What Are the Different Styles of Weddings?

One of the biggest decisions you'll make when planning your wedding is picking what style it's going to be. Here are popular wedding styles to choose from.

By Anni Irish

What Are the Different Styles of Weddings
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The First Look ✨

When it comes to the different styles of weddings, there are a lot of options. One of the hardest decisions you and your partner will make when it comes to planning your wedding is what the overall theme will be.

Maybe you've always dreamed of having a boho chic wedding on the beach, but are wondering what the best way to pull that off is? Or maybe you've spent years imagining a vintage soiree that incorporates details from your favorite era? Whatever vision you have for your big day, it's important to be clear on what the specific details are, so that you can best articulate what you want to your vendors.

If you're not exactly clear on what kind of wedding you want, that's okay. There are a lot of different styles of weddings to choose from. At the end of the day, you have to decide what kind of wedding incorporates you and your partner's sense of style and personality the best. Here are six different styles of weddings to consider to help you narrow down exactly what you want on your big day.

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A destination wedding isn't for everyone, and while today many people seek out unique wedding options, traditional ones are still just as popular. These kinds of weddings incorporate the kinds of staple details you'd expect. They are formal and typically don't veer so off course in terms of their aesthetics and other details. Usually, they take place at a banquet hall, hotel, restaurant, ballroom, or conference hall and usually include a sit-down coursed dinner, large floral arrangements, and a gorgeous large white dress.

If you decide to go the more traditional route, that doesn't mean it will be boring by any means. There are lots of ways to add your flair to the details. Think about your floral choices, what kind of linens, dinnerware, and of course, your outfit choices. These details will set it apart and make even a traditional wedding feel like you.


When someone says destination wedding, people typically think of white sandy beaches, crystal blue ocean water, or a winery tucked away in Napa Valley or even the South of France. While the name implies going somewhere far away, that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Some couples may choose to go somewhere a little closer to home.

Because of the logistics of this kind of wedding and the costs, the guest list tends to be a lot smaller. This has to do with the prices of accommodations and transportation, among other things.

Rustic Chic

If getting married in a field of wildflowers is your dream, then a rustic chic wedding is definitely for you. These kinds of weddings have a lot of fun details and typically take place in an outdoor setting like a barn, park, or even a local hall, and incorporate lots of DIY. Think wildflowers, mason jars, mismatched vases, bales of hay, kraft paper, repurposed vintage boxes, wooden pallets, and more. These kinds of details are usually incorporated throughout the whole wedding, from the bar to the dining area, to the floral arrangements.

Because a rustic chic wedding tends to be less formal, this kind of casual vibe will also be seen in the food. Guests can probably expect a buffet or another self-serve element versus a sit-down meal.


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For the cosmopolitan couple who likes things neat and tidy, a modern wedding may be just right. Things like minimal floral arrangements with unique flowers, clean lines, and an unconventional venue with dramatic architecture will be incorporated into a modern wedding.

This kind of wedding calls for things like a craft cocktail bar, bringing in different kinds of foodie trends, and lots of unexpected details in the decor. Monochromic table settings, unique linens and dinnerware, and more are just the kinds of things you can expect and more in a modern celebration.


Bohemian weddings have a distinctly romantic and natural vibe. Borrowing from a variety of places, a boho wedding is a combination of earthy, vintage, and unique details. If you're a free-spirited couple who draws inspiration from the world around you and has an eclectic style, then a boho wedding may be the right choice for you.

This kind of wedding is where you can let your imagination run wild. Maybe a beachy, soft wedding by the sea with elements that are inspired by the ocean itself is a part of this celebration. Or perhaps getting married in front of a 100-year-old oak tree where you first met your partner and incorporating details from the nature around it is what you want to do. Having whimsical details and a cozy area for guests to lounge in can always be a good idea, as well as having a different look for each person in your wedding party. Boho weddings can take on a lot of different feels, and this is where your unique taste in food, florals, and aesthetics can take over.


Whether you're after fall foliage as the backdrop to your walk down the aisle or spring flowers as the perfect accent for your big day, there are lots of great ways to incorporate different seasonal elements into your big day.

If you want to consider this kind of wedding, try to play up the best elements of the season you’re in. Think about the freshest and most in-season and local ingredients you can get. Also, pay attention to the kinds of flowers and plants best suited for that time of year. Depending on the temperature and the kind of weather, this should also be a consideration if you’re thinking about holding the ceremony, reception, or both outside.

Make It Your Own

Whatever type of wedding you decide on, make sure to try and make it your own. While there are lots of different styles to choose from, keeping what you and your partner want at the center of it is what's most important. Try to decide on what elements you want to showcase about your big and its overall theme, and try and let that be a central focus. Although your wedding style is important, try not to sweat the small stuff, have fun, and remember all your guests and loved ones are there to share in your special day.

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