Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas

With our unique and stylish winter wedding invitation ideas, your guests will be counting the days to your seasonal celebration.

By The Zola Team

Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas
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The First Look ✨

Warm fireplaces, sparkling snow, festive cheer—winter is a time of romance. Sure, summer gets all the hype for weddings. But with its elegant beauty and coziness, the winter is just as worthy a setting for celebrating love.

If hosting a wedding during the colder months, give your guests a seasonal preview with a fitting invitation design. From gold embellishments to evergreen borders, Zola can help you create your perfect winter wedding invitation.

Pick a Seasonally Unique Layout

When you choose wintertime for your wedding, you’re taking the road less traveled. As such, don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Your wedding invitations deserve a layout just as unique as your seasonal choice.

From fancy folds to parchment paper, here are some truly unique wintery wedding invitation designs.

Cutouts and Beveling

Time to get creative with the scissors. Paper cutouts and shapings add dimension and modern flair to wedding invitations. Depending on the cut, your invitation could recall sleek crystals, intricate lace, or rustic trees—all wonderful players in a wintery design.

Start with these cutout options for an invitation that’s a cut above the rest:

  • Single Layer: One-layer cutouts simply carve out designs right onto the invitation (anything from snowflakes to leaf patterns). The card material should be sturdy enough to handle any paper gaps or cuts.

  • Overlays: Like two sheets stacked, overlay cutout designs have a (usually thinner) top paper layer that’s cut in patterns to reveal the bottom paper layer. This is useful for adding extra color to a cutout, rather than an empty space.

  • Side panels: Want an invitation with a little dramatic flair? Add patterned cutout side panels to your card. Guests will love opening the panels like double doors as they unwrap your invitation.

  • Decorative edges: Say goodbye to straight lines. For a simple cutout detail, decorative edges are a fun embellishment. Deckled (or purposefully torn) edges give a rustic feel, perfect for a barnyard setting. On the opposite end, a detailed lace cutout edge would match any romantic or classic setting.

Folds and Construction

Sometimes you need to break out of the box—literally. For a wedding invitation that truly stands out, step away from the traditional rectangle. After all, There’s a whole world of letter folds and shapes to explore.

If you want to shake things up, pick from these winter wedding invitation constructions:

  • Gate-fold: Like French doors opening to a balcony, a gate-fold instantly adds elegance and luxury to your invitation. The side panels on this design also provide room for extra writing or folder pockets that hold RSVP cards.

  • Tri-folds: With its pamphlet-like design, tri-fold invitations best fit casual celebrations or hosts who need to share a large amount of information. Sometimes couples will make one fold a tearaway section, so that guests can easily return an RSVP or other response.

  • Non-rectangle shapes: Love a single-surface card, but don’t care for parallelograms? Get creative and pick a different cookie cutter. Circles, triangles, and even petals are all uniquely fun shapes for wedding invitations. And for the particularly winter-minded, an evergreen tree or snowflake could be the perfect whimsical option.

Card Materials

For many guests, actually holding and feeling a physical card adds to the experience. Playing with your invitation’s material and texture can enhance your ceremony’s winter theme.

If standard cardstock sounds like a bore, upgrade your invitation with these unique materials:

  • Velvet: Yes, you can make an actual card out of velvet. The second your guests feel this luxurious fabric, they’ll be transported to a cozy winter paradise. Since all-over velvet is a bold design, stick with minimalist fonts and decor for the rest of your invitation.

  • Wood: For wedding venues like ski lodges, log cabins, or heated farmhouses, carved wood invitations could fit the outdoorsy, rustic setting. But for lower budgets, keep this option only for smaller parties—creating and mailing wood invitations is much pricier than paper cards.

  • Parchment: With their homey yet elegant feel, parchment paper invitations have a warm quality to them. You can easily imagine a candle-lit reception dinner when holding this subtle elevation from cardstock.

  • Transparent: Love an ultra-modern aesthetic? Give guests a taste of the chic celebration in their futures with a transparent invitation. Typically made with acrylic material, the sleek design of these clear cards reflect icicles.

