Unique Wedding Venues in Dallas

There are an abundance of wonderfully unique Dallas wedding venues to choose from. Find our top picks here, from artsy to awe-inspiring.

By Emily Forrest

Unique Wedding Venues in Dallas
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The First Look ✨

  • Dallas is home to a number of unique and exquisite wedding venues, from historic estates to trendy upscale locales and landmarks.
  • At the Hall of State, you’ll find historic decor, Art Deco architecture, and plenty of space for even the longest wedding guest list.
  • Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is a stunning, private estate that’s perfect for large guest lists, photo opportunities, and destination weddings.
  • Artsy couples looking for delicious food and an intimate atmosphere will love Stirr, a trendy restaurant in the heart of the entertainment district.

Your wedding day is a day like no other, so it’s important to find the perfect venue to match.

You’re probably familiar with the traditional lineup of wedding ceremony venue options: churches, vineyards, beaches, ballrooms, and so on. While these locations have plenty to offer, they don’t always have that something special you want for your big day.

Fortunately, Dallas is a city full of interesting locations to say “I do.” If you’re looking for some much-needed inspiration during the planning process, read on for seven unique Dallas wedding venues.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

First up, we have the elegant Perot Museum of Nature and Science. If you’re looking to spend a night at the museum, this is the perfect place to celebrate. Gorgeous surroundings and ample space make this an ideal spot for a unique Dallas wedding venue.

Here’s what you can expect if you choose to wed with the warblers, white calcite crystals, and whirlpool galaxies of Perot:

  • Price Range: Every event is priced based on size, dates, and rentals, which start at $2,400. Your rental fee will cover event planning assistance, reserved areas, basic housekeeping, and museum-owned tables and chairs. Additional costs may include catering, parking, and security.

  • Various Event Areas: This museum offers space for ceremonies, cocktail hours, receptions, engagement parties, and rehearsal dinners.

  • All-Inclusive Services: This full-service Dallas wedding venue offers bar service, catering and wedding cakes, event rentals, event coordination, lighting and sound design, service staff, set-up and clean-up services, WiFi, and on-site accommodations. The venue is also wheelchair accessible.

  • Unique Decor: The Perot Museum offers the unparalleled sights of natural history exhibits. Complete with fossils, geodes, and modern architecture, this event space gives off the perfect balance of sleek and whimsical.

  • Plenty of Space: This 180,000-square-foot building boasts eleven exhibition halls, a 297-seat theater, and even an outdoor space on David’s Deck. The main areas are open for events from 7 PM to 12 AM—plus an after-hours location available for weddings that extend past midnight.

  • Prime Location: The museum is conveniently nestled just outside of Dallas’ Downtown Historic District. This central location will make it easy for guests to find their way there (and make it home at the end of a fun-filled night).

  • High Capacity: This wedding ceremony venue is perfect for large weddings. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science can comfortably fit more than 300 seated guests at a time (or 400 standing).

What Makes It Unique: How many people can say they got married next to a genuine T-Rex skeleton? If you’re a fan of natural history and life-size science or simply looking for stunning photo opportunities, the Perot Museum is the place for you.

Hall of State

If you want a wedding venue that celebrates Texas’ rich history, look no further than the Hall of State in Fair Park. This stunning building opened in 1936 for the Texas Centennial Exposition, and its unique architecture is by far the biggest draw of this venue.

Even in 2021, Texas couples still flock to this timeless hotspot to recite their vows—and for plenty of good reasons:

  • Price Range: Rental prices for the Hall of State begin at $4,750, which includes the full wedding package for both a ceremony and reception.

  • Endless Event Types: This venue has been used for weddings, galas, banquets, and more throughout the years. Hosting extravagant guests such as presidents, royalty, and celebrities, it’s safe to say they’re prepared for anything. With the Hall of State, you’ll have the resources to host your ceremony, reception, and cocktail hour all in separate areas. Engagement parties may also be held at this location.

  • Included Services: Tables, chairs, security, up lights, easels, bar risers, cocktail tables, and building security are all included in your rental. While the venue does have preferred caterers and bartenders, these services come with an additional charge.

  • Captivating Decor: The Hall of State is known for its unique Art Deco architecture. High ceilings, grand pillars, and a massive golden mural are just a few of the decorative elements that make this venue so special.

  • Distinct Event Spaces: Located in the center of the Hall of State is the Great Hall, the main event area. This space comes with marble floors perfect for dancing, 45-foot ceilings, and over 6,500 square feet of space. Attached is a smaller area called the Hall of Heroes, which is often used for cocktail hours.

