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Bathroom Essentials to Add to Your Registry

Your bathroom will always be one of the most important rooms in your house. Read on for a list of the must-have bathroom essentials to add to your registry.

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Bathroom Essentials to Add to Your Registry
Photo by Zola

Whether you live together now or are about to share the same living space for the first time, making your bathroom a more convenient and comfortable spot should be a priority.

When it comes to towels, you’ll need options for both you and your partner, but that’s not all to keep in mind. With matrimony, comes a blending of families, meaning it may be more convenient and courteous to keep a high inventory of towels on hand for future guests to come.

You may also want to have enough on hand to rotate options from your linen closet when it comes time for laundry day. So keep that in mind when thinking about how many items you’re adding to your registry.

Your registry is an ideal place to add dream items that you might not feel comfortable splurging for yourself, but are just as worthy and essential. Accessories that will contribute to the atmosphere, like making a bath more inviting and pleasurable are just as important as no-brainer items like a shampoo and liquid soap dispensers or towels.

To start you off on the best foot forward, we compiled a bathroom essentials list.

1. Coyuchi Air Weight Organic Towel Collection

Coyuchi-Air-Weight-Organic-Towel-CollectionPhoto Credit // Coyuchi

This collection of towels has loops arranged and woven with absorbancy and circulation in mind to help them soak up more water and dry more quickly.

There’s an abundance of options—from personal bath sheets to guest towels and a unisex robe—to better suit your bath towel needs, too. And if you’re socially conscious and try to make purchasing decisions with that in mind, they are all officially certified Fair Trade as well.

2. Hello Basics Chenille Noodle 2-Piece Bath Mat Set

Hello-Basics-Chenille-Noodle-2-Piece-Bath-Mat-SetPhoto Credit // Hello Basics

Want to feel something fun between your toes? This two-piece set will make you look forward to the moment you step out of the shower. These mats feature protruding chenille bubbles in ridges to dry and treat your feet to comfort at the same time. This duo of machine-washable 100 percent cotton mats also has a non-slip backing to keep them firmly in place. Plus, as a pair, they will cover more surface area on your bathroom floor.

3. Honey-Can-Do 3-Tier Bathroom Storage Caddy

Honey-Can-Do-3-Tier-Bathroom-Storage-CaddyPhoto Credit // Honey-Can-Do

Perhaps you have cupboards and drawers in your bathroom, but do you have open shelving? The convenience of being able to simply reach for your hair dryer, nail polish, candle, or hand towel is one of the top benefits of having a storage caddy.

This particular tiered caddy features three different open rectangular boxes, so that your items have a barrier protecting them from falling off any ledge without interfering with accessibility.

4. Madison Park Aviana Shower Curtain

Madison-Park-Aviana-Shower-CurtainPhoto Credit // Madison Park

Seeking a nice, neutral shower curtain that can help pull your bathroom together as a centerpiece without clashing? Look no further than this striped option. The outer layer features a gradient of soft mineral tones with stripes that subtly fluctuate over the course of its length. It’s a nice piece of decor that won’t overwhelm. And, as a bonus, it’s also machine washable.

5. Parachute Classic Bath Collection

Parachute-Classic-Bath-CollectionPhoto Credit // Parachute

Turkish towels have developed a reputation for being exceptionally absorbent without any compromise on just how soft they feel. This collection includes all the staples you’d expect from a bath linen set, including everything from the ground on up, from bath mats to body towels. It also includes the option of a matching robe too, making sure your collection remains both in sync and in style.

6. Crate and Barrel Turkish Organic Bath Towel Collection

Crate-And-Barrel-Turkish-Organic-Bath-Towel-CollectionPhoto Credit // Crate and Barrel

If you’re seeking next-level softness with an element of eco-consciousness, then organic cotton is the way to go, as its production is more environmentally sound. With these towels, you have the ability to choose an amount that best suits your needs, be it a single bath or hand towel or a six-piece set.

This collection comes in four to eight color varieties depending on the item, allowing for both coordination and the ability to mix and match to derive a color palette that suits your taste.

7. Welhome James 6-Piece Towel Set

Welhome-James-6-Piece-Towel-SetPhoto Credit // Welhome

This set has you and your partner covered with two bath towels, two hand towels, and a pairing of washcloths. Made of 100 percent cotton, these are highly absorbent and quick drying, making them ideal for your drying needs.

8. ED Ellen Degeneres Manchester Bath Rug

ED-Ellen-Degeneres-Manchester-Bath-RugPhoto Credit // ED Ellen Degeneres

In three different monochromatic shades—white, light gray, and deep charcoal gray—this bathroom rug flips the game by running the full length of your bathtub. Instead of being a boxy rectangle, this runner measures five feet long to provide your toes with a soft, lengthy runway.

9. Moda At Home Harstad Cement 4-Piece Bath Accessory Set

Moda-At-Home-Harstad-Cement-4-Piece-Bath-Accessory-SetPhoto Credit // Moda At Home

If you’re seeking a classic stoneware set, this quartet of pieces will add both function and sophistication to the atmosphere of your bathroom. These accessories offer utility with a touch of understated elegance. This set includes a cotton jar, hand soap dish, lotion dispenser, and tumbler that will serve your bathroom routines well.

10. Umbra Aquala Expandable Bathtub Caddy

Umbra-Aquala-Expandable-Bathtub-CaddyPhoto Credit // Umbra

Relaxing in a drawn bath feels like the very definition of luxury. You need not be in a spa to indulge in the ritual, and this helpful caddy has the ability to make the experience all the more peaceful.

This caddy goes above and beyond with a wine glass holder, as well as a spot for a book complete with a thin wire frame that props it up and keeps it open to whatever page you’re on. There’s also a flat surface for you to place any jewelry or other objects on. Plus, it’s made of bamboo, a material that stands up well in wet environments.

Since it’s expandable, there’s no need to pre-measure your tub to make sure it fits. And most convenient of all, the slots for razors and sponges work well in conjunction with showers if you have a claw foot tub and no built-in spots to stash your bathroom accessories.

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