Wedding Car Decorations for a Proper Send-Off

All the wedding car decorations that you need to drive off from your “I do’s” in style.

By Deanna deBara

wedding car decorations
Photo by Unsplash

Choosing your wedding decorations is an important part of the wedding planning process. You need to figure out how to decorate your wedding aisle, your reception space, your tables, and so much more. As you can see, there’s a lot of decorating that goes into creating your personal wedding style.

And, if you plan to drive to or from your big day, you’ll also want to do it in style. Wedding car decorations can be a great way to jazz up your ride for your big day. Plus, a decorated car makes for great wedding photo opportunities!

But how, exactly, should you decorate your car? Let’s take a look at some of the best wedding car decoration ideas for a proper send-off.


If you want to announce to the world that you said your “I do’s,” hanging a “Just Married” banner from the back of your car is a great way to do it.

Banners make for great wedding car decorations because they’re simple and versatile; depending on the material and font you use, you can create a look that speaks to any type of wedding style. Plus, because all you have to do is tie them to something on your car (like a door handle), they’re super easy to attach to your vehicle—and, just as importantly, super easy to detach from your vehicle when the wedding festivities are done. The last thing you’re going to want to do after your wedding is spend hours removing all the decorations from your car.

Tin Cans

Hanging tin cans from the back of your car is one of the most classic and iconic wedding car decorations out there—and it can make for great photos.

But, make sure to remove the tin cans from your car before you drive on any roads; if one of the cans were to fall off the car, it could create a dangerous situation for other drivers.


Another wedding car decoration that makes for a great visual, but is definitely more practical for pictures (and not so much for driving), is balloons.

Writing wedding-related messages on balloons (such as you and your partner’s names, your wedding date, or wedding phrases such as “I do” or “Happily Ever After”) and then attaching them to your car mirrors, door handles, or other parts of your car offers a great photo op for you, your partner, and your getaway car.

For the best visual effect, use balloons that match your wedding color palette. And again, make sure to pop the balloons or remove them from your car before you hit the actual road (otherwise, they could block your vision as you’re driving).


Wedding Car Decorations for a Proper Send-Off Photo Credit // Unsplash

If you want to lend a feminine, romantic style to your wedding car decorations, try adding bows to your wedding getaway car.

If you really want to embrace the wedding/bridal theme, use white or off-white fabric to tie bows to your car mirrors and/or the hood of your car—and if you want to get creative, incorporate other materials (such as ribbon, flowers, greenery, or more brightly hued fabrics for a pop of color) to really make the bows stand out.

Flowers or Greenery

Wedding Car Decorations for a Proper Send-Off Photo Credit // Unsplash

There are a few different ways that you can use flowers or greenery as wedding car decoration, including:

  • Garland. Lining the sides of your car with wedding garland made from flowers or greenery (or both) can be an elegant way to decorate your car for your special day.
  • Wreath. Hanging a wreath on the back of your car with a “Just Married” sign is another way to work flowers and/or greenery into your wedding car decoration design.
  • Rose Petals. If you want to decorate your vehicle’s interior—and create some seriously romantic vibes for your post-wedding drive—try laying rose petals on the floor and seats of your car.


Stickers are another great option for decorating your car for your wedding. There are a TON of wedding-themed car stickers with phrases such as “Just Married” or “And They Lived Happily Ever After” that you can stick on the exterior of your car (or, if you don’t want to put a decal on the paint, you can also stick it on the back window).

If you want to go with more custom messaging, you can have stickers made with your name, wedding date, or wedding hashtag.

Drive Off in Style

When you drive away from your wedding, you want a send-off that your guests are going to remember. And, with these wedding car decoration ideas, you have everything you need to make your post-wedding drive a memorable one—for your guests, your partner, and yourself.