One Year Anniversary Ideas

Don’t know what to do for your first wedding anniversary? Get inspired with ways to celebrate by checking out our latest guide.

By Ruksana Hussain

One Year Anniversary Ideas
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The first wedding anniversary is super special for any couple—it marks a year of learning more about being together and planning for a lifetime of forever. It’s only natural to want to mark the occasion with a memorable token of your love for each other (or the couple).

Traditionally, the first anniversary is considered the ‘paper anniversary,’ with gifts being some sort of paper items. But there are so many other unique themes to look to for inspiration, so here’s a comprehensive list of one year anniversary ideas.

Cap It With Color

Looking for first anniversary ideas? Try working with a specific color theme that represents this first year milestone. First wedding anniversary colors are yellow and gold, which provide some seriously vibrant ideas when it comes to gifting.

  1. A coveted bottle of wine or other preferred libation, especially one that’s a limited edition or has a custom bottle label for the occasion.
  2. Ornaments, decorative pieces, paintings, or wreaths to place around the home as a reminder of shared life experiences.
  3. Paired outfits or accessories, say scarves or fun T-shirts with witty slogans for couples who love to share a good laugh.
  4. Lanterns to decorate the backyard or porch to light up an evening dinner party or a romantic meal for two.

Shower Some Flower Power

One Year Anniversary Ideas Photo Credit // Carnations

Symbolizing pure love, carnations are the floral petals of choice to commemorate that special first wedding anniversary. The simplest way is to get your loved one a grand bouquet, but here are some other ways to impress:

  1. Carnation celebration cakes or cute cupcakes, even a tray of minis, will be a hit for the sweet toothed recipients.
  2. Floral living walls, flower towers, or painting frames ordered just for your first wedding anniversary or handpicked/made by you garner extra brownie points for effort.
  3. A perfume blending experience to bring carnations into your lives with the aroma of the floral beauty in a custom scented bottle, and maybe a future signature special gift.
  4. Carnation-themed or patterned home decor, such as vases, dinnerware, party platters, and serving dishes or wall hangings.

Go Bold With Gold

Technically gold isn’t a gem, but the precious metal is the chosen candidate for a first wedding anniversary celebration. Get your significant other the most perfect gift by going for a gold anniversary gift for your first year.

  1. A signature gold piece of jewelry or custom cufflinks that can go on to become family heirlooms for future generations.
  2. Gold stem Champagne flutes with etched names or initials, or other barware in gold-themed hues.
  3. Commemorative first wedding anniversary gold coins with family insignia or initials could start an annual tradition to eventually display all your years together in a framed wall hanging.
  4. Gold shavings and gold leaf in celebratory meals are common in many cultures and an extravagant meal featuring the lavish ingredient is a memorable highlight.

Make It Modern

Looking for a unique wedding anniversary gift to celebrate your first year? Clocks are the modern symbol of a first wedding anniversary—a salute to the time gone by and all the moments to look forward to from now on. Below are some of our favorite modern gift ideas for the husband or wife.

  1. A statement clock that can act as the focal point in a frequented space of the home is a lovely first wedding anniversary memory to cherish every time you walk by.
  2. Watches for the couple are a natural choice, but add some significant element to it—maybe a designer they adore, supporting a special cause or highlighting a shared interest.
  3. For the tech enthusiasts, a digital alarm clock with a few additional built-in features for reminders and chores is a useful asset. Or, an antique clock for avid collectors.
  4. For the sporty couple, wearable tech helps clock not just physical activity and health, but also other factors of a healthy lifestyle.
One Year Anniversary Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

Take It Traditional

If you’d like to stick with the paper anniversary gift, get creative with gifting something for the home or personal products that symbolize a special day. When it comes to getting a paper anniversary gift, try to get creative and think outside the box.

  1. A love letter on fancy stationery, handmade love coupons for special things you know your spouse will appreciate, or even a gorgeous set of customized paper products.
  2. As an extension of that idea, subscriptions to magazines or a reading club, a date night club or supper club, and some coloring books and crosswords all make for unique paper anniversary gift ideas.
  3. Paper tickets to an experience like dance or cooking classes, vouchers for a weekend getaway, an anniversary photo shoot, or wine tastings are all great ideas if you want to stick to a paper gift.
  4. Photo albums that spotlight major events from the first year of marriage or a photo book created with wedding day snapshots and messages from close friends and family.

The first wedding anniversary culminates a year of loving and learning about each other and any gift to celebrate that time spent together is a memorable one. Take it up a notch with a custom variation on any of these recommendations, and go the extra mile to truly capture the magic of the moment with your special one.

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