One concern we always get from engaged couples is how to register for cash funds in a polite and non-tacky way. These days, it’s very common for guests to contribute to a couple’s cash fund, but there is certainly a right way to go about asking for cash funds without making your guests feel uncomfortable. It’s totally reasonable to want money towards building your life together, so don’t feel guilty for asking. Just be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Word of Mouth

We recommend telling your friends and family in person that you will register for cash and mention what it will be going towards. If word gets around that you’re working towards a down payment for your home or want help creating the perfect honeymoon, your guests will take note. Your friends & family want to give you what you want, so if they hear it straight from you, they’ll feel more comfortable contributing towards your cash fund.

Be Specific

Make sure you’re clear regarding what you’ll be spending the money on. If guests know they’re gifting you part of your honeymoon experience, for example, they’ll feel more comfortable contributing cash. On Zola, if you’re creating your own cash fund, we recommend making multiple cash funds and labeling each clearly. Many couples create buckets for a down payment on a new home, for a charity, or even for various parts of their wedding. Guests will be more than happy to help you fulfill these dreams. Screen-Shot-2014-12-11-at-10.26.05-AM

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Offer Varying Price Points

Create options that allow guests to contribute at different price points. Not everyone will want to (or be able to) contribute in multiples of $100, so be sure to provide a few options suitable for all different budgets. This will not only allow more of your guests to contribute, but it will also make them feel more comfortable.

Share What You Used the Money for!

Tuck a photo of your honeymoon or kitchen renovation (or whatever you spent the money on) into your thank you note so your gift-giver can see what their money went towards. It’s a great way to keep your friends and family in the loop and show your appreciation for their contribution.