  • Beautiful Location: This venue is located in South Dallas’ lively Fair Park, which offers lush greenery, gorgeous fountains, and even a Ferris wheel.

  • Huge Capacity: To put it simply, the Hall of State is massive. This spacious venue can host up to 330 seated guests or a whopping 500 standing guests.

What Makes It Unique: The Hall of State is both an essential piece of Texas history and a stunning feat of architecture that’s perfect for grand weddings.

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

Not every home is equipped to handle a lavish wedding—but not every home is Rosewood Mansion. The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is a private estate that hosts only the most elegant, full-service events.

When you’re a guest on the sprawling property, you’ll enjoy:

  • Venue Options: This private estate hosts wedding ceremonies, receptions, honeymoons, proposals, and any other wedding-related event you can think of. Since you’ll have such a large space to yourself, the possibilities are virtually endless.

  • Comprehensive Service: When we say Rosewood Mansion is full-service, we mean full service. This luxurious venue has everything you need for a wedding, including:

    • Dressing rooms for both soon-to-be newlyweds and their wedding parties
    • Bar, catering, and wedding cake services
    • Lighting, sound, and event coordination staff
    • A dance floor
    • Valet service
    • Furniture, dishware, and linen rentals
    • Luxury hotel rooms and honeymoon suites
  • Timeless, Exciting Decor: The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is filled with carefully picked furniture, 1920s architecture, and a different color scheme for every space.

  • Unlimited Spaces: Possibly the biggest perk of this venue is that it has no shortage of different indoor and outdoor spaces. Couples can choose from the Pavillion Ballroom, the Sheppard King Room, the Mansion Lawn, the Mansion Garden, and the Promenade.

  • Peaceful Location: The Rosewood Mansion is located just west of Uptown on the gorgeous Turtle Creek.

  • High Capacity: This venue is ideal for large weddings, with a maximum capacity of 500 seated guests. With that many friends, family members, and plus-ones to wrangle, you’ll want to create a digital seating chart on Zola to keep everyone organized.

What Makes It Unique: This venue is ideal if you’re looking for privacy, space, and a variety of locations to transition between throughout the day.

The Carlisle Room

The Carlisle Room is the newest addition to Dallas’ list of historic landmarks. Located in the newly renovated Lone Star Gas building, this stunning venue features a combination of Art Deco designs and modern touches.

Here’s what to expect with this unexpected gem:

  • Price Range: The rental price for the Carlisle room will vary depending on the date you’ve chosen. Prices can typically be split up into two categories:

  • March – December: During peak wedding season, rental prices are higher. On Monday through Thursday, packages start at $1,995. Fridays and Sundays come with a price tag of $2,995, and Saturdays start at $5,795.

  • January – August: During off-peak season, rates are significantly lower. On Monday through Thursday, packages start at $1,495. Fridays and Sundays cost $2,495, and Saturdays will run you $4,995.

  • Various Venue Options: This venue is capable of accommodating a ceremony and reception, but an additional fee will be charged for access to the ceremony room.

  • Included Services: The rental fee for the Carlisle room will cover a number of essential wedding services, including tables, chairs, glassware, dishes, cutlery, chair covers and linens, complimentary cake cutting, access to the venue starting at noon, four hours of event time, and a personal food tasting. Catering, additional event hours, and parking cost extra.

  • Ambient Decor: The Carlisle Room combines Art Deco architecture with modern decorative elements. Twenty-foot ceilings, marble walls, and artistic terrazzo floors come together to give this venue its unique look.

  • A Spacious Main Room: The main reception area at the Carlisle Room is 5,500 square feet. A ceremony room may also be rented, along with dressing suites.

  • Prime Location: The Carlisle Room is located in the heart of Downtown Dallas, just a block from the Main Street Garden Park.

  • Comfortable Capacity: The Carlisle Room is the perfect venue for medium-sized weddings. This location can comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests.

What Makes It Unique: This historical building offers beautiful table settings, crystal chandeliers, and authentic Art Deco details for a truly landmark wedding.


If you want the food to be the MVP of your big day—other than you and your spouse-to-be, of course—then you may want to make Stirr your top venue choice. Stirr is a trendy restaurant and bar that’s available for intimate wedding receptions.

As you start wedding planning, here’s what you need to know about your soon-to-be venue:

  • Price Range: Since Stirr is a functioning—and popular—restaurant and bar, it won’t be cheap to shut it down for an evening. During off-peak season, you can snag this cool spot for $1,000 per event, but during peak wedding season, it’ll cost you a minimum of $5,000. Plus, you have to account for the delicious food and beverage on top of that.

