Stunning Flowers for your Winter Wedding

Learn everything you need to find the perfect winter flowers for a stunning wedding.

By Janina Villanueva

Flowers for your Winter Wedding
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The First Look ✨

Winter weddings are perfectly splendid. During this time of year, hotel and travel options are typically less expensive, plus holiday affairs are extra festive and may even allow you to have stunning snowy photos. But one of the common notions about winter weddings is the lack of available flowers. Will you be left with very few or no choice for winter wedding flowers and décor? Certainly not.

“There’s a difference between seasonality and availability,” says Casey Godlove of Plantshed New York, “If you’re speaking to what is seasonally available, that will depend on where you live and the climate. However, the flower markets of the world keep the industry lush virtually all year. Flowers can be exported from Holland, New Zealand, South America, and beyond.”

Here, 10 flowers that are available year-round, as well as winter-specific blooms, that will help you create a stunning winter wedding:

Stunning Flowers for your Winter Wedding Photo Credit // Jeaninne Marie Photography

1. Roses

Let’s start with the ones we know best. Roses are timeless (every season is their growing season!) and they work with pretty much any other florals you may choose. Instead of selecting light shades of pink, deep red roses and wedding white roses can be the perfect option for your winter wedding.

2. Calla Lilies

Want a winter flower that works, even if it’s just a single bloom? Calla lilies are a classic choice because of their elegance. Though most commonly seen in white, they also come in a variety of colors like dark purple and even black.

3. Carnations

Carnations continue to bloom even in the cold winter months. With their ruffle of petals, carnations are an affordable option that can fill out your centerpieces and bouquets fast. Like roses, they look pretty when paired with other florals and greenery.

4. Poinsettias

Often attributed to the Christmas season, poinsettias can spark that holiday feeling in any affair. Paired with greenery and just the right amount of light, winter flower arrangements made with this beautiful flower can make any ceremony aisle or arch, stairways, or pathways feel more whimsical.


Another holiday flower, amaryllis, comes in more than just its usual shades of red and white.

6. Anemones

Anemones are one of the most popular winter-blooming flowers and for good reason. With lush white petals and a dark black center, they create the perfect focal point in a bridal bouquet.

7. Ranunculus

Another popular choice that’s in season during the winter, ranunculus are gorgeous and romantic. This delicate plant, with its wide variety of colors to choose from, looks as expensive as peonies and can take bouquets from simple to regal. A single stem can even stand alone and be worn as a boutonniere.

8. Gardenia

A crowd favorite, gardenias make a perfect bouquet, hairpiece, boutonniere, and even a floating-in-water centerpiece. It’s white and fragrant and can go with any greenery you choose.

9. Camellias

These white flowers, with their layers and layers of petals that open up beautifully, add a lovely soft texture to any floral bunch and are available during early winter.

10. Hypericum Berries

They can be colored cranberry, peach, light pink, or even green. Hypericum berries are considered the most versatile fillers that go with any other florals and can adapt to any wedding theme or style. In addition to the usual bouquet and boutonniere, you can also use hypericum berries on your flower crown or cake décor.

What Do I Need to Consider When Choosing Flowers?

Stunning Flowers for your Winter Wedding Photo Credit // Sascha Reinking Photography

The Color Scheme

Burgundy, navy blue, dusty blue, sage, and pine greens are some of the commonly used palettes for winter weddings. It’s best to start with white or ivory-colored flowers as a base for contrast with these deep hues. Choose a few statement blooms in lighter tones to contrast a variety of lush greenery, says Godlove. They add in deep greens, muted sage tones, and a few well-placed warmers pop to bring in some depth.

The Wedding Outfits

Yes, this means your wedding dress, groom’s suit, and the bridal party’s dresses. If you can, take a swatch of the fabric of your dress and your bridal party’s to your florist, so they can help you choose the shades that will complement them.

Your Wedding Venue

When you do an initial walkthrough at your venue with your florist, determine the areas you would like to decorate, such as staircases or entrance frames. Do you need a ceremony arch or additional flowers by the fireplace? Does space need ceiling treatments that require installations? This information will help you and your florist determine how many flowers you will need, so you can manage the overall cost.

Your florist is one of the vendors you will be working closely with for months before your wedding. Find one that you can trust with your vision, style, and budget.

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