Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Looking for wedding backdrop ideas? Zola has got you covered. Read on to discover more inspiration.

By Shameika Rhymes

Wedding Backdrop
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9 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Before you walk down the aisle, all of your guests will take in your decor, including the wedding altar. To keep them mesmerized by the beauty of your space and decorating skills, you’ll want to make sure everything stands out, including the wedding backdrop.

Not entirely sure where to start? Here are nine wedding backdrop ideas that are eye-catching and stunning with just the right touch of romantic flair.

1. Less Can Be More

Looking for stunning wedding backdrop ideas for your reception? Less is more with a minimalist vibe that still makes a big statement. If you’re getting married under an arch, you can use the following to create a look that still shows off both of your tastes:

  • Potted Plants: Have your florist find anything from large arching vines to potted trees for a simple, yet big statement at your wedding ceremony.
  • Flowers: Place flowers on top of a mantle, use them to accent the arch where the ceremony is taking place, or even hang flowers and greenery on branches to create a sophisticated, sleek look for your wedding decor.

2. Use Your Words

Celebrate your love with a wedding backdrop that lists your vows, like this one from Sand Piper and Co. Other ideas include:

  • Scroll: Use specialty paper or a customized canvas banner for a piece of decor you’ll treasure forever. - Wood Board: Take on a couples’ DIY project by making your own wood board adorned with a customized quote. Use paint, stencils, or vinyl decals for your wedding decor.

Backdrop Tip: If you pick a lightweight backdrop, make sure you have something to hold things in place—think large rocks or crystals that blend in with the decor. You don’t want your backdrop to go flying away with a gust of wind. And if you’re getting married in a location that tends to get windy, consider finding something that won’t move at all.

Wedding backdrop Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

3. Fabric Layers

Take strips of fabric in your wedding colors and hang them as a backdrop. Using sheer fabrics will also allow the light to create an ethereal ambiance.

4. Sunrise or Sunset

If you’re having a wedding at dawn or dusk, check the weather report: You may have the sun on your side. The colors of the sky as the sun arrives or departs for the day will make your photos look heavenly.

5. Get Shapely

Want your wedding backdrop to really stand out? Go geometric by combining various shapes like rectangles, squares, circles, and triangles. Incorporate bright colors, and materials. For example, a lattice with a geometric pattern with flowers intertwined makes for a modern look with a hint of romance. Or, go for a circular installation with greenery adorning it. If you have an outdoor wedding, it still allows for views of the scenery in the distance. No one will be expecting this and you’re sure to get lots of oohs and ahhs on your wedding day.

Backdrop Tip: Use flowers sparingly for this look, you don’t want it to take away from the impactful design you are going for.

6. Let Nature Handle It

If you’re having a tropical wedding or a forest wedding, you can let nature take its course to accent you and your love. The following make a grand statement on your wedding day:

  • Palm Trees- For a tropical ambiance, stage your wedding in front of a palm tree and accent it with a half circle of greenery around you to enhance the look.
  • Oak Trees- These majestic trees will give you extra decorating space. Use the low hanging branches or the tree trunk for floral garlands that will look as if flowers are growing out of the tree. Use the tree to hang silk materials for a whimsical effect. Also,embrace the leaf colors, especially in the fall with the multi-colored foliage.
  • Willow Trees- These trees provide a frame with their low weeping branches and leaves that hang in a quaint way. The leaves can range from greenish yellow hue to a golden shade depending upon the type of tree and the season. With this tree, you can let nature do all the decorating for you on your wedding day.
  • Ocean or Lake: Crashing waves or the stillness of the lake as the backdrop for an outdoor wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate your nuptials.
  • Mountains: If you’re getting married in the spring or fall, the foliage on the mountains will make your photos look amazing. If it’s a winter wedding, the ice caps and snow on the mountains in the distance will create a romantic scene.

7. Doorway to Heaven

As you get ready to step into your new roles as a married couple, why not do it in front of a divine door? If your venue has a big door, get creative by dressing it up with monogrammed decals or add some flowers for a splash of color.

Wedding backdrop Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

8. Make It a Work of Art

You can get super creative by commissioning an artist to make a personalized wallpaper backdrop for your wedding alter or ceremony. Or, you can head to your nearest arts and crafts store and do it yourself with peel-and-stick wallpaper. To go the extra mile, place flowers on the wallpaper to make your own garden wall.

9. An Airy Feel

Balloons are the epitome of fun. Put a modern twist on a celebration staple by using an inflatable balloon that spells out your new initials or the word “Love.”

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