  • Limited Event Options: While this restaurant and bar duo may not be equipped to handle a ceremony, it’s the perfect place for a reception, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or farewell brunch.

  • Included Services: Stirr offers full-service bar and catering, as well as event planning, clean-up, lighting, and sound equipment.

  • Trendy Decor: This hip spot features dark wood finishes, vintage chairs, and exposed brick walls. In a nutshell, Stirr perfectly embodies the industrial-chic aesthetic.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Spaces: The main event space, known as the Pearl Room, is approximately 1,500 square feet. A covered outdoor area is also available on their rooftop patio.

  • Popular Location: Stirr is located in the vibrant entertainment district of Deep Ellum. Marked by street art, craft cocktails, and indie music venues, it’s no surprise that a place like Stirr is nestled in this up-and-coming neighborhood.

  • Intimate Size: Stirr is an optimal venue for a small, relaxed wedding reception. The venue can accommodate up to 100 seated guests, which is more than enough for your closest friends and family—and then some.

What Makes It Unique: Stirr is unlike any other venue on this list. If you’re looking to swap the formalities of traditional wedding venues for a hip, trendy atmosphere with great food, Stirr is the spot.


If you’re in the mood for a dark, sultry, vintage vibe, Candleroom is going to be your best bet. This upscale nightclub is perfect for fun couples looking to celebrate in style, sip creative cocktails, and dance the night away.

But don’t start sipping just yet. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Price Range: Pricing for the entire space starts at $2,500, but couples can also opt for the smaller Parlor room for only $1,500.

  • Swanky Venue: The Candleroom is a lounge and nightclub, making it the perfect venue for a reception, cocktail hour, or even an after party.

  • Juxtaposed Decor: The Candleroom combines 18th and 21st-century decor into one stylish fusion. Dark colors, tapestries, and leather upholstery complement neon lighting for the perfect balance of old and new.

  • Historic Location: This venue is located on the outskirts of Vickery Place, a charming and historic neighborhood in East Dallas.

  • Versatile Venue Sizes: This medium-sized venue can accommodate up to 100 seated guests or 350 standing in the main room. In the more intimate Parlor Room, you can comfortably fit up to 50 seated guests or 100 standing.

What Makes It Unique: This alluring venue is the perfect place for a hip reception or after party. The combination of Victorian furniture and modern lighting accents set this nightclub apart from other Dallas locations.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Finding your dream wedding venue will take more than just an interesting location. You’ll want to consider a number of other factors in order to create the best experience possible.

When weighing your options, you’ll want to keep the following details in mind:

  • Service Level: Every wedding venue is going to offer a different level of service—some offerings are included, others are optional but discounted, and some are left off the rental agreement altogether. When touring potential locations, you’ll want to find out if they provide tables, chairs, lighting, and other basics. Some venues even offer built-in catering and musical performers. Other venues, however, offer a more DIY experience, which some couples may prefer.

  • Size: Not all venues are built to accommodate a 300-plus guest list. On the other hand, a large venue may feel too empty for a small, intimate ceremony. If you don’t have a final guest list already, try to come up with an estimate when touring wedding venues. Fortunately, Zola makes it easy to search for venues of all sizes with our community of pre-screened vendors. Users can even narrow down this search with a capacity filter to find the perfect space for their guest list.

  • Reception: Are you looking for a single venue to host both the ceremony and reception? Or do you want a change of scenery between each portion of the night? This is something to consider when choosing venues, crafting your budget, and putting together an itinerary for the big day.

  • Transportation: Similarly, you’ll also want to consider transportation for yourself, your wedding party, and your guests. Will people be driving home after the wedding, or staying in nearby accommodations? Do you have transportation lined up between the ceremony and reception venues? Is your venue in a convenient location, or will transportation be a little tricky? Keep these factors in mind before making a final decision on your wedding venue.

Find Your Dallas Texas Wedding Venue With Zola

Here at Zola, it’s our mission to make wedding planning less stressful and more enjoyable. Putting together your big day takes a lot of thought, but one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is the venue where it all happens.

With Zola, finding the right venue has never been easier. Our community of pre-screened vendors gives you all the information needed to find reliable locations, plus caterers, photographers, and more. Not only that, but putting together your guest list, seating chart, and gift registry can all be done with the click of a button when you plan your wedding with Zola.

Bring your special day to life, and find the right venue for your Dallas wedding with Zola.

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