6 Failproof Bachelor Party Ideas

We open up our bachelor party playbook, taking a look at six major party ideas and tons of ways you can tailor each to your group.

By McCall Minnor

Failproof Bachelor Party Ideas
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  • For a traditional take on the bachelor party, take your groom-to-be on a trip to the party destination of their dreams—be it Vegas, Palm Springs, Miami, or elsewhere.
  • For the group of thrill-seekers, plan a day around a heart-racing activity like hiking, rock climbing, skydiving, snowboarding, or sailing.
  • If your bachelor prefers something more laid-back, consider hosting a barbeque or competitive game night at someone’s house (or an Airbnb).

One of your best friends or family members just got engaged and asked you to be a groomsman (or maybe even the best man)—congratulations! As an official extension of the groom, one of your first responsibilities will be planning the much-anticipated bachelor party. Organizing logistics and coordinating with the party-goers is fun, but can also be a bit daunting, so allow us to take some of the pressure off.

We’ve got your back with a top-tier bachelor party playbook, including six major party ideas and tons of ways to tailor them to your group. From epic trips to adventurous activities to laid-back hangouts, there’s something for every bachelor’s preference.

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#1 Plan a Trip

Take your groom-to-be on a traditional (and hopefully much-anticipated) trip to the party destination of their dreams. While Vegas—with its clubs, casinos, and flashy hotels—is the epitome of a bachelor party, it doesn’t have to be your destination. Decide on a location by taking into account what the bachelor and the rest of the group will want to do once you’ve arrived.

If drinking and lounging by the pool is the top priority, lean towards beachy spots like Cancún or Palm Springs. If, on the other hand, nightlife and fine dining are more your speed, check out spots like Miami, Mykonos, and yes, Las Vegas. Assuming your group is set on taking a trip, research the best locations for whatever it is you’re most determined on doing and go from there. But be aware: This is the one bachelor party idea where you might want to let the bachelor in on the plan.

#2 Get Adventurous

You don’t need to leave your town to throw a spirited celebration. For the group of thrill-seekers, that’s up for a bit of adventure, plan a day around heart-racing festivities. Most likely to find the bachelor outdoors? Consider outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, or a weekend of camping. Take it to the next level by renting ATVs, scuba diving equipment, or snowboarding gear for an exhilarating day out in the elements.

If you want to go even bigger, float around the idea of skydiving or renting a boat to sail the open waters. Once you’ve all seen your adventure through, take the party back to someone’s place (or rent a stay somewhere), clean up, and spend the rest of the evening eating, drinking, and regaling each other with stories of the day’s gripping events.

#3 Take a Class or Course

For the bachelor that’s always happy to learn or try something new, sign your group up for a class or course. More likely than not, there’s something out there that aligns with the bachelor’s interests. Cooking and mixology classes are fun and practical, while boxing classes, dance lessons, and archery courses are thrilling and a bit more unique. Research what’s available in your area or plan a two-for-one, in which you rent a stay in a nearby city and book a class out there. Before setting your itinerary in stone, check with the group to make sure everyone’s up for whatever the class entails.

#4 Keep It Low Key

Maybe you and your group don’t want to spend the day or night participating in competitive sports or learning a new skill. After all, a night or weekend out isn’t everyone’s ideal celebration. If your bachelor prefers something more laid-back, consider keeping the gathering’s location to someone’s house (or a cool local Airbnb). Start the evening by having a group barbecue in the backyard.

As day turns into night, head inside for a competitive game night. Bring out the board games, battle it out with the latest video game release, or host a classed-up poker night. If the house has the amenities, include a round of pool or ping-pong (or it’s the boozier alternative). Just make sure you have plenty of food and a fully-stocked bar to keep the party going.

#5 Hit the Town

Ah, the classic bar crawl. Your party enjoys a night out on the town, so get them together for a night of drinking and letting loose. Whether you plan out each stop or decide on the fly, make sure to start at the bachelor’s favorite local bar and consult the group along the way. Bar crawls are the most fun when everyone’s on board with the plan. If everyone’s willing to splurge a bit, kick it up a notch and go all out by getting a table or VIP room at a nightclub. Keep in mind that this can get expensive, especially if it involves an open bar or multiple bottles of alcohol.

Maybe a bar or club isn’t exactly the bachelor’s scene. For a more laid-back alternative, book a brewery tour for your group. Look into some local breweries or, if you have the funds, plan a trip to the home of their favorite beer—or wine or distillery, for that matter. This sophisticated substitute includes all of the alcohol tastings without the crowded and noisy atmosphere. Plus, it leaves you the rest of the night to fit in some more fun.

#6 Host a Virtual Bachelor Party

6 Failproof Bachelor Party Ideas Photo Credit // Shutterstock

As we've all found out this year, sometimes life has other plans in store. Things come up (like, say, a massive pandemic), and it can feel like all of your party planning was for naught. While this is true for all aspects of wedding planning, it’s especially a bummer when it comes to having to change bachelor party plans. The good news: You have options.

For starters, if you have to make the switch over to a virtual celebration, there are tons of ways to still make the night exciting and memorable. For example, if you planned to host a game night at someone’s place, take the tournament online. So long as everyone has the games or supplies needed, you can still have the event over the video call. You can also mail everyone a special keepsake, like a deck of cards or similar to keep everyone excited. Online games, like Jackbox, also make celebrating from afar a total breeze, since only one person needs to buy it. Likewise, you can host an online trivia night, alcohol tasting session, or movie night.

If the wedding and bachelor party have been postponed, you can still mark the occasion by having a virtual party on the original date or weekend. Notify your guests if you haven’t already, get your logistics straight, and enjoy the bachelor party part one.

Whether you’re planning an epic trip to another city, a laid-back game night at home, or a day of adventurous activities, what matters most is that you celebrate the groom-to-be and the happiness that awaits them. So long as you keep their personality, hobbies, and what they enjoy in mind, you’re sure to have a successful bachelor party everyone will enjoy.

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