5 Venues Perfect For a Springtime Wedding

Springtime weddings can be stunning. To make the most of the season, here's your guide to ideal spring wedding venues.

By The Zola Team

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Springtime might just be the most wonderful time of the year to have a wedding. The mild weather, intoxicating aromas, spring air, and breathtaking skies come together to form a magical atmosphere. It’s a time that welcomes new beginnings, bidding farewell to the cold winter and embracing a warm summer.

As the flowers bloom, they mirror the love between you and your spouse-to-be. And, thanks to all this new, blossoming fauna, there’s no shortage of gorgeous destinations to say your “I do's.” Here, five of the most perfect spring wedding venues:

1. The Secret Garden

Nothing says spring wedding quite like a garden in bloom for your outdoor ceremony. Whether it’s a community garden, a private rose patch, or a world famous arboretum, if you can find a venue that’s floral, it’s likely going to be at its aesthetic peak in the spring. Depending on the size of the venue, you can choose to have an intimate garden venue or expand your invite list by utilizing the grounds of a local estate.

At the end of the day—in addition to the jaw-dropping, diffused natural light that’ll make your wedding photography magic—there are various benefits to a wedding full of flowers:

  • Dream-like atmosphere: If you choose to have your wedding during the day, the garden environment is a dream for photographers. Additionally, this natural backdrop is often abundant with fresh smells, cleaner air, and a loving ambiance.

  • Decorations? No need: Why decorate when the earth has done the job for you? A major benefit of a garden wedding is that, quite often, you don’t need to spend money on expensive decorations. In fact, sometimes couples spend tons of money trying to make their venue look like a garden.

  • Spaciousness: The reality is that gardens can be quite spacious. This means they can be tailored to your specific wedding. Throw in a wine bar, live music, and anything that will make it uniquely yours. Perhaps you can even have your guests plant a flower to celebrate the bond you’re creating.

2. The Vineyard

Spring wedding venues often embrace nature. And what better way to celebrate love than being at a vineyard in bloom? The incredible backdrops, the landscape that doubles as an unlimited wine bar, and the gorgeous grapevines, the vineyard spring wedding might be amongst the most heavenly of venues.

The reality is that with the mild temperatures of spring (depending on where you live, of course) and the fabric of a vineyard wedding venue, it’s not only idyllic, it’s a wonderful environment for photography.

Picture your white dress (or the white dress beside you) flowing between the vine rows—with the sunset cascading behind the highest trellis. And the benefits don’t stop there:

  • Easier destination wedding: If you want a destination wedding, yet you don’t want your guests to have to fly to the remote regions of Switzerland. A vineyard can serve as a happy medium. Is there one in your area? Is there one within driving distance?

  • The perfect space: Vineyards are typically designed to entertain. This means that they already have the spaces necessary for a full wedding. From outdoor wedding receptions, indoor tasting rooms, to the on-site restaurant for the wedding reception, vineyards are an all-inclusive spring wedding venue.

  • Fantastic wine: There are no ifs, ands, or buts, if you’re having a wedding at a vineyard, the alcohol is going to be quality. And you might even be able to negotiate a deal for their bottles and the venue.

3. Campgrounds

For nature lovers that want an intimate wedding in the heart of spring, a campground wedding can spell magic. Picture this: there’s a canvas of grass, a canopy of green, with breathtaking blue skies reigning above. With the soft breeze comes the fresh promise of spring, new life. The guests are those closest to you. And everyone is in the same place, without having to worry about all the additional logistics (driving, hotels, etc.).

Even if your guests don’t camp, imagine creating a “wedding map” that leads newcomers through the beautiful campgrounds and to the reception. The benefits are glaring:

  • Creative flexibility: Do you want your wedding to be memorable not for the ceremony, but for the atmosphere you’ve created? If you find the right campground venue, you’ll have the creative flexibility to do as you wish for your special event. Just remember that coordinating traditional vendors might be tricky.

  • Moonlight dancing: If you’re somewhere with no light pollution, can you picture a dance floor beneath the stars? This type of wedding embraces all that nature has to offer and gifts you and your SO a magical, all-consuming ambiance.

