What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a durable option for grooms and brides. Thinking about buying a rose gold engagement ring or wedding band? Here’s what you need to know about rose gold.

By Laura Hensley

What is Rose Gold
Photo by Jenna Day

The First Look ✨

Rose gold is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a type of gold that has a pinkish color to it. But rose gold is not entirely gold, it’s pure gold mixed with silver and copper, which helps strengthen the material and give it its unique color.

Pure gold—also known as 24-carat gold—is very soft, which is why most jewelry isn’t 100 percent gold. If you were to buy a pure gold ring, it would damage easily and be susceptible to wear. That’s why rings that are made from a combination of metals, like rose gold, are a good option.

Are There Different Types of Rose Gold?

The color of rose gold and its depth depends on how much copper is used. The more copper that is used, the more “rose” or red the gold looks. The less copper and more silver used, the lighter or “pinker” the material will be.

One great thing about rose gold is that it doesn’t tarnish the way silver jewelry does. However, over time rose gold rings can become darker or slightly redder. This is due to the copper used. It isn’t something to fret about though, it can take years for this to occur. Plus, the darker tone often makes the rose gold piece look a bit vintage—not tarnished or damaged.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings and Rose Gold Wedding Bands

What is Rose Gold? Photo Credit // Unsplash

Rose gold engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular for all genders. Men’s rose gold wedding bands can be simple, or a bit more detailed. It’s all up to personal preference.

Likewise, rose gold engagement rings for brides can be as classic or elaborate as you’d like. Like with other materials, rose gold can be crafted into endless designs to create a custom look. Rose gold looks fantastic with diamonds, making it a popular band metal.

If you want to incorporate rose gold into your wedding ring, but still also have a traditional solid gold or silver wedding band, consider a tri-color design. A classic trinity ring, for instance, is a timeless design where three bands are weaved into one ring. If you’re a fan of just rose gold, a simple rose gold wedding band is super elegant.

Pros of Rose Gold

Rose gold is a favorite for couples, not only because of its gorgeous and unique color but because it’s durable. It is made with copper, which is one of the most durable metals on the market. This makes rose gold an ideal choice for people who are active or are worried about scratching their ring with day-to-day activities.

Rose gold also looks great with other materials, including gold and silver jewelry. You may have noticed the popular tri-color stacking trend, where individual pieces of gold, silver, and rose gold jewelry are worn together. This can be done with rings, bracelets, and even necklaces.

Another positive of rose gold is that it’s easy to take care of, compared to something like platinum, which requires more regular cleaning. To care for a rose gold ring, simply wash it occasionally with some warm water and a bit of gentle soap. Dry with a soft cloth and store in a soft pouch or box.

Lastly, rose gold also looks good on every skin tone and offers a perfect hint of personality. Rose gold rings are eye-catching, but not distracting.

Cons of Rose Gold

Because rose gold is made with copper, it’s not ideal for someone with a copper allergy. It’s also important to be OK with the fact that your rose gold jewelry will change color a bit over time, and become slightly darker.

Lastly, if you’re not sure if you want to wear rose gold for the rest of your life (as in you love it now, but think you’d be safer with a gold or silver ring), it might be best to stick with another material for your wedding ring.

How Much Does Rose Gold Jewelry Cost?

What is Rose Gold? Photo Credit // Unsplash

Like any form of jewelry, the cost of rose gold depends on the style, material makeup, and design of the piece.

If you’re looking for a simple rose gold wedding band, expect to pay anywhere between $250 and $1,000. For wedding rings with diamonds, rose gold designs can range from $1,200 to upwards of $2,500. Again, there’s always a range for jewelry and it’s important to shop within your budget. The cost will depend on how many diamonds you want (if you want any), the ring’s size and weight, and/or any other stones used.

Rose gold jewelry is an increasingly popular option on the market. More couples are opting for rose gold wedding rings, as the pinkish color is sophisticated—and fun—while the material is very durable. With proper care, your rose gold ring will last you until death does you part.