10 Year Anniversary Ideas

Discover our favorite 10 year anniversary ideas with this informative guide.

By Ruksana Hussain

Ten Year Anniversary Ideas
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The 10-year wedding anniversary is a special milestone in any marriage and wanting to mark it with a memorable token of your love is understandable. The traditional gift is tin, or aluminum signifying the durability and flexibility of the relationship. If that doesn’t quite work for you then the contemporary gifting recommendation is diamond jewelry. For other 10-year anniversary ideas, consider silver, the color for the milestone. And if you prefer showing your love with flowers, then happy daffodils are your pick. Here, a few 10th anniversary ideas to help you get started.

Dazzle With Diamonds

10 Year Anniversary Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

As Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” We don’t disagree with that. A sparkling pendant, statement necklace, bracelet, or drop earrings featuring the precious stone will impress not just your significant other, but also everyone around you.

Branded watches with diamond accents will add sparkle to the celebrations, especially a designed pair for the couple from a luxury brand that both have been eyeing to add to their collection.

A 10-year wedding anniversary is the perfect time to begin thinking about family heirlooms to pass on to the next generation. A diamond ring or elegant broach is a great gift idea that will stand the test of time, just as your marriage and that of your loved ones.

Of course you could simply play around with the diamond theme. A diamond-shaped terrarium, tealight holders, and drinkware are some fun ways to incorporate the theme into different parts of your home.

Tin or Aluminum

Consider a custom crafted tin or metal box to serve as a time capsule. In it, you can both store love notes to open on your 15th or 20th anniversary to reminisce how you’ve grown together as a couple since your tenth wedding anniversary.

You can have a lot of fun interpreting tin in your marriage, too. Fill a big tin with popcorn, chocolate, or other edibles you enjoy—or, opt for something like little favor coupons for taking over your spouse’s chores or even a high-end brand of cigars.

Another option? Add some love to your mini bar with martini shakers monogrammed for the occasion. Every toast at every party from there on out will be a cheer to life and many fond memories. Instead of a gift basket of ingredients to accompany that, organize a gift bucket for your anniversary gift.

High-end aluminum luggage collections is also a great investment for all your future travels together. Pick something sturdy yet light that you can roll along to your next getaway.

Say It With Silver

10 Year Anniversary Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

If diamonds aren’t in the cards for your 10-year wedding anniversary, then silver jewelry engraved with your wedding date or initials is a personalized gift to cherish. For an extra-special touch, get a handcrafted piece from a local designer.

Kitchen gadgets, including a branded set of pots and pans or grilling tools and appliances, is also a worthy idea for the couple who loves to cook together.

Another good investment: silver cufflinks, work accessories, or travel and sports gear for him to use on a regular basis while showing off to colleagues and friends. Opt for silver hues, which are sleek, sophisticated, and perfect for the 10-year anniversary.

For the arts aficionados, sculptures and collectables in metallic silver hues are a fantastic addition to the home you’re building together. Not to mention, this type of memento serves as a large investment you’ll both derive pleasure from.

Designed by Daffodils

Gift a bouquet of the petals that are perfect for the 10-year wedding anniversary, but why go small when you can go big and present a year’s worth of flowers to be delivered every month of this milestone year.

Spread the cheer of daffodils around your home with cushions, candles, vases, and other themed home decor strategically placed in each room for a little surprise throughout the day. Start with a beautiful wreath on the front door and work your way to the patio.

Don’t stop there when searching for the perfect gift. Daffodil essential oils are a great way to bring the soothing, refreshing aroma into your home. Plus, they’re known to help center both mind and body. Also consider fragrant candles, potpourri, or room fresheners—the aroma is considered an aphrodisiac by some.

If you’re planning a large celebratory cake or even cute cupcakes for a party with friends and family, then request a daffodil-themed decoration. The sugar petals photograph beautifully and add a lovely surprise to any photo.

A whole decade of wedded bliss calls for a celebration worthy of this occasion in your lives. Through all the ups and downs a couple may experience in 10 years of building a home and family together, the 10-year wedding anniversary is a lovely moment to pause, reminisce about the past, and plan for a future ahead.

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