How to Start Your Wedding Registry

Find out how to start building your wedding registry on Zola with this incredibly helpful video from our VIP Registry Advisor, Melissa.

By Kate Lynn Nemett

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Photo by Zola

Melissa, Zola's VIP Registry Advisor, is here to answer your registry prayers.

The question was popped, the answer was “YES!”, and now you’re engaged to the love of your life. Mazel tov! After you’ve recovered from your champagne haze, the real fun of planning your wedding—and future life as a married couple—begins. At Zola, we obviously think that setting up your wedding registry is one of the most exciting and important parts of your to-do list. After all, you’re not only choosing which gifts you’d love to receive (from an endless list of gorgeous things), but you are filling in the details of how, where, and with what you will begin your new, shared life together.

For some couples, the thought of choosing an entire home’s worth of gifts is thrilling. (“Pick out whatever I want and put it on a list? And other people will buy it for me? Amazing!”) But for some—the same folks who dread entering a shopping mall and having to go in and out of stores making decisions all day—setting up a wedding registry sounds both daunting and exhausting. Luckily for ALL kinds of couples, Zola’s here to make the registry process as simple, easy, and fun as a visit to the ice cream truck.

Case in point: we’ve put together an incredibly informative video on how to start your Zola Registry with our VIP Registry Advisor, Melissa. It’s basically the Holy Grail of helpful registry advice.

Melissa will walk you step-by-step through the entire Zola registry process. You’ll learn:

  1. Where to physically begin (hint: you spend a lot of time there).
  2. How to get inspired with wedding registry ideas, figure out what you really need, and what aspirational gifts you’d love to have.
  3. How to use Zola’s handy tools to get a customized report for exactly how many gifts you should register for in different price points.
  4. What kinds of gifts guests want to buy you, and how to make your registry totally guest-friendly.
  5. All about Zola’s comprehensive Registry Checklist to make sure you’re including all the essentials (as well as the homebrew kit and snorkeling lessons).
  6. How to keep track of your registry as guests begin buying you gifts.
  7. Your options when it comes to shipping your purchased gifts, and how to (easy, virtually, completely pain-free) exchange gifts on Zola.
  8. How to low-key stalk other couples’ Zola registries. No joke.

Sounds pretty darn informative, right? So grab a can of something cold and find a comfy chair: these five minutes are well worth your time to become a bona fide Zola registry pro. Happy registering!

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