6 Quick Tips to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations

From the smaller details to the larger elements, we’ve gathered six quick ways you can personalize your wedding invitations.

By McCall Minnor

Quick Tips to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations
Photo by Zola

The First Look ✨

Wedding invitations are not to be taken lightly. They not only provide your guests with much-needed wedding day information, but they also serve as the first look at your celebration’s vibe. Envelope-to inserts, your invitations tell a story. From the smaller details to the larger elements, we’ve gathered six quick ways you can personalize your wedding invitations to make them special.

Incorporate Photographs

The easiest way to create unique and completely personal invitations is to use a photograph of yourself and your SO. Whether it’s on the invite itself or elsewhere in your paper suite, a photo can immediately give your guests a feel for your relationship and coming wedding.

  • Engagement photos, while beautiful, aren’t your only options here. Scan through photos from throughout your relationship—when you first met, your first date, your engagement—for a shot that speaks to who you are as a couple.
  • If you’re worried about crowding your invitation with a photo and text, include a photograph separate from your invitation in your paper suite. Or print your invitation with the photo on the back.

Request a Custom Illustration

Personalized invitation businesses are incredibly artistic. If available, request yours include a custom illustration somewhere on your invitation or within your stationery.

  • Illustrations should represent your relationship (a couple’s portrait, your wedding rings) or the wedding (a sketch of the venue, something related to the theme).
  • Discuss design options with your artist, such as using an illustration to border the invitation, placing one on the envelope liner, or using one as an insert (eg. an illustrated map of the location).

Create a Motif

Prefer a monogram or other symbol to be woven throughout your wedding? If so, consider making it into a motif you can use on your invites, as well as decor and other paper goods.

  • For example, A beach wedding motif might be a seashell, whereas a black-tie weddings could be a styled monogram.
  • For an uncluttered look, place the motif either at the top or bottom center of your invitation.
  • For a classic and cohesive look, include your motif on several of your inserts rather than the invite alone.

Use Texture and Other Immersive Elements

Adding texture or similar immersive elements takes wedding invitations to a whole new level. Depending on the mediums, they can create an air of outdoorsiness, refinery, and even luxury.

  • Mix textures like velvet, ribbon, vellum and types of paper to create a tactile experience for your guests. It’ll also clue them into the theme and formality of your celebration.
  • Adding other aesthetic and sensory elements, like pressed flowers or a light spray of perfume, makes invites wholly your own and impossible to forget.

Customize Envelopes and Postage

When personalizing your wedding invitations, don’t forget about the outer pieces. If your goal is to create a complete experience, pay some mind to your envelopes and postage. Think of these elements as another way to express your wedding story and style.

  • While handwritten calligraphy is an envelope mainstay, other ways to customize include adding something like an illustration to the liner, adding design elements around the border or stamp, or opting for a color that falls into your wedding’s palette.
  • Though small, wax seals and personalized stamps offer a lot of versatility. Use either as a way to present your wedding’s aesthetic or location.

Make Detail Cards

If you want your invitations to feel personalized without distracting from the information you’re giving your guests, consider detail cards. These relay any extra information that isn’t presented on the main invite and provides a great opportunity to play with visuals.

  • Inserts allow your invitation to feel classic and remain typography-based, while still giving you space to play with color, pattern, texture, and any of the visuals we’ve talked about (illustrations, etc.).

Although it’s time-consuming, personalizing your wedding invitations is truly rewarding. Each element tells your guests something about your story and style, so take it slow and pay attention to each one. If you get stuck, pull back and think of the big picture. Create something that’s not only informative but also something you’ll want to keep for years to come.

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