Beautiful Winter Wedding Color Schemes

Icy shades, moody hues, and vibrant jewel tones are just a few colors to consider for the big day.

By Maggy Lehmicke

Winter Wedding Color Schemes
Photo by The Fox and The Hare Photography

The First Look ✨

  • Soft neutrals pair beautifully with lots of greenery. Consider going all-white or adding a bit of sparkle if you’re looking to mix it up.
  • Icy blues, grays, and silver are great wintertime alternatives to the light and romantic pastels of summer.
  • Consider moody hues, jewel tones, or vibrant and varied shades of red if you’re a big fan of saturated colors.

Though it might feel like red and green are the only hues reserved for wintertime, you have plenty of options when it comes to winter wedding colors. Whether you prefer a moody palette, softer hues, or bold pops of color, the colder months are the perfect time to experiment with the array of winter colors. To help create the color scheme of your dreams, we’ve included a few of our favorite combos below.

Neutrals and Greenery

Beautiful Winter Wedding Color Schemes Photo Credit // Stephanie Whitehill_photography

Though it might get a bad rap for being “boring,” there are few things as stunning as the natural tones of the season, from spruce and juniper to pine cones and winterberries. This color palette works especially well for places with more rustic, organic vibes, such as a barn or country estate. If you’re keeping your linens and centerpieces fairly neutral, consider tying it all together by having your wedding party rock suits or dresses in a rich, forest green hue.

Icy Blues and Grays

Muted blues in various shades are a great ode to the season, and they pair well with other seasonal neutrals, such as gray and silver. Consider dusty blues, if you’re going the rustic route, or icy tones with some sparkle, if you’re channeling something more opulent. For a pop of color, consider incorporating a deep red, such as burgundy, into your bouquets and centerpieces.

Jewel Tones

For something a bit more vibrant that still feels festive, jewel tones such as emerald, amethyst, and sapphire are a great option. Not only do they complement each other, but they also make a bold statement, while maintaining a sophisticated vibe throughout your wedding decor. Consider having the bridesmaid's don dresses in various saturated hues, or opt for something more subtle by incorporating the pop of color into the wedding party’s accessories, such as shoes and bow ties.

Winter Whites

It’s no secret that white is no longer just for brides, and there’s no better time to embrace the growing trend than in the offseason with a magical winter wonderland wedding. In addition to a classic winter white, cream and champagne are a couple of great alternatives that work well as bridesmaids' dresses, table linens, and backdrops for your wedding day. Consider hanging winter seasonal flowers in white hues from the ceiling (a-la-“Twilight”) or lining the aisle with potted white roses for a bit of extra drama.

Black and Gold

Not only is black and gold a classic color combination pairing, but choosing it for your wedding day colors allows for an elegant, upscale affair (particularly since your guests are likely to be donning coats anyway). Black linens with gold silverware and table accessories make a dramatic backdrop for any black-tie celebration. Gold elements can be incorporated into your floral arrangements and attire as well, whether it’s a gold-adorned hairpiece or sparkly painted berries and foliage.

Sage Green and Blush

Wintertime isn’t simply for deep, dramatic hues. If you find yourself leaning toward the softer, romantic tones often seen in summer wedding palettes, look no further than sage and blush. Not only do the soft green shade and subtle pink hue create an ethereal ambiance, but they also pair well with other pseudo neutrals and organic colors, such as olive, dusty blue, and burgundy. For a slightly more vibrant version of the iconic duo, consider pairing forest green with a shade of apricot or peach.

Moody Hues

Deep purples, blues, greens, and reds not only create a great, moody vibe but also meld well with a wide range of colors. If you like the idea of moody hues but don’t want them dominating the palette, consider pairing them with lighter tones. For example, if you’re leaning toward colors such as wine and aubergine, try adding softer shades of blush pink, sage, or cream to make the darker hues in your winter wedding color scheme pop.

Vibrant Reds

Beautiful Winter Wedding Color Schemes Photo Credit // Felicia Marti Photography

From scarlet and ruby red to burgundy and crimson, these vibrant and varied shades look beautiful any time of year, but they make the biggest impact around the holiday season. Perfect for a classy, upscale event, pops of red are especially suited for elegant indoor venues. Hotels, ballrooms, and historic landmarks make for the best winter wedding venues indoors. Incorporating shades of red into your palette also allows you to embrace the season’s most romantic blooms, including red ranunculus, roses, and even poinsettias.


One of the best parts about color palettes is that there are very few (if any) rules. If you were dreaming of an oceanside wedding with aqua and cerulean blue but had to make some alternative arrangements due to COVID-19, who’s to say that you still can’t incorporate those stunning hues in the winter months? The same goes for other “summer” colors, such as coral, terracotta, or canary yellow. By incorporating unique textures and seasonal elements, you can make almost any color scheme work, so select what you love and run with it.

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