Best Centerpieces for Minimalist Weddings

Need centerpieces for your minimalist themed wedding? We’re here to help! Read on for the best minimalist wedding centerpieces.

By Amanda Mitchell

Centerpieces for Minimalist Weddings
Photo by Zola

Just because it’s “simple” doesn’t mean that it has to be unattainable. The terms “minimalist” and “centerpiece” might not seem like they belong in the same sentence, but even wedding tables need a little bit of decor and decoration. Centerpieces don’t have to be the over-the-top, elaborate candelabras overflowing with pearls and flowers that you’ve seen at past decadent affairs, of course. A minimalistic aspect of the big day can even touch on the wedding decorations. Looking for minimalist centerpiece ideas for your sophisticated, classic wedding? We’ve gathered the best of the best ideas for you to use to decorate for your big day.

Keep It Lit

Candlelight is easily one of the most romantic forms of lighting, and a simple candle in your centerpieces can be a beautiful decoration. Not only are they very budget-friendly, you can also get creative with them. Mix pillar candles of differing heights in bunches and wrap them in a gentle string of pearls, or use geometric-shaped metal vases to encase them, letting ivy hang gently off the sides. Gold terrariums can be a nice home for candle centerpieces—and can also serve as a wonderful thank you gift for your guests.

Greenery Is Gorgeous

Best Centerpieces for Minimalist Weddings Photo Credit // Genevieve Leipe Photography

One of the most beautiful neutrals in the world is the color green, and using lush leaves, florals, and greenery in your wedding is a wonderful way to keep things neutral and natural, particularly if you’re going for a more organic feel. Decorate the tables with a single, large banana leaf or a bird of paradise leaf in a mason jar, surrounded by candles; or cover your table in scattered eucalyptus branches, using a single branch as a menu holder or nameplate.

Make It Metal

Forget glass or clay vases—one element of industrial minimalism is the use of mixed metals, and decorating your minimalist wedding centerpieces with metal elements can emphasize the concept further. Tall metal pipes used as flower stands, glass boxes for holding candles, or Himmeli vases hanging from the ceiling are all stylistically the ways to incorporate these elements into your wedding day.

Season’s Greetings

Even if you’re having a minimalist wedding, there’s still the opportunity to incorporate seasonal elements into your event. Having a minimalist beach wedding? A group of fan palms or a single hibiscus or bird of paradise flower can all be used in vases for stunning minimalist wedding decor. Doing the winter wedding thing? Holly and mistletoe (of course) make for a seasonal, not-quite-on-the-nose decor option.

Flower Power

Best Centerpieces for Minimalist Weddings Photo Credit // Genevieve Leipe Photography

Flowers of any type can really up a wedding’s decor, and they don’t have to necessarily be fresh-cut from a florist. Decorative florals and dried flowers are perfect for a minimalist wedding, as they stand out on their own. Mixing dried foliage and flowers in vases, especially if they’re stark white or black will make it really pop. Keep the vases small, and the dried flowers tall and singular. The simpler, the better—no need for large vases or hours spent organizing flower arrangements.

Glass Isn’t Just for Drinking

Glassware, such as bottles and vases, are beautiful vessels to hold objects in your centerpieces. Even if you’re going for a neutral color palette, mixing brown bottles and clear bottles to hold dried flowers can make for a gorgeous centerpiece. Or, differently-sized vases, some wider than others, can hold overflowing bouquets of wedding flowers. The versatility of glassware makes it perfect for a wedding table centerpiece.

Embrace Height Differences

It’s easy to get caught up in the huge, elaborate centerpieces traditionally seen in weddings, but it’s important to keep the good parts of those centerpieces in mind and forget the others. You can embrace height and have a tall, cascading centerpiece, or you can group three small candles in the center of each table with a gentle garland of greenery running throughout. The key to making it more minimal is the amount—don’t use more than two or three of whatever you choose in your centerpiece, you don’t want to overwhelm the space.

Mixed Touches

Mixing the rustic with the modern touches can always be a wonderful aspect to a wedding day. Having modern-style numbers on refurbished wood to designate table numbers is an excellent way to blend two different forms of minimalism, or you can do the inverse with vintage-style numbers on a piece of glass or vinyl stand.

Minimalism is a rising trend in weddings, and it’s full of plenty of opportunities to make even the most simple of weddings an intimate and special affair. Centerpieces are one of the best ways to show off a wedding’s theme, and choosing a good one can set the tone for the entire event. Embrace minimalism—keep it simple, keep it elegant, and let both you and your partner really be the centerpiece for the day.

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