43 Creative Wedding Centerpiece Ideas You'll Say "Yes" To

No matter your style or budget, there are countless, creative options beyond your standard flower arrangement. From whimsical gardens to marine paradises, Zola has the unique centerpiece ideas to make your wedding stand out.

By The Zola Team

43 Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas You'll Say "Yes" To
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The First Look ✨

  • Bohemian and whimsical souls can skip the plants altogether and try flourishes such as vintage glassware, birdcages, feathers, books, and crystals.
  • Whether held inside a farmhouse or garden, a rustic wedding is always chic. Mason jars and twine are classic choices, but you can also go for tin containers, dried plants, and all neutral tones.
  • Live out your fairytale ball dreams with luxurious wedding table decor. Strung crystals, extravagant flowers, and plenty of glittery metallics can make a striking and glamorous centerpiece.

Gone are the days of flower-only centerpieces. Get creative and give your wedding guests a table that matches your style (and potentially saves some cash). From fruit baskets to beach-chic starfish, here are 43 unique wedding centerpiece ideas to personalize your celebration, categorized by:

Fresh and Botanical

Want a fresh look, but are bored by a dozen pink roses? When it comes to plants, flowers aren’t the only option. Enjoy the splendor of nature with botanical centerpieces! Depending on your wedding decor and location, you could incorporate any of these plant categories into your tablescape:

  • Citrus
  • Fruits
  • Ferns
  • Leafy plants
  • Herbs
  • Vines
  • Moss
  • Succulents

Of course, you can always choose artificial plants for ease and budgeting. But, for the best look (and some lovely scents), you can’t beat the natural versions of these botanicals. Pull the whole table together with these special, plant-focused centerpieces:

#1 Blood Oranges and Leaves

There’s something lush about the deep shade of blood oranges. Pair whole and cut blood oranges with dark green leaves in metallic or glass bowls for a look that’s fresh and romantic. You can add some jewel-tone florals for an extra colorful element.

#2 Grapes and Vines

Does your wedding have a vineyard view? For a light afternoon reception, create an abundant green grape “bouquet” with draped vines and plenty of light green leaves. Or, for a nighttime or dark romance look, stack red grape bunches with other dark-colored fruits (plums, figs, or even pears) in open cake stands or vases.

#3 Wild West Cacti

If you’re anywhere near the southwest or desert, embrace the area’s natural beauty with a succulent tablescape! Place different cacti and succulents in matching pots along the table’s center with an earth-toned runner. For pops of color, you can even choose varieties with buds or flowers.

#4 Apple Harvest

For an autumn wedding, incorporate one of the season’s best crops. Tall glass vases filled with apples and cranberries look incredibly elegant, while a basket of apples and light green leaves adds homey warmth to a table.

#5 Moss Fairytale

Set a fairytale scene with a moss “runner” down your communal tables. On top, off-handedly strew other magical elements such as glass terrariums, twinkly light strands, pinecones, and white candles.

#6 Herbal Garden

Infuse your reception with the beautiful smells and sights of herbs. These fragrant, yet elegant botanicals are the perfect floral centerpiece for a refined celebration (and those who’d prefer a cheese wheel “cake” to a traditional wedding cake). Lavender and rosemary bunches are popular options, but don’t be afraid to use sage leaves, tarragon, and even basil as standalone or paired elements.

Bohemian and Artsy

To all the creative souls out there—your wedding can match your boho sensibilities. Whether throwing your wedding in an old townhouse or pristine barn, there’s room for free-spirited design on the tables. Create a relaxed, yet eccentric feel with some unconventional touches, such as:

  • Vintage objects
  • Terrariums and holders
  • Light strands
  • Rug-texture table runners
  • Earthy florals
  • Candlesticks
  • Feathers
  • Branches and bark

Need some direction for your bohemian dream? Here are some of our favorite quirky and creative wedding centerpiece ideas:

#7 Wildflower Bunches

Let your inner flower-child run free with bunches of beautiful wildflowers. Small buds such as zinnias, cosmos, baby’s breath, cornflower, and sweet peas add a zany feel to any tablescape. Tie them together with some kitchen string and place in glass vases or jars.

#8 Candle-Lit Romance

Melting candlesticks in a metal holder gives a quirky, vintage edge to any table. Place the candles haphazardly along the center and keep them open to the air. For a touch of freshness, add sprigs of herbs, leaves, or small buds at the base of each candlestick. You can even strew some of Zola's custom wedding matchsticks onto the table for an on-theme party favor.

