, your partner, and your wedding party dozens of “I can’t find the entrance” texts. Check out these entryway balloon styles for inspiration:

  • Cascades: Balloons in a cascade design look like they’ve spilled from a giant balloon bottle in the sky. It’s incredibly eye-catching and can be placed at entry points for your ceremony and your reception.

  • Arches: Simple, classic, stunning—balloon arches help your guests make a grand entrance.

  • Columns: A pair of balloon columns on either side of an entryway will make your guests feel like they’re entering a cloud kingdom.


Line walkways with balloons to show your wedding guests where to go to celebrate your newlywed status.

Have a Ball-oon On Your Special Day

Whether you’ll be walking down the aisle holding 99 red balloons or enjoying a dance floor balloon drop, these airy wedding decorations can add memorable fun to any ceremony or reception. And, if you think about it, balloons are the perfect symbol for how you want to feel on your wedding day—so happy you’re almost floating.

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