Simple Decorations For a House Wedding

Planning on tying the knot at home? Use this guide to discover our favorite simple decorations for a house wedding.

By Jane Chertoff

House Wedding Decorations
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If Father of the Bride proved anything, it’s that getting married at home can be just as dreamy as a large, fancy ballroom wedding. After all, even a small wedding at home is cause for celebration.

And the best way to make your everyday space look and fit the part? Some simple decorations for the day. From glamming up the backyard with some flowers and twinkle lights to creating a tempting dessert table and adorable photo booth, decorating at home doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated to look fab.

Here’s how to decorate your pad inside and out for a house wedding.

For the Front Door or Front Yard

Whether you’re having a few guests, a drive-by celebration, or just want to alert the neighbors you’re celebrating, you can add a few wedding decorations to the front door, driveway, and/or front yard.

Front Door Wreath

Place a wreath on the front door for some instant pizzazz. You could DIY your own wreath, get one from a wedding florist, or order one online with white roses or peonies and some pretty greens. Attach a veil, lace, or ribbons to the bottom to complete the look.

Driveway Balloon Arch

Whether you’re welcoming guests or having friends and family drive by in their cars, consider putting up a festive wedding balloon arch at the front of your driveway. It will create so much atmosphere and is a fun focal point for photos. If you don’t have the capacity for an arch, you could line the driveway with bundles of balloons leading to the front door or backyard instead.

Bunting or Ribbon

If you have trees in your front yard, string bunting or ribbons between them—or simply let them hang down. It’s an easy way to alert the neighborhood to a wedding going, plus help your wedding party and guests locate the house.

House Wedding Ceremony Decorations

For a backyard ceremony, you can keep the wedding decor simple, but still make the atmosphere fun and celebratory. Whether it’s just you and your partner or the happy couple plus guests, a few decorations go a long way.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a fun and easy addition to any outdoor wedding, plus are budget-friendly. Choose classic white or a popping color of your choice, and hang them from trees or posts all around your ceremony site.

Simple Arch

To create a focal point for your wedding ceremony, consider getting married under a beautiful DIY wedding arch set up in your yard. Choose a simple wooden frame, metal pergola, or decorate a trellis with fresh flowers. You can also create an instant arch by draping a long piece of chiffon or other fabric from two trees or from posts.

Fresh Flowers

The simplest way to decorate your backyard for your ceremony may be with some beautiful flowers or floral arrangements. They don’t have to be fancy, either. Look for wildflowers or other bright bouquets at your local flower mart or farmer’s market. Place them in vases or buckets, and line the aisle of your ceremony site with these DIY floral arrangements.

Backyard Reception Decorations

You’re freshly married, and it’s time to party. Set up a mini reception space (even if it’s just for you and your new partner) with some simple decorations and a dessert table.

Twinkle Lights

To create an instant party atmosphere, string twinkle lights around your yard. Rope them around trees or around the edge of your patio, then turn them on as soon as the sun starts to go down. If you’re serving lunch or dinner outdoors, you could also string some Edison bulb lights above the table.

Photo Booth

Create a photo booth to commemorate the day using a balloon arch or another fun backdrop. Then, add some fun props for your guests to use.

Mini Sweetheart’s Table

Set up a mini “sweetheart’s table” for you and your new spouse with Champagne flutes and some bubbly, then have a toast to your fabulous future together.

Simple Wedding Decorations for a House | Zola Photo Credit // Unsplash

Dessert Table

Decorate a dessert table that features a mini cake or your favorite sweets. Set down a bright tablecloth, then decorate it with a cake or cupcake stand, doughnut wall, balloon arch, or bunting.

Just Married! Post-Celebration Decoration Ideas

Staying home after your nuptials? Don’t forget to hang a “Just Married” banner from either your front door or car to let everyone know you’ll be in staycation honeymoon mode until further notice.

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