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Transportation Ideas to Match Your Wedding Theme

Here are some fun and creative transportation ideas that will match your wedding theme.

By Jane Chertoff

Transportation Ideas to Match Your Wedding Theme
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Trying to come up with fun, on-theme, and reliable wedding-day transportation for the happy couple, wedding guests, and your wedding party? Of course, you want your guests to be transported safely from their hotel or the ceremony to the venue (if it’s in two different spots) and back again. But, it’s also a celebratory time, so you may be trying to think of a creative way to incorporate your wedding theme into your wedding day transportation.

Luckily it’s easy enough to bring your theme to life when it comes to wedding transportation. Maybe that’s a school bus for a couple of teachers or an antique car to transport the couple to their vintage wedding party.

Here are some fun and creative transportation ideas that will match your wedding theme.

Transportation Ideas to Complement Your Wedding Photo Credit // Ruzin Cunningham Photos

Best for Romantic or Vintage Weddings: Antique Car

If you’re looking to make a grand entrance, or exit to your romantic or vintage-themed wedding, hire an old-school car that can transport you and your fiance. These show-stopping cars can usually be rented for the day (or longer) from a specialty car rental location or limousine service. Your guests will love taking photos with the vintage car as you arrive or depart in style.

Best for Elegant, Lux, or Modern Weddings: Limousines

Someone pop the Champagne: Nothing will be more fun than a limo ride with your wedding party on the big day. You can select a regular, stretch, or even Hummer limo to take you and your friends to your wedding ceremony or reception venue. Just be sure to verify how many seats the limo will hold in advance and plan accordingly.

Best for Destination Weddings: Boat

Getting married on the beach? Wow your guests by pulling up in a speed boat as a couple when it’s time for the ceremony (or by yourself if you want to make a grand bridal entrance.) If you can find a boat big enough for all your guests, you could also hire one to take them to the wedding reception venue post-ceremony, too. Transport by boat will work for weddings taking place riverside or by a lake, too. Think outside of the box and consider an entrance by kayak or swan boat, too.

Best for (on a Budget) School-Themed Weddings: School Bus

If you and your fiancé are educators, be sure to hire a school bus to bring your guests from their hotel to the wedding. This adorable option is also generally more budget-friendly than a party bus or charter bus, so you may want to look into it if you are looking to save on costs, too.

Best for Winery or City Weddings: Trolley

All aboard the trolley! Guests will have a wonderful time riding on a classic and charming trolley car to transport them to your winery or city wedding. The happy couple and wedding party can do a fun wedding photo shoot in front of the trolley, too, so that the photographer can get some great shots in for the wedding album.

Transportation Ideas to Complement Your Wedding Photo Credit // Cappy Hotchkiss Photography

Best for Winter Weddings: Horse-Drawn Sleigh

Nothing says snowy, dreamy winter wonderland wedding like a horse-drawn sleigh ride. As a couple, you can make a grand entrance or exit in the sleigh (hello, fairy tale!), or you have the option to rent it for the entire night so that all your guests can have a ride. Note that if it’s likely going to be very cold on your special day, this isn’t the best option if you or guests have to travel far—but for short trips, it can be very romantic. And for a non-winter wedding, you can also lose the sleigh and appear in a horse-drawn carriage, instead.

Best for European-Style or Destination Weddings: Bicycles

A tandem bicycle built for two (or two separate bicycles) is such a dreamy way for a couple to make an entrance or exit to their wedding. You can get a special bike that’s already decorated for a wedding day or paint/decorate one yourself. Just take care if you’re a bride who plans to wear a wedding dress—you may want to change first or consider a white jumpsuit or pants suit before you ride off into the sunset.

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