Best Wedding Planning Tools

Are you in the process of planning your perfect wedding? Read on to discover our favorite wedding planning tools.

By Emily Forrest

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The 6 Online Wedding Planning Tools You Need in Your Back Pocket (or Bookmarks)

Tools to keep you organized, informed, and on track.

The way we plan weddings has changed drastically over the last decade. Those who are engaged now largely enlist the help of social media (hello, Pinterest and Instagram) when preparing for their special day. But, the internet is no longer just for inspiration. Zola has a bevy of digital resources meant to aid in planning your wedding. These wedding planning tools keep you organized, informed, and on track—and they’re all here on If you’re unfamiliar, allow us to break each one down for you. Simply sign up (if you haven’t already) so that you can follow along and scroll on.

Wedding Checklist

Once the joy of getting engaged has settled a bit, the worry of not knowing where to start on your wedding planning journey sets in. Expert advice and tips from your friends vary—and, besides, writing out a list of arbitrary to-do’s has never kept you accountable. Look no further than online checklists, which have evolved to become multifaceted tools for wedding planning that will help keep you on track.

Our Wedding Checklist is all about personalization and ease of use. Upon opening it, you’ll be asked a few questions, such as your date, how much guidance you’d like, and if there’ll be any cultural or religious traditions in your ceremony, so as to better understand your wedding. With that information, the checklist then acts as a countdown, letting you know which tasks need to be completed each month. Clicking on each individual task also shows you a specific due date, as well as a pro tip to help you get it done. Moreover, this to-do list gives you the ability to filter tasks (in case you only want to think about the next 30 days or the top-priority tasks), add people, and adjust your information at any time. Download the Zola app so that you always have it at your fingertips.

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Wedding Website

Your wedding website is arguably one of the most important online wedding planning tools that you will use; it’s like having your own wedding planner wherever you go.This customized website acts as a hub for all sorts of information about your wedding day that you’d like to be sent out to your guests. Schedules, wedding party bios, travel information, accommodations, maps, and other pieces of information that aren’t in your wedding invitation suite are often included on your website. Ultimately, though, it’s up to you to choose what information you’d like to share.

In addition to these features, our Wedding Websites also connect to your registry and have a built-in RSVP function that acts, on your end, as a tracker (more on those below) for your big day. Making one of these websites may sound intimidating, but with Zola it’s a simple step-by-step process. About six to eight months before your wedding, you should log in, select a template, enable the pages you’d like, and fill them out. Add in a few photos, publish, and then you’re all set. You can even make your site password protected, if you’d like, for extra security. From there, share your URL (we suggest on your save the date cards or wedding invitation) and update as you go.

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Registry and Gift Tracker

Creating a one-stop registry has never been easier. We get it, you want to register for items across several stores without having several links to send out and manage. You want a large database of wonderful products, neatly organized into specific categories (Gifts Under $100? Check). Our Wedding Registry is an expansive, yet easy-to-use tool that makes selecting gifts all the more fun. For you, it’s a straightforward platform where you can register for not only items, but also experiences and cash funds. For your guests, it’s an easy-to-navigate webpage that’s linked directly to your wedding website.

Our store is a one-stop shop, with gifts and experiences from over 800 top brands. On top of that, you can also add gifts from other stores, so that your guests see everything in one place. Plenty more benefits abound, such as free shipping and the lowest cash fund fee available—you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

Guest List Tracker

The days of Excel and Google spreadsheets are officially over. While we love a good chart, online guest trackers are easier to navigate, effortless to update, and nicer to look at (just being honest). At Zola, keeping track of your guests, their contact information, and their RSVP status is as easy as clicking Guest List. Once you’ve opened the page, you’ll have the option of uploading a spreadsheet by clicking ‘Upload Spreadsheet’ (in case you’ve already made one) or adding guests by clicking ‘Add Guests.’ It’s all very straightforward.

Entering them individually—or as a couple or family group—prompts you to fill out their basic information, as well as their relationship to you (and if they’re definitely or maybe invited). Once you’ve added everyone, you can send out a link to collect missing addresses, get free guest addressing for your save the date cards and invites, as well as let your guests RSVP through your website. This isn’t just a sheet, it’s a tracking tool that comprehensively organizes and oversees your guest list for your big day.

Expert Advice

The final tool that can aid you in preparing for your wedding is the one you’re already on. ‘Expert Advice’ is where you can find answers to all of your wedding planning (and post-wedding) questions. We tackle countless topics, such as choosing wedding vendors, wording invitations, wedding etiquette, and much more. A modern approach to your standard questions and tricky topics can all be found here. Plus, we won’t leave you after your wedding. That’s because, in addition to all of this information, we also have a newlywed life section (because, how do you go about changing your name or shopping for life insurance, anyway?). Every topic is explored by our team in a digestible way, with wedding industry professionals often adding in their two cents. To start exploring, simply click ‘Expert Advice’ above the article title or in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

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