  • Plant-seed paper: Wintertime isn’t the optimal growing season, but odds are you’ll be sending out your invitations in the warm months prior—the perfect time for planting seeds. Give your guests the gift of life with invitations on seed paper. Just plant the paper in fertile soil (after RSVPing, of course), and they’ll have a new sprout that will remind them of your upcoming celebration.

Know Your Winter Color Palette

Of course, color is a personal preference. But during wintertime, certain shades just fit better than others (save those bright yellow and baby pink designs for a spring wedding shower). Give your invitation the rich palette of winter.

Here are some seasonally appropriate duos for your winter-themed invitation:

  • Emerald and dark blue
  • White and cloudy grey
  • Green and berry red
  • Cream and sparkly gold
  • Muted pink and red
  • All white
  • Maroon and deep gold
  • Dove grey and dusty blue
  • Red and ivory

Incorporate Winter’s Natural Beauty

With regal fir trees and swirling snow, winter has a stunning beauty all its own. Get your guests in the cold weather mood by presenting them with the season’s lovely natural elements.


Fresh and sparkling white, there’s just something magical about winter snow. Sprinkle a few snowflake designs (or even snowflake-shaped confetti) on your invitations, and guests will sense the wedding magic to come.

Need ideas? For a minimalist approach, opt for flurries of tiny metallic or watercolor “flakes.” If you’re feeling more bold or modern, use large stencil designs to display the ornate uniqueness of every snowflake. For the whole package, place a snowglobe-worthy scene as the backdrop—fir trees, snowy hills, and all.


There’s a reason we associate red and green with winter—the season has so much gorgeous foliage to show off. Whether through watercolor, print, or painting, incorporate these wintery plants in your wedding details for a natural beauty boost:

  • Evergreen trees: Nothing conveys wintertime quite like the silhouette of a fir tree. To keep evergreen touches from feeling too Christmas-like (unless that’s the goal), stick with simple illustrations or sketches of full trees.

  • Holly berries: That distinctive pop of red will immediately catch your guests’ attention. Set holly branches along the corners or borders of your invitation to frame your writing in festive style.

  • Branches: For a subtle taste of nature, muted leafless branches create an elegant backdrop on any winter invite. And to underline headlines or provide a lush border, evergreen branches or wreaths will do the trick.

  • Florals: Winter has its own unique flowers—poinsettias, snowdrops, pieris, winterberry, and mahonias all thrive in the season. No matter the time of year, florals always add a romantic and fresh touch to an invitation.

Seasonal Photographs

Is your wedding planning well ahead of schedule? Consider taking advantage of winter’s beauty for a different event—invitation photos.

A romantic and on-theme couples photo can give your wedding invitations the ultimate personal touch. If you’ve got a year to spare, use the current winter season as your photo backdrop. Your beautiful photo will hint at the celebration to come. Just remember to dress for the weather.


Twinkling lights add sparkle to winter’s darkest nights. No matter where you are, the world illuminates its darker and colder months with the beauty of lights.

For a spark of warmth, channel this seasonal staple into your winter wedding invitations. Guests will feel lit from within after seeing these glowing design elements:

  • Fairy Lights Border: Frame a portrait layout in style with an illustrated border of fairy lights. Bonus points for designs with metallic foil that actually catch the light.

  • Swooping Strands: Need to fill that negative space above your names? Artful sketches of swooping light strands provide an inviting glow, as if the card were set under a beautiful banquet hall ceiling.

  • Lantern Illustrations: Lanterns stir feelings of warmth, rustic charm, and vintage taste. Use muted hanging lanterns as a subtle backdrop, or place an eye-catching watercolor lantern in the bottom corner.


A wedding invitation is more than a time, a date, and a request to RSVP. It’s a beautiful and personalized welcome to celebrate your love—that’s why the details and decor matter. For a seasonal preview of your style, consider these flairs for your winter wedding invites.


Like tinsel on the tree, foil lends an eye-catching sparkle to winter wedding invites. Depending on the design, it can turn your card into an opulent, elegant, or even rustic image.

