Bachelor Party Decoration Must-Haves

Looking for ways to spice up the decor for your bachelor party? Check out our list of decoration must-haves.

By Maggie Mahoney

Bachelor Party Decoration Must-Haves
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Bachelor parties are a chance for the groom and his friends to enjoy a guys night and unwind before he walks down the aisle. Whether you’re planning a low-key celebration or a Hangover-style wild weekend, you will need some supplies. Bachelor party decor can take the event to the next level, make the groom feel special, and showcase the care and effort that you put into the party. Picking out a solid mixture of useful and fun decorations is essential in making your bachelor party a success.

From party favors to wall decor, here is a comprehensive list of must-have decorations that will take your stag night up a notch.

Personalized Drink Coolers and Shot Glasses

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Customize these items with the event name or a cute slogan and the name of each guest. These are great party favors for people to take home to remember the celebration for years to come. Koozies will keep the beers cold while adding some pizazz, and customized shot glasses are a simple way to ensure everyone knows whose drink is whose. Think of these favors as classier versions of bachelor party matching T-shirts.


Balloons are always festive, and you can tailor the style of your balloons to fit the groom and the theme you’re going for. Aiming for an elegant look? Simple metallic clusters of balloons are the way to go. Want to make the night a bit raunchy? You can make the balloons sexually themed. Whatever your heart desires, balloons help fill a space and add to the celebratory mood.

Cigar Bar

Bachelor Party Decoration Must-Haves Photo Credit // Shutterstock

Great for both functionality and decor, a cigar bar is an all-around crowd-pleaser. All you need to set one up for yourself is a bar cart or small table of your choice, a cigar bar sign (either printed out or wooden), cigars in a container, plenty of glasses, mixers, and liquor options.

Wall Banner

Getting a nice personalized banner can help tie all the decorations together. They tend to be relatively inexpensive and easily obtained from printing stores like Kinkos. You can even paint a blank banner yourself. Keep the sign simple, with the groom’s name followed by the bachelor party, then add a funny slogan if you feel like it. The venue space will instantly feel cohesive.

A Cardboard Cutout of the Groom

If you want to get a laugh and maybe even embarrass the groom a little bit, a life-size groom cardboard cutout is a hilarious option, plus a great photo opportunity. Pick an extra embarrassing photo for a guaranteed reaction.

Dart Board

A dart set is a great way to supply entertainment for your guests and simulate the environment of a cool bar. Because of its aesthetic appeal and usefulness, a dartboard is the perfect decor piece.

Chalkboard Table Signs

Small chalkboard signs are both classic and reusable. Set these signs up on tables where guests will be sitting, food tables, and bar carts to label what options there are and add decorative elements. All you need is chalk and someone with nice handwriting to execute your vision.

Decorative Serving Trays and Containers

Paper plates and disposable red solo cups may be tempting, but elevating your serving vessels keeps the event feeling polished and well planned. A wooden drink serving tray gives your glasses a place to reside and adds an element of luxury. The same can be said for metal ice buckets for drinks like Champagne and beer. Serve snacks in large wooden or ceramic bowls to keep the decor consistent.

Creative Bachelor Party Invites

Sending out bachelor party invitations may be easier done in an email, but printing custom bachelor party invites will class up the event and give your guests a nice memento perfect for a photo album or scrapbook.

Photo Booth Wall and Props

What better way to commemorate the night than a DIY photo booth? Simply section off a blank wall and add some balloons or a bachelor party sign. Set up a table nearby with a variety of props from hats to sunglasses, mustaches, groom signs, and other items of your choice for guests to use in their photos. You can either use a cheap disposable camera or people’s phones to take photos throughout the night.

Decorations for bachelor parties don’t have to be expensive. Especially with budgeting and making things yourself, decoration costs can be very low. The key is to relate the decor to the party theme and the personality and interests of the groom.

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