5 Games to Play at Your Engagement Party

Looking for a way to add some fun to your engagement party? Games are a great ice-breaker. Read our guide to engagement party ideas.

By Anni Irish

engagement party games
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When it comes to planning an engagement party, there are a few things needed to throw a successful celebration. Once you've narrowed down the engagement party guest list, picked out the engagement party decorations, and have sent out invitations, the next thing to plan is what you'll do at the party.

Having all of your family and friends together to celebrate will be incredibly fun, but also having some pre-planned engagement party games and activities will add another great dimension to the party. In some instances, this may also be the first time that this group of people has come together, so having some activities ready to go where they are able to get to know one another and you and your significant other better will be greatly appreciated and fun.

How you want to structure the games and activities at your party is entirely up to you. Some couples prefer to have no games at all, while others want to go the more traditional route and play all of them. Other hosts tend to fall somewhere in the middle. Whatever your wedding planning style, here are a few ideas that are bound to be a hit with your engagement party guests.

Have a Photo Booth and a Snap Geo Filter

Having activities to help capture the moment is always a great idea. Some couples who host an engagement party will spring for a photo booth where all kinds of images can be snapped of the happy couple and their friends. Whether you choose to go more funny or have it be on the sweeter side is up to you.

Having fun photo booth props, such as hats, glasses, flowers, jewelry, and even signs against a bright backdrop that your guests can pose in front of can really make it pop. Using products such as Polaroids or using a digital camera with a portable printer can allow guests to have their pictures right away and they can take their memory with them. Also, some of your favorite images from the night can be saved and used for the wedding book later and also framed. To make it more interesting too, you can also give a prize for the best picture taken in the photo booth.

Another idea for folks who are more tech savvy and prefer to apply a filter to their photos is to create a customized Snapchat Geofilter. These are most often seen at major events and concerts, but you could mark the occasion with one of your own. Overall, it can be pretty affordable and Snapchat even outlines how to get your filter approved.

Bridal Jeopardy

Who doesn't love a good classic game of Jeopardy? For an engagement party, having a bridal version can be the best of both worlds. Prepare questions geared towards the engaged couple and their courtship. And just like the original game, you'll want to have a board ready with questions and a way for players to “buzz” in—either by using a bell or having people raise their hands. Some possible categories could include how they met, their wedding plans, what their favorite things are, etc. Remember to answer in the form of a question, too!


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Everyone loves a good engagement party game of Jenga. And because the game is made of wood, why not get creative, have some crafting supplies at the ready (glitter pens, markers, and maybe even washable paint, and brushes), and invite engagement party guests to decorate the tiles. At the end of the event, the happy couple will have their own customized version of the game to commemorate their special day.

Find the Guest

In an effort to get everyone coming to the party better acquainted, make a list of interesting facts about each party guest. As each person arrives, give them a list and encourage them to mingle with one another and find the people on the list who correlate to the fact. To keep people guessing and to encourage folks to socialize more, make a rule that no one can ask directly about the fact. For example, if someone is a professional photographer, a guest might bring up art and see where the conversation goes. This can be a really fun and interesting way for people to get to know one another.

Bridal Bingo

Making your own wedding/engagement themed Bingo cards can be really fun. You can showcase your creative flair and also offer a new take on this decades-old game. If you're not up for making them yourself, there are plenty of places that make wedding-themed bingo cards for you.

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