What Are the Best Summer Wedding Themes?

We put together a list of summer wedding themes inspired by the season, so you can take advantage of the warm weather.

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Best Summer Wedding Themes
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Do you love the sun and warm weather? How about the great outdoors? If you’re looking to have a wedding ceremony that incorporates any of these elements, all are best served with a summer wedding. Use the season to your advantage by staging themes that are enhanced by the time of year. Here, a list of the best wedding themes for summer to inspire you.


When it comes to the summer solstice, it’s a celebration of the longest day of the year. There are a few ways to approach this as a summer wedding theme, whether that’s a floral-centric celebration akin to the Scandanavian Midsummer festival tradition or by having your wedding at night.

Garden/Botanical Wedding

Celebrate the season by focusing on summer flowers well beyond just the bridal bouquet. Stage it in an actual flower field amid rows of flowering lavender or inside the glass panels of an indoor botanical garden. Whether it takes place in your own backyard or among the hedges of an arboretum, having a garden-themed wedding is a great way to marry in the outdoors.

What Are the Best Summer Wedding Themes Photo Credit // Ali Bastek Film Photography

Rustic Farm

Does the ease and honesty of country living appeal to you? If your vision of domestic bliss includes weathered barn wood, outdoor meals with farm fresh vegetables, vibrant green grass well into the horizon, and the feel of quiet rural living, a rustic farm wedding could be up your alley. Not only is there a specific charm, but a whole, well-honed aesthetic to staging a rustic wedding. Think boho, but stripped of the glam and instead a little more earthy. The outdoors is a key element, since the location can be in a field and/or a large barn that opens into the outdoors. Having it during a warmer season only aids in comfort. Abundance is an important part of farm life and perhaps you can even celebrate in-season crops with your centerpieces.

Mountain Trail

In the summer months, snow recedes and the tops of mountains are awash in fields of flowers and lush green grass. If you and your partner are a fan of hiking, getting married next to crystalline alpine streams and in the stillness of nature could be a great fit.

Depending on what kind of ascent it involves, this theme might be suited to a smaller number of guests, but plenty of nature parks have a wide variety of trails, including asphalt access ways for visitors of varying abilities. Just don’t forget: You often need to get a permit through the closest municipality. Plan the hike beforehand and put up personalized trail markers that speak to your relationship history and coupledom.

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Is your city located near the ocean or along a shorebed of a lake? Perhaps a river runs through your town. Whether you have access to water or are docked on dry land, a nautical theme is a fun way to bring a carefree vibe to your wedding day. In terms of location, you could get married on or near floating wooden docks or even rent out a small yacht for a daytime cruise. Think primary colors—specifically white and navy—for your color scheme to further bring the summer wedding theme to life. You can even take inspiration from retro beach party movies to give a fun and flirty vibe.


Whether you go full destination wedding and escape to a foreign island or simply bring the heat to your own city, a tropical wedding is a fun way to give your celebration a lush, exotic feel. Look to the native animals of tropical locations for imagery and color palette inspiration and plant life for possible props and common food dishes for menu choices.

Music Festival

It’s no secret that most music festivals take place in the warmer months in order to best accommodate large crowds in an outdoor arena. If you’re looking to bring together a love of music while staging your wedding outside, mounting a music festival-themed wedding during summer is a safe bet. Bring together love music and other entertainment for a multiday destination event—even if it’s taking place in your hometown.

With a summer wedding, you can take advantage of better weather and more time off for you and/or your guests. Summer wedding ideas and themes provide a template that makes wedding planning easier and you can even bring more than one together to create a tailored wedding experience that suits not only the season, but also you and your partner’s taste.

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