What's a Bezel Ring Setting?

Considering a bezel ring setting for your wedding ring? Here's everything you should know about this ring type.

By Amanda Mitchell

Bezel Ring Setting
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Some people really strive for a lot of originality on their wedding day, starting from the very root of the event—getting engaged. There are so many options for wedding and engagement rings out there, and it can feel overwhelming to find something that’s truly original and perfectly suits your partner. Let's introduce you to the bezel setting—a unique style that should be on your list for consideration. Here, the pros and cons of bezel rings, according to diamond experts.

What’s a Bezel Ring Setting?

What's a Bezel Ring Setting? Photo Credit // Kaitlin Noel Photography

“A bezel setting is a more modern style, where the metal completely surrounds the gemstone, leaving only the top of the gem exposed. This is one of the most secure ways to set a gem, compared to a prong setting," says Don O’Connell, president and CEO of Charles & Colvard, a jewelry company specializing in moissanite and lab-grown diamonds. Bezel rings are modern, practical, and great for an active person. There are two types of bezels: full bezels, where the metal goes all the way around the gem, and a half-or partial-bezel, where the metal leaves part of the gem exposed with the same amount of security as a full bezel.

Why Choose a Bezel Ring Setting?

Aside from it being the chameleon of wedding rings, bezel rings are extremely versatile and can work very well with other styles of rings, like a bezel-set solitaire ring that really lets the center stone shine. It also works with all types of stone cuts, but the most modern of all the choices is a round cut, like Beyoncé's. Bezel rings can trick the eye to make any gem really stand out and seem larger than it is. Because of the style, they're also extremely friendly to those with active lifestyles. Unlike prong settings, bezel settings surround the entire ring, so there's no worry about it snagging a sweater or the gem falling out if you work with your hands. And because there are no prongs to be checked, bezel rings are a breeze to clean.

What Are the Types of Bezel Settings?

There are two main types of bezel settings:

  • Full bezel: The center stone is completely surrounded by a thin metal rim, securely holding it to the band.
  • Partial bezel: The center stone is surrounded by metal on two sides of the stone, leaving some of the stone exposed.

Are There Downsides of a Bezel Setting?

What's a Bezel Ring Setting? Photo Credit // Monica Mendoza Photography

If you want tons of sparkle, a bezel ring probably isn’t for you. The bezel setting can sometimes take away from the brilliance of the stone itself. Depending on the metal, a bulky setting can make the center stone appear small or not as brilliant. They're also not the cheapest option on the market. Bezel rings can be more expensive than other settings due to the weight of the metal and the fact that it's not the easiest setting to create. You pay a markup for metal and labor when you get a bezel ring.

There's no such thing as a universal engagement ring, because the beauty of an engagement ring is really in the eye of the beholder. But for the partner who is looking for a ring that somehow feels both classic and modern at the same time, a bezel engagement ring is likely exactly what they need.

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