#9 Feathers and Florals

Spice up your centerpiece bouquet with an unexpected feather (or two). One tall feather adds a pop to any earthy bouquet. Or, to make a statement, tie a few eye-catching feathers together and place in long, thin vases.

#10 Twinkly Light Paradise

Keep the atmosphere effortlessly romantic with fairy light strands on your tables. For a magical look, softly curl up strands to fit inside mason jars, glass terrariums, or even empty bottles. Lanterns also make for excellent centerpieces and warm lighting sources. Place an iron-wrought lantern at the center of each table, surrounded by soft leaves and vines.

#11 Vintage Table Pieces

To “boheminize” any tablescape, use vintage-style glassware and tableware. Antique wine glasses, copper utensils, and gold-filigree plates create a spirited, old-fashioned ambience.

Coastal and Tropical

When beachside, go with the (ocean) flow. A coastal or marine tablescape will perfectly compliment your wedding’s gorgeous locale. The aquatic setting comes with built-in saltwater inspirations, including:

  • Seashells
  • Sand or sandy textures
  • Ocean colors (blues, whites, greens, beiges)
  • Branches
  • Baskets
  • Starfish
  • Lanterns
  • Marine plants (anemones, coral)

With a more concise wedding theme, less is more. Add just a few touches of these elements to keep your celebration from looking like a pirate-themed restaurant. For inspiration, here’s some laid back and elegant ideas for the perfect beachy centerpiece:

#12 Seashell Table Runner

Gather your favorite shells right off the shore for an authentic beach tablescape. Large pieces, such as conches, marlin spikes, and giant cockles make for great centerpieces. You can also scatter many small shells along a wooden “boardwalk” or cloth runner.

#13 Pineapple Centerpieces

If you’re from the Southeast, then you probably recognize this ubiquitous fruit of hospitality. A lovely pineapple centerpiece (either real or artificial) fits weddings across southern states and tropical destinations. Add a few surrounding florals and fern leaves to complete the look.

#14 Coral Structures

There’s something eye-catching about coral. These colorful, sculpture-like sea creatures make gorgeous centerpieces, either standing alone or paired with shells. Just make sure to use artificial coral, as farming real coral harms marine environments.

#15 Lighthouse Lanterns

Channel that Cape Cod flair with an elegant lantern, a la lighthouses along the Atlantic Coast. Nighttime celebrations could call for placing lit candles inside, while daytime receptions could have conches or starfish on top of artificial sand.

#16 Marine Mix

Can’t decide on just one bold element? Create an aquatic display for your tablescape. You can layer different shells, branches, starfish, coral pieces, and florals along a table runner. For cohesion, choose a few colors to center your design around (whites, creams, blues, and teals all work for beachy themes).

Rustic and Earthy

Not all weddings have to be white-tie affairs. Embrace simple beauty with a rustic, down-to-earth theme. For farmhouse and backyard weddings, this style is the casual-chic (but never shabby) answer. Rustic table decor could include:

  • Harvest fruits and vegetables
  • Foliage (particularly non-green)
  • Moss
  • Mason jars
  • Antique glassware
  • Tin and metal containers
  • Wood and bark
  • Neutral tones (rust, browns, creams, greys)

No matter the season, there’s always room for the elegantly natural. Take these earthy centerpieces as inspiration for a grounded celebration any time of the year:

#17 Cornucopia

Celebrate your wedding and fall’s bounty with an abundant cornucopia centerpiece. Fill a classic woven cornucopia with all things red, orange, and rust—this can include sunflowers, fall leaves, miniature pumpkins, berries, and more.

#18 Moss Runner

Moss is the perfect compliment to a spring or garden wedding. Use this versatile grass as a table runner, strewing white florals and glass candle holders along its path. Or, for a smaller centerpiece, lay some moss on a tree stump cross-section, adding a vased bouquet or candle holders on top.

#19 Mason Jars

For a simple and budget-friendly wedding table decoration or centerpiece, place your botanicals of choice inside mason jars. Waxflower, thistle, dusty miller, limonium, and rosemary all play into the earthy theme. For extra points, tie some decorative twine around the jar mouth or place some twinkly lights inside.

