50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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By Taylor Bryant

50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas
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Congrats on making it to the revered golden year. Many dream of making it this far, but very few actually do. It’s certainly no easy feat and we think it deserves a bit of celebrating.

Before we get into gifts, let’s get into the theme. Like your 25th anniversary, you might’ve guessed that this year is all gold everything. It represents the traditional and modern gifts, as well as the traditional color and gemstone. Why is it so popular? Well, it’s classic, luxe, and there’s truly nothing quite like it. It represents the prosperity, wisdom, and strength of a long-standing union like yours, which is why these 50th wedding anniversary ideas all include this classic theme.

Now, gold can turn tacky if overdone, but we’ve recommended what we consider are some classy selections. Just be warned: We’re really leaning into the gold theme on this one—and why wouldn’t we? Your marriage has been as solid as gold for a half-century and the gifts should reflect that same sentiment. Read on for our favorite 50th anniversary ideas.

Renew Your Vows

Fifty years together might be enough proof that you’re both in it for the long haul, but in case either needs some reassurance, now seems like a great time to recommit to each other. Renewing your vows is a great way to celebrate your marriage and each other for your golden wedding anniversary. Afterward, have a party with some of your nearest and dearest loved ones. Play songs that you played at your wedding, and maybe even wear the same gown and tux that you wore a half-century ago. The only requirement is that you both enjoy yourselves on your 50th wedding anniversary.

Photoshoot During Golden Hour

This can happen the same day that you renew your vows or another time entirely. We just think that you’ll want some professional shots to commemorate this time in your lives. To stay on theme (and for some truly stunning pictures) of your golden wedding anniversary, have the shoot take place during golden hour, as the sky turns colors.

Golden Hour Photo Credit // Unsplash

Gold Picture Frame

You’ll need something in which to display your new pics, so consider investing in some sleek gold picture frames. This is a great way to remember your golden anniversary.

Gold Champagne

The big 5-0 isn’t the time to skimp on the alcohol. Go all out and splurge on a bottle of Armand de Brignac’s iconic Brut Gold champagne. You’ll feel like you’re on the set of a very fancy music video as you toast to fifty more.

Vinyl Print

This custom vinyl print comes displayed with your favorite song lyrics and is a super thoughtful gift for a music lover who finds deep meaning in words. Might we suggest selecting a song that reminds you of the other. Or, even better, the song that played during your first dance as a married couple all those years ago at your wedding.


Your partner might already have a signature scent, but maybe she’s ready for some other options—something as fresh, bright, and intense as she is. If anything, at least this gilded bottle will look darling displayed on her vanity, and is a lovely golden anniversary gift.

Gold Monogrammed Cufflinks

These golden cufflinks are meant to be engraved with two initials on one (you and your love) and your wedding date on the other. They’ll quickly become the most special item in your partner’s collection.

Monogrammed Compact

Not to be left out, gift your wife with her own monogrammed item. A compact is a practical, always necessary item, and you truly can never have too many.

Set of China

It’s about time that you upgraded that china dinnerware from all those years ago, right? Replace it with a more modern set and, in this case, one that comes decorated with gold accents. Maybe you’ll actually use these plates going forward.

Trip to the Gold Coast

If you’re going to take a trip for your 50th anniversary, you might as well go all out. Like, traveling halfway across the world all out. The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most iconic and celebrated holiday destinations. Not only are the views breathtaking, but there’s also plenty to do. Rainforest walks, waterfalls, lots of beaches—we’re sure you both will find something to occupy your time.

Gold Pen

The importance of a good, well-made pen is not to be overlooked. Make sure to choose a classic design that won’t go out of style.

Gold Under-Eye Patches

No, we’re not recommending that you only get your partner a pair of under-eye patches to commemorate 50 years together, rather this should be a precursor to you treating her like the queen she is for a day. Run her a bath, give her a little massage, and offer an at-home spa moment that will make her look and feel extra luxurious. Got the perfect 50th anniversary gift in mind? However you choose to celebrate your love for each other, make it memorable.

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