Not sure how you want to place gold, silver, or rose gold flair? With foil, there’s one long-standing rule: less is more. Stick with one or two metallic elements, such as:

  • Typography
  • Decorative patterns
  • Borders
  • Stencil designs (snowflakes, trees, etc.)

Letterpress Printing

Calling those with a taste for the classic, the academic, the elegant—letterpress printing might be your ultimate winter invitation design.

With their unmistakable raised texture and sturdy material, letterpress invitations give a stately and official feel—perfect for a historic or classic venue. Need an example? Check out our Kalispell Framed Letterpress invitation. Minimalist botanicals and muted blue typography add a romantic flair that’s perfect for the season.

Gift Wrapping Touches

Across the world, winter is a time of gifts. Match your invitations to the season’s giving vibes by putting a bow on it—literally.

For a brush of wintery magic, packaging and gift wrapping elements add unmistakable charm. Your guests will feel like they’re receiving a present with these under-the-tree-worthy touches:

  • Enhanced Envelopes: An envelope is like gift wrap for your invitation—it should hint at all the loveliness that’s stored inside. At the very least, match your envelope and card colors or patterns. For a luxurious upgrade, personal wax seals (especially in a winter-friendly mold, like a snowflake) add vintage fun to the mix.

  • Pockets or Folders: Sneak in an actual gift (or RSVP response card) by adding pockets to your invitations. It’s a double-duty feature, adding exciting surprise and functionality for those who need more space.

  • Bows: Whether rustic string or elegant silk, a bow can transform an invitation. This decoration especially works for gate-fold invitations where the card opens like a present. However, you can always attach a partial ribbon on the outside of a classic portrait card.

  • Boxes: Want to really impress your future guests? Ditch the envelope, and send your wedding invitations in an actual gift box. For those with multi-layered cards or small trinkets to include, a wedding invitation box can store it all. Just make sure to account for shipping costs in your budget.

Winterize Your Style

Is your wedding vision board filled with forests and greenery? Chandelier-lit banquet halls? Romantic drapes and bouquets? Whatever your style, there’s a wintery version of it—and a matching seasonal wedding invitation design.

Pulling together all the above elements, here are some winter wedding invitation ideas to fit every taste and eye.

Minimalist and Elegant

Luckily for minimalists, simple designs are perfect for winter. The season’s snowy scenes and bare trees bring a natural simplicity and elegance.

However, there’s a difference between boring and breathtaking. With some tasteful twists, your minimalist card will captivate guests as much as any ornate invitation.

  • Backdrop: Keep things unfussy with a solid, non-patterned background (white is the most “clean” looking). Without watermarks or photos, your invitation will feel like a snow-covered mountain in the early morning—peaceful, gorgeous, and serene.

  • Typography: With minimalist designs, it’s less about the words and more about the space between the words. Stick with thinner, unadorned fonts that leave plenty of room—simple script or unadorned typewriter styles work best.

  • Colors: On simple winter invitations, your best friends are whites and creams. However, every card needs a little color—stick with muted blues, soft greens, or dusty reds. And for an eye-catching twist, try a solid colored background with white typography (Zola’s Hopewell Frame Invitation is a beautiful option).

  • Decor: Even simple invitations can have a little flair—in fact, the eye-popping details are what minimalism is all about. Small illustrations, metallic touches, or light border patterns can bring personality to a bare-bones design.

Rustic and Bohemian

Wintertime doesn't mean the great outdoors is off-limits. Majestic fir trees, sparkling snow, and calm skies make for some breathtaking wedding backdrops.

If holding your winter celebration amidst nature’s beauty, give a preview with your wedding invitations. These design elements will put guests in the mood for a natural winter wonderland:

  • Backdrop: Set the rustic mood with a scenic winter background (like the one from our Deep Creek Portrait invitation). Even better: If you and your partner have time for a winter wedding theme photoshoot, use your favorite pic as the main attraction.