#20 Dried Plant Bouquets

Dried stalks, florals, and herbs instantly add earthy romance to a room. For a more refined look, place monochrome bouquets of pampas grass along your tables. For a more eclectic feel, tie an assortment of dried grasses and florals with fresh leaves (tip: also hang bouquets from the ceiling). Tiny daisies and carnations work for summer, while browned sunflowers and hydrangeas look stunning for fall.

#21 Wood-Centric Pieces

Exposed bark or unfinished wood add a rustic touch to any table. Look for wooden flower holders, tree stump slices, and log candle holders to stand at your table’s center. For winter, birch tree bark with pinecones and fake snow dustings make a picturesque scene.

Festive Holiday Cheer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and that now includes your wedding! Take advantage of the festive decor and holiday cheer during the colder months. The season has so many romantic hues, glamorous touches, and a heartwarming feel to create tons of wedding table decoration or wedding centerpiece options. Start your own festive tablescape with these elements:

  • Fir and pine needles
  • Pinecones
  • Velvet
  • Metallic ornaments and tableware
  • Snow and snowflakes
  • Holiday colors (reds, greens, whites, golds, silvers)
  • Cold-weather florals
  • Berries and branches

No matter your chosen holiday, a wintery tablescape brings a seasonal wedding to life. Set the festive mood for your guests with these wedding table centerpiece ideas:

#22 Winter Wonderland

Bring the beauty of winter inside with a snowy tablescape. Arrange miniature fir trees, artificial branches, tinsel, fake snow dust, and twinkly lights to create a scene worthy of any Hallmark movie. For a sleek, modern look, stick with all whites, silvers, and light blues.

#23 Baubles and Balls

Simple and elegant, a glass vase full of Christmas ornaments completes any festive table. You can also lay individual baubles alongside fir branches, wooden logos, or velvet ribbons for a table runner.

#24 Festive Retro-Glam

Ring in your love and the holidays in style with a retro-glam centerpiece. Across a white tablecloth base, strew metallic ornaments, soft pink or gold curled ribbons, and vintage crystal glassware. To match the old fashioned vibe, Zola has retro-glam invitations to perfectly complement your decor choices.

#25 Fir Runner

A fir table runner is the ultimate base for any holiday wedding table. Dress up the fir with pinecones, dustings of snow, and candlesticks for a rustic winter reception centerpiece.

#26 Dark Florals and Romance

Not feeling classic holiday decor? Sprinkle just a dash of festive cheer on your reception tables with romantic winter florals. Pick from poinsettias, berry branches, holly bushes, maroon roses, and snowdrops for a romantic winter bouquet or wreath.

Whimsical Chic

If you march to the beat of your own drum, we’ve got a few truly zany centerpieces. A whimsical tablescape will make your wedding stand out from the crowd, with one-of-a-kind elements such as:

  • Vintage or antique tableware
  • Birdcages
  • Figurines
  • Monograms or custom pieces
  • Balloons
  • Crystals and geodes
  • Knits and yarn

Whether you’re an antique market fiend or simply love a theme party, a whimsical centerpiece will tie together your eccentric celebration. Browse these ideas for a table that’s anything but boring:

#27 Birdcage Displays

Remember those elementary school diorama projects? Relive the joy of art class with a birdcage display as your clean slate. You can place fresh flowers, botanicals, figurines, photos, and candles inside these gorgeous cages for a charming scene that’s all your own.

#28 Hot Air Balloon

Perfect for a garden or desert party, a hot air balloon centerpiece is quirky and affordable. Attach miniature hot air balloons to a floral arrangement centerpiece, or hang them to float over your tables for a stunning, dreamy effect.

#29 Crystal Goddess

Set a mystical mood at each table with an array of geodes or crystals. These sparkling stones are both earthy and glamorous, perfect for a formal outdoor event. You can even encase cut-open geodes in glass terrariums for an extra magical look.

#30 Balloon Ceiling

No need to worry if your tables are a little cramped, just move the centerpieces up high. A floating balloon-filled ceiling will make your guests “ooh” and “ah” in delight. Keep the actual table simple, with tableware and linens that match the balloon colors.

#31 Library Dreams

For both gardens and stately manors, books are the perfect table centerpiece. Openly stack a few leather-bound volumes (feel free to choose special titles that relate to your marriage) and place any botanicals, lanterns, or candles on top or around the books.

