16 Unique Wedding Invite Ideas: Design, Delivery, and More

There are so many unique wedding invite ideas out there, which allows you to be creative and let your personality shine. Here are a few to spark inspiration.

By The Zola Team

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Your wedding invitations are the first thing your guests will see. Think of them as not only a necessity to relay important information and details of your big day, but also an introduction to your wedding design and theme.

There are so many unique wedding invite ideas out there, which allows you to be creative and let your personality shine. But, it can also be a tad overwhelming, especially when you throw in trends and trinkets (yes, you can send trinkets in tow with your invitations).

To help you navigate the numerous options out there, we’re sharing the latest and greatest wedding invite ideas. Here are 16 new and exciting concepts to inspire you:

1. Big, Bold Fonts

Thank goodness for graphic designers and calligraphers in the business of font making. Say “goodbye” to Times New Roman and old-timey script—unless, of course, that’s your style—and say “hello” to big, bold modern fonts. Giant, loopy calligraphy and big, block letters are just a couple of the fun fonts you can play with for your wedding invitations. And, they’ll get the point across loud and clear. For an extra modern look, pair a big bold font with a small, minimalist serif. The combo will make your modern wedding inivitation both legible and cool.

2. Go With a Theme

If you’ve already envisioned your dream wedding day, from the colors you’ll wear and the flowers you’ll carry, to the feeling you want it to embody, carry that vision through to your invitations. This is the prime opportunity to let your guests in on the wedding style and vibe of your big day. Incorporate prints, colors, and motifs that speak to the theme. Think palm leaves on a beach wedding save the date for a tropical theme, antique roses on a romantic wedding invite for a garden soiree, or art-deco borders for a glamorous vibe.

You can even carry the theme through to your wedding website and other paper goods, such as programs, menus, and thank-you cards so that everything is consistent.

Unique Wedding Invite Ideas Photo Credits // Zola Inc

3. Leather Invites

Did we say leather? Yes, we did. Letterpress doesn’t only work on parchment paper and cardstock. It looks just as good on alternative materials, such as wood and, yes, even leather. Consider brown leather invitations if you’re having a rustic, Southern fete, or black leather invitations for a more masculine vibe. Leather invites are a sure way to impress your guests. Plus, they make for a pretty cool keepsake.

4. Fun Shapes and Sizes

Did you know that you can send circular, square, or other polygon-shaped wedding invitations? Heck, you can even make them extra small or super-size. If you want to buck tradition or just put a twist on the classic five-by-seven, go with a fun shape or novel-sized invite. Squares are the safest, while a geometric shape could still fit into a normal envelope, and a tiny size or postcard could save you money on postage. However, if you decide on a unique shape or size, do it for the look. Round invites can come across as casual or celestial, while an octagon can foreshadow geometric decor.

5. Light-Hearted Wording

If you and your fiancé are the ones hosting (read: paying) for the wedding, you can boot traditional wording formats for something a little different. For unique wedding invite wording ideas, consider something less formal, such as “We invite you to share in the festivities” or “Come for the love, stay for the party,” and light-hearted phrases, such as “tie the knot” or “bring your dancing shoes.”

6. Vellum Layers

Vellum additions are one of the latest wedding invite ideas to grace stationers’ desks. Vellum is a transparent parchment that can act as a veil to the invitation, or be printed on as the invitation itself and backed by a solid or patterned piece of paper of the same size. If you’re going for an elegant, yet modern look, vellum is a great option. The layer is both a unique and pretty addition to any invite.

7. Personalized Motifs

If you and your fiancé are having a traditional wedding, a personalized motif made from your monogram or family crest is not only a fun addition to your wedding invites, but it can also be incorporated throughout your wedding day. You can place it on everything from the envelope seals to the cocktail napkins to give your wedding an extra personal touch.

8. Illustrations

Sending your invitations off to be calligraphed is tradition. But, sending them off to be illustrated is new. Watercolor illustrations have become popular of late, and for good reason, as watercolor wedding invitations typically extremely custom. The designs can range in style, but often highlight the venue, the theme, or the couple themselves in beautifully artistic ways.

9. Color

From color blocking to full-bleed invitations, color is all over invites. If you love a little pink here or a bold blue there, don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite hue into more than just the flowers on your wedding day; browse dusty rose wedding invitations and navy blue save the dates. Have fun with the color of your invitations, too. You’ll love the look and you’ll make them stand out on your guest’s fridge to boot.

Unique Wedding Invite IdeasPhoto Credits // Zola Inc

10. Ribbons and Bows

There are at least a few parts to every invitation. When it comes time to stuff your envelopes, making these moving parts look cohesive and organized is half the battle. Tie them all together with ribbon and bows, or some other fun material. You can choose a pretty fabric ribbon (think velvet, tulle, or silk) in one of your wedding colors, or use an alternative material, such as twine, rope, or leather, as we mentioned above. You can bind the pieces like a book, tie them together horizontally, or string your tie through a hole in them at the top.

11. Envelope Liners

Florals, stripes, marbled designs—oh my. Envelope liners can bring some much-needed personality to your invitation suite. If your invite is monotone or minimalist, consider adding a bit of flare where you can, for example, with an envelope liner. There are so many options to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that aligns with the rest of your suite in both hue and theme. Have fun and pick a print or color that makes you happy. After all, it’s only the envelope.

12. Wax Seals

Seal it with a kiss, or wax seal. Wax seals date way, way, back, but they have recently become more popular on wedding invitations. It’s easy to see why, not only are wax seals elegant, but they can also be personalized in both color and design. If you have the option, imprint them with your married last initial or another meaningful motif. If you can’t customize it completely, standard seals still look just as pretty.

13. Postmark It

Go one step above pretty stamps (and save your pretty stamps from being machine-canceled) and postmark your own invites. A lot of post offices allow you to postmark your own wedding invites with a special stamp, or they will hand-cancel them for you. If you’re sending the invites out from your hometown, or your wedding destination, this is a fun way to add a little something that will make them extra personal.

14. Go Virtual

If your wedding guest list is big, invites, including all the parts that come with them, can add up. When you tack on postage, this small, but important element can end up taking a big chunk out of the budget. Don’t be afraid to save a buck (and a tree or two) and send your invites out virtually. We’d bet a majority of your wedding guests are tech-savvy. Plus, virtual invites make following up for RSVPs, or with important updates, a breeze.

15. Make a Video

If you want to send an invite that your guests have never seen before, work with your videographer to create a video invitation or save-the-date that they won’t soon forget. This is another fun way that technology is changing wedding invitation etiquette, and you can be one of the first to embrace the trend.

16. Boxed Invitations

If you’re in the market for something truly jaw-dropping, a custom invitation suite, sent in a box, may be the way for you. Now, this isn’t just any box. No, wedding invitation boxes are the classiest of boxes, often just as pretty as their contents. Picture wood or another durable material, coated in velvet or trimmed with color, and tied with a bow. Inside, you’ll find all the elements of a typical wedding invitation: the invite, details and RSVP cards, and a memento or thematic trinket, such as a flower, key, or other small favor.

Whether you send a pop-up box full of butterflies, or a postcard with your wedding website, your wedding invitation should reflect you and your fiancé. There is no shortage of wedding invite ideas out there, but these are a few to spark inspiration and get your wheels turning.

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