  • Typography: For a bohemian invitation, keep typography casual and reminiscent of real handwriting. This can include loose scripts, sans serif fonts, or other natural designs.

  • Colors: Embrace the gorgeous palette of winter in your wedding invitations. Rich greens, snowy whites, lush reds, stark greys, and light blues all reflect the season’s natural beauty.

  • Decor: If your backdrop doesn’t already provide some winter flair, then you’ll definitely need some natural touches. Drawings of snowflakes, fir trees, and bare branches all give a taste of nature’s best.

Romantic and Classic

No matter the time of year, romance is always in style. And in winter, you can turn this classic wedding theme up a notch.

Dive into the cozy atmosphere and charming traditions that imbue this season. To kick off a winter wedding as romantic as a red rose bouquet, consider these invitation ideas:

  • Backdrop: Classic romance blends the simple, structured, and warm. Bring this elegance to your invitations with a solid or color-blocked background. If you prefer patterns, stick with soft floral designs (poinsettias add a seasonal touch).

  • Typography: Bring effortless elegance to your invitations with classic, formal typography. Keep the type size small and consider serif or tightly-formed script fonts.

  • Colors: For romantic invitations, everything warm-colored is welcome—reds, pinks, yellows, even creams. During winter, dip your toes into the more lush tones of these colors, such as deep reds and muted golds.

  • Decor: With the right details, you can transform your invitation from basic to frameable. Metallic lettering and botanical borders, like the wreaths on our Oxley Lush template, give a stately feel to classic designs.

Fun and Festive

With so much holiday cheer, winter is a time for celebration. Embrace the season’s natural festivity with an invitation to match. With these festive invitation ideas, your guests will be ready to party:

  • Backdrop: Ornate, colorful, and bold backdrops set a festive tone for your big day, such as lush solid colors or rich patterns. And for the highest of glamour, a little glitter in the background goes a long way.

  • Typography: Invite eyes to dance across the page with striking typography. With a festive theme, fonts can be larger and ornamental—anything from swoopy scripts, to elegant typewriter, to curly-cued letters.

  • Colors: Get ready to color outside of the white box (or invitation). Golds, deep reds and greens, rich creams, and royal blues all fit the festive theme.

  • Decor: What’s more fun than a flash of gold? Metallic foil touches, like the gorgeous stencil pattern on our Baker Fan Design, will make your invitations pop. Similarly, accents like a border wreath or velvet ribbon add to the seasonal fun.

Luxurious and Modern

No season embraces sleek and sharp designs like winter. The dramatic colors, stark lines, and icy weather all carry a refined glamour—perfect for those who want a modern invitation design.

If your reception vision is filled with crystal chandeliers, then consider these contemporary-chic elements for your winter wedding invites:

  • Backdrop: For the ultimate sleek card, solid or minimally-patterned backdrops work best. Similar to minimalist styles, modern designs love plenty of negative space. As an alternative, a stunning photograph of the glamorous venue or you and your partner could instantly draw guests.

  • Typography: If leaning more into the luxurious, tight cursive scripts (possibly in gold foil) will elevate your invitation. If leaning more modern, go for long and thin sans serif fonts and play with type sizes.

  • Colors: Pull up the dramatics with winter’s richest and deepest color contrasts—deep reds, metallics, Kelly greens, and stark whites. To make every detail pop, go against the traditional white setting and choose a velvety black background.

  • Decor: Here’s where you can have a little fun. Channel wintery glamour with metallic touches, icicle borders, and extra features like lacy side panels. Want to amp up the chic factor? Tie a velvet bow around the whole card.

Embrace the Season With Zola’s Wedding Guidance

Whether boldly festive or sleekly minimal, every style has a spot in the winter wedding world. And with our invitation idea guide (and Zola’s premium templates), you can build a design that reflects both your style and the winter season.

Need some help with the million other items on your wedding planning checklist? No problem. Stick to your seasonal theme with Zola’s other planning tools, like our wedding websites or gifts and favors shop. With customizable designs and easy-to-use formats, Zola has all the resources you need to stay as cool as ice for your winter wedding.

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