Why Your Wedding Website Is the Ultimate Stress-Saver

Wedding planning's got you overwhelmed? Here are all the reasons you need to start your wedding website today.

By Ruksana Hussain

Your Wedding Website Is the Ultimate Stress-Saver
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For newly engaged couples looking at a wedding website going as just another item on a lengthy to-do list, here’s what you don’t realize: That wedding website is going to be your ultimate stress-saver. Here’s why:

Everything in One Place

  • As a service to your guests, you can have all the information you want to share in one place. If anybody has any questions, there is just one link they need to visit.
  • This is good for you, too. If you have any doubts about what information has been shared or missed, you have a record of it in one spot.
  • Any updates to information can be easily implemented and you can have a notification go out to subscribed guests, so they receive those details ASAP.

Pro tip: As more guests send you one-off questions that you hadn’t thought about, you can add a FAQ page so others can benefit from that information.

List Managers to the Rescue

  • If handling your guest list, vendors, bridal party lists, RSVPs, favors, etc. seems never-ending, your wedding website is your savior.
  • List managers handle the chaos that can quickly result from you not having the time or patience amidst arrangements to also pay attention to this aspect of the planning.
  • You can also create response templates, forms with meal choices, activity options, guest book messages, and a bunch of other great add-ons to make the whole process easy.

Pro tip: Assign a tech-savvy member of your bridal party to handle this par, and you will never even know you had a website to maintain in the first place.

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There’s an App for That

  • Most websites now offer resourceful integrations with app services, so you can easily add links to travel information and rideshare options.
  • For guests traveling from other parts, you can share meal delivery services, maps, and other local offerings that would be useful for them to know prior to their visit.
  • Many companies have discounted rates for large groups, such as weddings, so this might actually work in your favor from a budget standpoint.

Pro tip: Ease of use from a mobile device available on the go makes app-based services a favorite with guests. Most will probably have an existing account with those apps.

Accessibility Is Key

  • Your wedding website can be accessed anywhere, any time, and on any device. That, in itself, is a major benefit of having one.
  • Interactivity is built into most sites, so aside from your wedding registries and RSVPs, you can also have guests share their messages for you and their memories from your wedding.
  • Any last-minute change of plans due to weather, illness, or any other unforeseen circumstances can be easily communicated to everyone in one shot.

Pro tip: Your wedding website can be used well after your wedding to send thank yous, share highlights from the reception, and more.

At the end of the day, if you do a cost-to-comfort analysis, you’ll probably find that the extra penny spent on a wedding website will bring you priceless peace of mind. And that’s imperative for a successful wedding day.

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