Bachelor Party Invitation Ideas

Planning a bachelor party? Invite your close friends and family to have the time of their lives using these bachelor party invite ideas.

By McCall Minnor

Bachelor Party Invitation Ideas
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  • If you're sending paper invites, you can pick from having handwritten letters, store bought cards, or a bevy of online customizable options.
  • Looking to get really out of the box? Consider unique and creative ideas such as tickets, VIP lanyards, or mini kits packed with little trinkets for your guests.
  • Regardless of paper or digital, simple or extravagant, add your own personal touch to your invites to ensure a group of excited guests.

Your bachelor party is the time to celebrate a major life milestone with your closest friends (and perhaps family). While you’ll probably spend a lot of time focusing on planning the event itself and reviewing tons of bachelor party ideas, some time needs to be set aside for the key element that makes way for the special occasion: your bachelor party invitations.

Not only do your invites give your guests all of the essential information they need—such as the date, location, and RSVP contact—but they inspire excitement and anticipation towards the event. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve gathered all of the information you need, as well as some inspiration. Buckle up for some amazing bachelor party invitation ideas coming your way.

Paper Invitations

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Due to modern tools in the wedding industry (à la wedding websites and virtual events), you have a number of options when it comes to your bachelor party invitations. That being said, your most tried and true option is a hard copy invite. Not to be mistaken for old or limiting, paper invitations are incredibly customizable. If you want custom invitations, hard copies should be your go-to. Consider your options: personal handwritten letters, simple and inexpensive store bought cards, and a bevy of personalized alternatives, such as fill-in-the-blank templates and custom Etsy listings.

If you possess design skills, you can even go full DIY, whether that involves programs such as Photoshop or the cut-and-paste method. Nothing compares to receiving a physical party invitation, so if a hands-on experience is what you’re after, one of the aforementioned ideas is the way to.


  • Physical cards are the classic way of inviting guests to your celebration. It goes a long way to receive a special message from the groom. There’s a special kind of excitement that comes with getting this kind of letter in the mail that can’t be replicated over email or text message. Seeing as it’s a hard copy, this also means that guests can keep it, stowing it away for future remembrance or showcasing it on their counter to create excitement leading up to the day.
  • Whether they’re handwritten, store bought, or completely DIY, paper invitations allow you to customize as much (or as little) as you’d like. The experience of opening up the invite—from the envelope, to the card, to anything else you might include—is entirely up to you. This can greatly emphasize the theme or location of your bachelor party.


  • With greater options and customization, there’s a large potential for greater cost. While DIY is a great low-cost option and store bought cards don’t have to be too pricey, custom invitations can become relatively costly. Even where more inexpensive options are concerned, you still have to pay for envelopes and postage. You may also have to factor in professional printing costs or, if you’re printing from home, the cost of nice quality paper such as cardstock.
  • Physical invitations are also a bit more time consuming during bachelor party planning. Designing cards by hand or on the computer, going to the store to browse, and dropping off your invitations at the post office can take up time that you’d rather spend on something else.

Digital Messages

Also available to you are plenty of digital invitation options. If your guests are more likely to check their email inboxes before their mailboxes (or perhaps you want to save a little money), take these into consideration. If you want to spend all your time and money on an epic bachelor party, a digital message might be your go-to.

Evites aren’t exactly new to the online scene, but with the ever-growing popularity of wedding websites, they’re finding more of a space in wedding planning. Just like there are a variety of mailable invitations that you can make online, there are many that you can make and send over the internet. Platforms such as Evite and Paperless Post are popular online options, while Punchbowl allows you to create invitations from your phone, using their app. Some websites even allow you to attach videos and gift cards, which you can get creative with.


  • Given the abundance of online services, evites and similar options are easy to make and quick to send out. In most cases you simply enter your information, choose a design, and enter the recipient's email addresses. This process is made even simpler if you want to go as bare-bones as drafting a group text message and tapping send. In either case, you can spend minimal time creating your invitation, which your guests will then receive instantly.
  • Just as quickly, your guests can respond. Rather than waiting for individual replies by call or mail, you’re likely to get follow-up texts or emails pretty immediately. Some online invitation services even offer RSVP tracking. Moreover, through any of these options you can locate all of your responses in one place, be it your messages app, inbox, or website.
  • Digital invitations are also budget friendly. Postage, printing, and delivery services aren’t necessary, while design fees are usually low, if not free. It's just another way for you to focus more on your bachelor party ideas than on the invitations.


  • Unlike physical invites, a bachelor party invitation sent over the computer or phone may come off as a bit casual. If this doesn’t bother you, pay no mind. However, if you’re going for a more classic or special occasion feel, digital invitations might not be the best avenue for that.
  • Although delivery is instant, some recipients might not check their email or all of their text messages frequently. This makes it possible for someone to miss their invite entirely. Not to mention the possibility that it gets shuffled into the spam folder or lost due to technical difficulties. If you’re set on sending out digital bachelor party invitations, remember to reach out after a few days to those who haven’t responded yet to make sure that they got theirs.

Creative Design Ideas

Bachelor Party Invitation Ideas Photo Credit // Shutterstock

You’ve chosen your type of invitation. Now comes the creative portion and bachelor party planning—coming up with an idea or design. This may not be up your alley, but if you’re looking for a unique invite that’s sure to stand out or surprise your guests, read on for some of our favorite out-of-the-box ideas that can also double as a party favor.

  • Tickets: Rather than email or send out a standard invitation, emulate the design of an event ticket. This could look like a concert ticket, movie stub, or even a train or plane ticket, if any of these ideas fits into your theme or setting. Providing your bachelor party information via “ticket” is a surefire way to fill your guest list with anticipation, making it feel like the big celebration it is.
  • VIP Lanyards: Similar to tickets, VIP lanyards give the feel of a special event. On the front side include an enticing tagline, the name of the event (something as simple as ‘Antonio’s Bachelor Party’ will do), and a fun design that fits with the party. On the back, provide important information such as the date, time, location, need-to-know details, and an RSVP contact. The fun of these invites is that your attendees can also wear them throughout the night.
  • “Emergency Kit” Boxes: If you’re creative (or have a humorous side), this invitation might tick all of your boxes. Along with a card including all of the needed information, send out small boxes with items that your guests might need or appreciate during your bachelor party. Bottle openers, Tylenol, mini water bottles, poker chips, playing cards, a map of the location—get as creative as you possibly can. Everyone that you invite to your bachelor party weekend will get a kick (and possible some use) out of the thoughtful kits.

Bachelor party invitations bring excitement and anticipation to your guests long before your celebration actually takes place. Build your guest list, have fun coming up with party ideas, then let your bachelor party invitations do the talking! Regardless of paper or digital, simple or extravagant, add your own personal touch to your invitations to ensure a group of excited guests.

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