#32 1970’s Groovy

For the hippy or disco-dancing couple, a themed 1970s wedding is perfect. Embrace the decade’s free-love style with woven baskets of wildflowers or miniature figurine vans. Or, to go full glam, place miniature disco balls on a purple velvet table runner.

Edible Delights

A good party always provides refreshments. And with an edible centerpiece, your guests will never go hungry. Not to mention, your cleanup will be way lighter than your setup. Usually leaning on the sweeter side, edible centerpieces often include:

  • Cakes and cupcakes
  • Chocolate sculptures
  • Marzipan
  • Charcuterie or antipasti
  • Candy assortments
  • Fruit arrangements

While some edible centerpieces can get pricey, there are plenty of affordable options, too. For budgets of all sizes, try these beautiful and yummy tablescapes:

#33 Wedding Cakes

If you’ve got the budget for it, go all out with mini wedding cakes at every table (with the main cake at your table, of course). That way, no guest will have to wait for a slice when it’s time to cut them.

#34 Treat Carts

Equally quirky and delicious, a small wood or metal cart is the perfect vehicle for some tasty treats. For fall, set up an overflowing wheelbarrow of harvest goods (fruits, chocolates, etc) or stick with a tiered cart for a classic look.

#35 Tea Time

Live out your Alice in Wonderland dreams with a tea tower centerpiece. Both sweet and savory bites, from cucumber sandwiches to petit fours, can fit on these dainty pieces.

#36 Chocolate Bouquets

At first, these flowers may look like your average bouquet, but once you break off a petal to eat, your guests will be delighted at the botanical treat. Have an expert chocolatier mold and paint the chocolate into the flower variety of your choice.

#37 Marzipan Fruit Basket

Perfectly lifelike and incredibly tasty, tiny marzipan fruit are both fun and refined centerpieces. Stack these molded candies into a cake stand, basket, or even a vase for an abundant table. And for extra points, match the fruit to your wedding’s season.

#38 Countryside Charcuterie

Pair your wedding’s vineyard or villa view with a picnic-themed tablescape. Instead of a typical runner, lay a long charcuterie board down the table’s center, stacked with all of your fave appetizers and antipasti. You’ll save space by doubling your tables as seating and the buffet.

Modern Glamour

Shimmering chandeliers, colored lights, and plenty of metallics—sometimes, more isn’t less, it’s magnificent. If glamour is your middle name, then luxurious decor and a centerpiece to match is the way to go. Think of these luxe touches for your tables:

  • Velvet
  • Gold finish
  • Crystals and diamonds
  • Chandelier structures
  • Roses
  • Acrylic holders and vases
  • Jewel tones and stark neutrals

From sleek minimalism to ritzy maximalism, there’s a centerpiece for all types of glamour. Try these tablescape ideas on for size:

#39 Floral Forest

Fill out a ballroom or grand hall with a larger-than-life floral centerpiece. You can ask wedding florists for extravagant fresh flowers “trees” that are up to 10 feet tall for each table, creating the most glamorous forest around. Rose or pampas grass arrangements often look best here.

#40 Monochrome Minimalist

Nothing says elegance quite like a black-and-white aesthetic. Go for simple luxury with a white tablecloth base, layered with black or white tableware, candlesticks, flowers, or other decorative pieces. And to avoid a Beetlejuice or old-timey prisoner look, say no to stripes.

#41 Crystal Castle

Go glam or go home. A luxurious crystal structure will catch the eye of any guest, from dripping crystal strands to chandelier-style candle holders. Inside a colorfully lit event hall, these gems will sparkle and shine.

#42 Velvet Runner

Add soft luxury to your reception with a velvet runner down your tables. This refined textile perfectly complements gold candlesticks, bright florals, and metallic tableware. For a balance of luxury and shabby-chic, strategically wrinkle your velvet runner along the table for effortless glamour.

#43 Acrylic Pieces

Like the modern alternative to glass, acrylic pedestals, candleholders, and vases instantly convey sleek style. For a simple wedding table centerpiece, place white-and-green bouquets on top of clear acrylic stands.

From lush moss runners to stunning tiered cakes, there are so many creative ways to decorate your wedding tables—it can be hard to choose. At the end of the day, the most important factor is what looks good to you. Follow your heart and theme, and you’ll land on a centerpiece that shines.

And don’t forget the rest of your decor. Zola is here to help personalize your entire wedding’s look, from custom stationery to your wedding website. Our digital tools make planning your wedding easy, and celebrating your love a joy.

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