10 Best Electronics to Add to Your Registry

Wedding registries can be hard to put together, but Zola has you covered. Read on for our 10 best electronic recommendations.

By Maggie Mahoney

10 Best Electronics to Add to Your Registry
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The First Look ✨

  • Complete your registry and distribute it to your guests early, so they have time to pick out and order gifts.
  • Make sure to vary your price points on your registry, so your gift options are accessible to guests with any budget.
  • Creating your registry with your spouse is a wonderful couple’s activity and a way to dream big together.
  • These 10 best electronics, ranging from cameras, to speakers, to radios or projectors are affordable, adaptable, and multi-functional.

Wedding registries are a wonderful way to create a wishlist for your married life, while also guiding your guests in the right direction of items you may want as wedding gifts. Registries can contain a plethora of items from kitchenware and linens to appliances, and electronics. For tech-savvy couples, narrowing down electronics to add to a registry can pose a challenge. However, there’s no need to worry. Here’s everything you need to know followed by the top 10 electronics for your registry.

Price and Timing Considerations

A few crucial things to keep in mind when making your registry is to get it to your guests well in advance, include items in a variety of price ranges, and involve your partner in creating your registry, so the list reflects both of you.

People tend to plan gifts in advance, so make sure to leave your guests with ample time to shop. We recommend creating your registry before sending out your save the dates and at least two to three weeks before your engagement party or bridal shower.

Varying price points on your registry is imperative, so that all of your guests feel comfortable within their individual budgets. The last thing you and your partner want is to make your registry financially inaccessible for some of your guests. A good rule of thumb is to hit three different price brackets (low price, mid-range, and expensive), and try to fit roughly ⅓ of your items into each category. Generally, you should also try to include plenty of items under $50 and $100.

Finally, creating your registry with your spouse is a great bonding experience. Make a night or two out of it by eating dinner or drinking some wine while putting your list together online. The registering process is meant to be fun, so keep it lighthearted and make sure you and your partner select electronics products that suit you both for this new phase of your lives.

Top Electronics to Add to Your Registry

Now that you know how to get started, here are Zola’s top ten electronics to add to your registry.

1.Smart Speaker ($169)

If you’re searching for portability, you’ve found it. TAhe Sonos Roam speaker is easy to carry, so you can bring music with you on any adventure you may have. Roam provides all-day battery life, waterproofing, voice control, great audio quality, and WiFi and Bluetooth streaming.

2.Essential Home Speaker ($179)

This powerful home speaker packs a punch without sacrificing space. If you’re looking for a speaker that will fill a room with ease while fitting neatly inside most spaces, the Essential Home Speaker is for you. It pairs best with stereo and home theater surrounds and music can be streamed from your phone.

3.Instax Mini 11 Bundle ($99.99)

Make your married life and honeymoon memories concrete and displayable with this nostalgic Poloroid camera set. This model with automatic exposure means your photos will turn out lovely no matter the type of lighting.

4.Color Bluetooth Speaker ($129.99)

With this Bose speaker’s bold color and great sound quality, you and your spouse are sure to make a statement at any function. Not convinced? This bluetooth speaker has a water-resistant design that makes it perfect for a pool party or the outdoors in general, rain or shine. Plus, it contains up to eight hours of battery life.

5. Turntable ($79.99)

Coming in five whimsical colors, this record player is the height of class. Its vintage aesthetic is paired with modern tech and a lightweight build. Spin records through this turntable or use its Bluetooth receiver to play digital music wirelessly.

6. Echo Dot ($49.99)

“Alexa? Play my honeymoon Spotify playlist!” The Echo dot, equipped with Alexa allows you to turn on lights, lock doors, set reminders, call and message with your voice, and so much more. This smart speaker is ideal for multi-taskers with busy schedules. For less than $50, it packs a lot of enhanced functionality.

7. GoPro Hero8 ($299.99)

Perfect for photographers and videographers alike or anyone interested in beautiful visuals, the GoPro Hero8 camera has it all in a pocket-sized package. The camera feature slow-mo capability and optimal stabilization to ensure you get quality video clips and photos. Swap mounts with ease with the built-in folding fingers to accommodate any situation.

8. Google Nest Hub ($129)

Looking for a smart way to manage your home? This useful electronic device will simplify your life in more ways than you can imagine. Google Nest is a speaker, personal assistant, TV, and encyclopedia all in one item. It allows you to manage everything happening in your home, totally hands-free.

9. Mini Projector with Bluetooth ($99.99)

Movie lovers will appreciate this compact projector that allows you to take the theatre with you—no matter where you go. View movies, TV shows, photos, and games up to 150 inches. With Bluetooth connection that you can link to your laptop, HDMI, AV, and USB, the projector is the perfect choice for your home.

10. Clock Radio ($24.99)

This clock radio is not only extremely affordable, but it’s also multi-functional. The compact desktop electronic device will charge your phone wirelessly and serve as a speaker, all while helping you tell the time.

This electronics registry will satisfy any tech junkie who values quality and multifunctional electronics products. Whether cameras, radios, speakers, or projectors are your thing, these affordable gadgets offer something for everyone. With these great consumer electronics on your list, your home will run efficiently, while still looking sleek and organized.

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