55th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Looking for fun 55th wedding anniversary ideas? The Zola experts are here to help. Read on for our top tips and advice.

By Taylor Bryant

55th Wedding Anniversary Ideas
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Fifty-five is an interesting year. You’re five years out from your golden anniversary and five years from the megawatt one. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting time and an occasion worth celebrating, especially given the theme.

Both the traditional and modern representation for the big five-five is emerald. The deep green gemstone symbolizes a couple of things. The first and most significant is true love. It’s said to change the shade if the person wearing it is unfaithful, so adorning and gifting it is a sign of devotion. Emeralds have also been historically linked to the goddess Venus and, spiritually, is associated with the heart chakra and believed to bring bliss to any union. If you’re looking for 55th wedding anniversary ideas and want to go the traditional route, try incorporating this color or gemstone into your festivities.

However, your options don’t have to be confined to jewelry and green-colored items (though there’s a lot of that on this list, too). There are plenty of items, trips, and experiences to choose from. Keep in mind, though, these 55th-anniversary ideas are just a jumping-off point for your emerald anniversary. Fifty-five years in, you probably have a better idea of what your partner wants and needs better than anyone else, so don’t be afraid to stray from the themes and lean on their interests.

Crystal Vase

55th Wedding Anniversary Photo Credit // Stocksy

Calla Lilies are the flowers picked to represent the 55th year. The trumpet-shaped beauty is associated with the qualities of faith and purity, along with rebirth and resurrection in the Christian religion. A bouquet of these flowers would be lovely on their own, but to step it up a notch, present them in a glamorous crystal vase that can be passed down and used for years to come.

Emerald Cut Earrings

Though the color emerald is stunning, it’s not for everyone. Instead of going green, select a pair of emerald cut diamond earrings. This is a perfect gift if you are looking for something unique while still sticking to the 55th-anniversary theme.

Silk Pajamas Nothing says luxury like a pair of silk pajamas. Think of it as a soft, luscious cocoon of fabric. Get some for your partner—and maybe for yourself as well.

Personalized Cutting Board

A regular wood cutting board is nice and all, but we can’t help but swoon for something a bit more sentimental. You can have this one personalized with your favorite recipe etched into it for another heirloom that deserves to be in the family for years to come.

An Emerald-Themed Vacation

No, the wanderlust doesn’t go away 55 years in. To celebrate more than five decades together (and while staying on the theme), might we suggest a trip to the famous Emerald Isle. You can explore the city of Dublin or make a complete trip around the island, renting a car, and driving up the coast for some truly stunning views.

If you’d rather stay more local, you can also check out America’s own Emerald City, Seattle. Visit the space needle, go to the museum of pop culture, and, of course, explore the reason the city got its name in the first place: The abundance of greenery. Just try not to visit during the spring or November, which is when the rainy city tends to get even rainier.

Emerald Bookends

Have you accrued more books than you know what to do with over the years? Well, here are two accessories to help add some flair to your shelves. Consider getting your loved one emerald bookends for your 55th anniversary.

Green Notebook

Because you can never have too many notebooks, add to your partner's collection with this green leather version.


If you’re looking for a 55th-anniversary gift, show your love with a unique teapot. Pair it with some tea from a small-owned business like Brooklyn Tea, and your partner won’t have a choice but to slow down for a little afternoon treat now and then.

Garden Tools

Does your partner have a glowing green thumb? Get them this personalized set of garden tools and baskets that they’ll treasure for the next 55 years. They can be engraved with their name or even the date of your wedding anniversary (or both).

Emerald Cake Plate

What would make this regal emerald cake platter look even better is a tasty treat set on top of it. Make one from scratch or splurge on your partner’s favorite flavor from a local bakery.

No matter what you end up getting your partner, it's always the thought that counts. Whether you go for an emerald anniversary gift or you prefer calla lily flowers, there are many ways to show your love on your 55th wedding anniversary.

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