14 Rustic Wedding Flowers and Decorations Everyone Will Love

Trying to achieve a rustic wedding design? Check out some of our favorite flowers to complement your style and tips to create the rustic wedding of your dreams.

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Trying to achieve a rustic wedding design? Check out some of our favorite flowers to complement your style and tips to create the rustic wedding of your dreams.

Planning a rustic wedding can sound like an easy task, but achieving this look of comfortable simplicity actually requires a significant amount of planning and creativity. Generally speaking, interpreting a rustic theme calls to mind earthy and wooden accents with plenty of fresh flowers to transform your wedding decor into the vision of your aesthetic, whether you are getting married in the countryside or having a ceremony in the middle of a city.

Creating the right look for a rustic wedding with your florals goes beyond picking the right flowers for your arrangements and displays. The look is achieved by incorporating small details throughout your ceremony and reception that will welcome your guests into an intimate and warm environment. To aid in sparking your creativity and achieving the right design for your wedding style, consider the following rustic bouquet wedding ideas.

The Flowers

Of course, the type of blossoms you choose to incorporate into your floral arrangement will have an impact on the aesthetic of your wedding. However, the truth is, for a rustic, boho wedding, nearly any type of flower can be used by styling the accessories around it to create the right motif, including vases, candles, and alternative decor items. That said, selecting more modest blooms will enhance the effects of those additional items.

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1. Wildflowers

Perhaps an obvious choice, using wildflowers will give your rustic bouquets and decorative arrangements a beautifully untamed elegance. Depending on your season, try sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, bachelor buttons, baby's breath, daisies, and sweet peas to achieve this look. As far as rustic wedding bouquet ideas go, surrounding more traditional blooms such as peonies with wildflowers will provide a look of rustic elegance.

2. Dried Seed Pods

Adding these as an accent in your bouquet or other displays will add an earthiness to the arrangement, giving your florals a more rustic appearance. Though slightly more expensive, you’ll only need a small quantity, so dried flower pods shouldn’t break the bank.

3. Eucalyptus

This dreamy leaf is versatile given its range of shapes and sizes, from delicate silver dollar eucalyptus to soft true blue eucalyptus, these leaves will add color and texture to your floral arrangements. Though it may look simple, its use extends far beyond accentuating your flowers and can be used to create lush table runners, delicate crowns and hair accessories, or end caps on your aisle seats. Alternatively, scatter them along the aisle or toss the leaves in lieu of confetti at the end of the ceremony.

4. Moss

One of the most earthy elements to incorporate into your wedding is moss. As odd as it may sound initially, moss can be used to create a whimsically magic atmosphere. Consider using it as the foundation for table runners at the reception or to line your aisle at the ceremony.

5. Succulents

Rising in popularity as an easy-to-care-for house plant, succulents can help create the illusion of a care-free floral arrangement. Plus, their soft coloring will add an element of delicacy to your flowers.

6. Grasses

Whether fresh or dried, grasses can help fill out your arrangements and bouquets. As a simple design element, grasses can complement the natural beauty of the flowers you select by evoking a picture of them in their native environment.

The Vases and Vessels

The material you select to house your florals may be even more important to defining your rustic wedding theme than the blossoms themselves. Taking this extra step will give your design the visual cues needed to create an elegantly relaxed environment. Here are some of our favorite materials to use as the vases and vessels for your flowers.

7. Wood

Whether a wooden planter box or a hand-carved vase, using wood containers for your centerpieces instantly increases the earthy vibe of your wedding. As a natural resource, wood is easy for guests to associate with the outdoors and effortlessly creates a rustic vibe.

8. Mason Jars

A staple of rustic decor and barn weddings, the mason jar is associated with simplicity and a level of hominess that will translate nicely into your wedding. However, as they are glass jars, they can create a foundation of effortless elegance if left unaltered. In some cases, couples may choose to paint their mason jars, often using flat or chalk paint, and then sand away some of the color to create the illusion of a weathered and worn jar. Either way, the mason jar is an easy and cheap vessel to utilize.

9. Enamel

Antique-looking enamel pottery is also a unique way to keep your theme rustic while adding an element of simple elegance. For example, using an enamel water jug as a vase for centerpieces can add a rustic touch to otherwise traditional flowers and, alternatively, elevate the appearance of a bunch of wildflowers.

10. Tin

Evoking the appearance of farm silos, using round tin vessels as containers for flowers and other items throughout your wedding will subtly remind guests of the countryside, increasing the rustic aesthetic. Filling a large round tin with a simple bunch of flowers makes an excellent centerpiece, while presenting favors in a galvanized tin planter or trough is a unique rustic touch.

11. Burlap and Rope

Often used for practical purposes throughout country homes, ropes and burlap material are inherently associated with a sense of rustic charm. Use these materials to accentuate vases, adorn boutonnieres, or wrap your bouquet.

The Surrounding Decor

While these decor items aren’t technically flowers, these rustic wedding flower decorations can be used alongside your floral arrangements to create cohesive displays and tablescapes that result in the right atmosphere at your wedding. What’s more, they’re easily achievable for both glammed out and DIY weddings.

12. Antlers

Depending on the type of rustic wedding you are trying to create, using antlers as part of your rustic bouquet centerpieces or tablescape decorations can provide an easy way to amp up the outdoor elements seen at your wedding. This is especially the case for fall wedding bouquets and decor. The antlers, which are naturally shed by deer and elk, can often be rented from specific vendors.

13. Candles

From votive to tapered, candles offer a soft and delicate lighting option for your ceremony and reception decor. Utilizing candles can also increase the romanticism and elegance of your wedding.

14. Lighting

The type of lighting you use can also evoke a particular atmosphere. Lanterns, whether electric or candle-powered, create the illusion of a simpler time. Alternatively, globe string lights or retro filament light bulbs lend an antique look.

Rustic Wedding Flowers Photo Credit // Kristin Vanzant Photography

Main Takeaways

Flowers tend to be a pivotal part of any wedding’s decor—from the bridesmaids’ and bridal bouquet, to the corsages, to centerpieces and flower arrangements. This is especially the case for your rustic style, country weddings. That said, any florals and greenery alone won’t always amount to your desired aesthetic on the big day. It’s important that you pay mind to the kinds of flowers and plant life you’re displaying, as well as the vessels and surrounding decorations you’re incorporating.

Compose your flower bouquets and other floral decor with modest blooms (wildflowers, grasses, etc.) and vessels made with natural materials. Then, take it to the next level and top it all off with a cohesive, on-theme tablescape. Think props and decor pieces that are natural (antlers, wooden platforms) and romantic (tapered candles, lanterns, antique-looking string lights).

When it comes down to it, creating rustic wedding flower decorations is really all about incorporating natural and earthy elements. Consider using more greenery and grasses than you might otherwise to enhance the beauty of the flowers you select. And, when possible, always opt for materials that are naturally occurring or associated with country living for vases. Seek out other similar props and decor items to help evoke that whimsical and charming atmosphere you’re after.

With bouquets taken care of, are you in need of some rustic invitation inspiration? If so, we’ve got just the thing.

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