Vintage Engagement Ring Styles

Check out the many vintage styles suitable for a modern-day engagement ring.

By Ruksana Hussain

Vintage Engagement Ring Styles
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Planning on going vintage for your engagement ring and/or wedding ring? Vintage engagement rings have a charm all their own, and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to different styles vying for your attention. Here are a few fabulous vintage engagement ring styles for you to consider as you choose the perfect gemstone to symbolize your upcoming union.


Vintage Engagement Ring Styles Photo Credit // Shutterstock

Vintage engagement ring styles in the Victorian era come in a variety of designs and materials including a combination of gold and diamonds. Typically made with yellow or rose gold, this dainty engagement ring style features floral designs and smaller diamonds. Other gems you can find on designs include moonstone and opal. Diamond cuts, including a simple rose-cut or old European cuts, add to that Victorian flair. Bows and hearts also make an appearance in such patterns.


Intricate work, such as filigree patterns on platinum, are the signs of these times. For an Edwardian vintage engagement ring style, details include exquisite handiwork symbolizing elements of nature in the form of flowers, vines, petals, and leaves. Colored gemstones also found a following during this time and simple diamond cuts continued to reign.

Art Deco-Powered

If the balance in the form of repetitive patterns and precise geometric shapes is the look you’re going for, any vintage engagement ring style with an art deco vibe will fit the bill. Think sharp angles and metalwork, typically featuring step-cut diamonds such as emerald. They may also include colored gems, like rubies and sapphires. Other options include amethyst and garnet for a unique creation befitting the occasion.


With diamonds finding a loyal following among young women, a simple engagement ring style with a statement diamond in the center became all the rage during this era. For a retro-driven vintage engagement ring style, consider a beautiful round cut diamond in rose gold for a timeless piece that oozes sophistication. A solitaire ring or a two-tone ring is perfect for this style.


A vintage engagement ring style with some modern twists for a custom design can be easily achieved. Mix your gemstones with diamonds and emeralds, making a combined splash, or go for bold geometric patterns for visual impact. Pear shapes and colored gems are always a winning combo, as are minimalistic marquise cut diamonds that allow the gem to impress with just the perfect amount of sophistication.


For vintage engagement ring styles paying homage to the Georgian years, you’ll want something that revolves around rose-cut diamonds, east-west settings, and stunning engraving. Pavé in a halo setting or even pearls instead of diamonds for the center stone can create a classic effect. Platinum and white gold were not in favor, but yellow gold and silver certainly were.

Family Heirlooms

Vintage Engagement Ring Styles Photo Credit // Shutterstock

You might also want to check with close family to see if there are any vintage engagement ring styles to be handed over to the next generation or any insignia that you can incorporate in your custom design. This might also dictate what metal and gems go into your pattern. Skilled artisanship can create beauty out of any combination of metals and gems, but having a clear idea of the pattern would be well-advised.

Word to the Wise

Caring for vintage engagement ring styles is of utmost importance. These gems and metals are priceless given the occasion, of course, but also considering their make and value. Just remember: Vintage jewelry can be fragile, so how you wear and care for it is crucial. Cleaning with the recommended solution and tools provided by the jeweler or maker is best. Storing in a spot where your prized possession is taken care of even when it’s not on you is also vital.

There’s something to be said about bringing some old-world charm to your modern-day wedding, and the ring is just the start. Any jewelry retailer should have a variety for you to choose from or make per your custom design. While vintage engagement rings are still all the rage, get in on the action and choose one of these gorgeous styles to mark the festive moment.

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