  • A great withdrawal: Depending on the resources you use for your wedding, a campground venue will encourage guests to withdraw from technology and surrender to the moment. The entire wedding will feel like its own entity, one that exists outside the noise of an always-on world.

5 Venues Perfect For a Springtime Wedding Photo Credit // Chris Carter Photography

4. The Ocean

A wedding on the beach is iconic. You’ve probably pictured it: the veil trailing in the breeze or the groom peering at his new husband with wonder, with the royal blue ocean humming softly from afar. Given that it’s springtime, the beachside venue is a perfect choice. The mild temperature makes enduring the coastline bearable. Sometimes, summers are just too hot, winters are too cold, and fall is a toss-up.

With the climate of spring, a beachside wedding venue could make for an incredible ambiance, immaculate photography, and a memorable celebration of your love. And it doesn’t stop there, other reasons to choose a beachside venue for your special event include:

  • The ambiance: If you’ve ever been to a wedding on the sand, you know there’s no need for an explanation. The ocean offers an ambiance unparalleled to most venues. It’s wondrous, beautiful, serene. Committing to a life of love with your SO while waves break against the sand is as cathartic as it is promising. If you want a springtime wedding that puts ambiance first, give the ocean an audience.

  • It’s low key: The relaxed atmosphere of a beachside venue is one of the main reasons couples choose to elope on the sand. From the casual dress code and slow moving flow of beachside culture, to a venue that needs scant more than chairs and a platform, the entire atmosphere is easy going. If that’s your vibe, then a beachside wedding in the spring might be the perfect choice.

  • Built-in honeymoon: If you decide to have a destination wedding, then you might consider knocking out two birds with one stone. When all of your guests are set to leave after the wedding, you and your spouse can relax and let the days melt into your honeymoon.

5. The Lakehouse

Perhaps you’ve always envisioned your springtime wedding as a fairytale. You’d have a home by the lake where you could nestle by the hearth, then wake and watch the sunrise on a porch overlooking the water. Well, spring is a fantastic season for lake goers, even if it’s too cold to enjoy watersports and swimming.

Given the climate, you could plan a destination wedding at a nearby lake, encouraging your guests to rent out homes beside the one you’re staying at. With plenty of venue options to choose from, you can nuzzle into a lake town and create the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. There are adventures to be had, natural wonders to enjoy, and activities you can plan for the wedding party. A few things to think on:

  • Multiple ceremony locations: It’s likely that others have decided to elope at the lake of your choosing. Which means there’s probably a wide variety of locations that you can choose from. Given the culture of lake towns, these venues are typically intimate, affordable, and unique.

  • A unique landscape: Lakes are beautiful. With nature as your backyard and the sandy shoreline of the lake, the photography is going to be stunning. When paired with spring, the two complement each other perfectly. The lake might be growing its foliage with a higher waterline, bringing fresh air and fresh bloom.

  • More affordable than you think: When it comes to larger wedding parties, planning a lakeside destination wedding might not be as expensive as some other options. If everyone chips in to share rental properties, the price drops. Additionally, many venues will try and work with your budget, being that it’s seasonal.

Things to Remember When Choosing Wedding Venues in Spring

While the above spring wedding venues might’ve sparked your imagination, there are a few other benefits to eloping in spring worth noting:

  • Spring holidays: There are tons of holidays in the spring, which might make it easier for your guests to manage their busy schedules.

  • Spring décor: Spring’s color palette is lovely, with lots of bright and warm hues. Yet, given the transition from winter to spring, it can be anything of your choosing. If your location experiences a colder spring, you can stick to a moodier, grey palette. If it’s sunny and warm, you can spring it up.

  • Spring flowers: Truth be told, the peonies, ranunculuses, and amaranthus that spring brings are remarkable. From April to May, if you’ve always envisioned a floral and vibrant wedding, there’s no better season.

5 Venues Perfect For a Springtime Wedding Photo Credit // Urban Courtyard Wedding at The Norwood

If you’re looking to plan a spring wedding—congratulations. That’s an absolutely wonderful choice. Here at Zola, we’ve partnered with multiple different venues for your event. Aside from your registry and website, we can connect you with incredible locations that we personally endorse. For all things wedding planning, reach out today.

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