Romantic Red Wedding Bouquet Ideas

The most romantic, unusual, and outstanding ideas for red wedding bouquets

By Shira Telushkin

Romantic Red Wedding Bouquet Ideas
Photo by Terrence Harrison Wedding Photography

The First Look ✨

  • The red wedding bouquet is romantic and comes in many shades and sizes.
  • Consider the flowers, accents, and color options before deciding on your red wedding bouquet.
  • There are classic, creative, bold, minimalist, and wild designs for every bride.

The wedding bouquet is one of the day’s most iconic accessories, and red wedding bouquets tend to stand out in particular. For many brides, the red wedding bouquet conveys the romance of the day, whether the arrangement is wild, traditional, creative, or minimalist.

This Zola guide takes you through everything you need to know about choosing a romantic red bouquet for your wedding day.

Consider the Shape and Size

The design of the bouquet requires more consideration than just what flowers to choose. Some brides desire bouquets that are enormous, overflowing mini gardens; others want nothing more than a few long-stemmed roses. While everything in the flower shop might look enticing, it’s important to consider the design of your dress, the formality of the venue, and how the weight and size of the bouquet will look in photographs before committing to a particular look. If the bouquet looks beautiful but is uncomfortable to hold or does not complement the wedding aesthetic, it won’t be the right choice for your particular wedding.

Go Traditional With Red Roses

There are few flowers more romantic than roses, and no flowers are more traditionally romantic than red roses. Traditions develop for a reason, and the symbolic romance of red roses will lend your wedding day bouquet some beautiful whimsy. When it comes to red roses, some brides opt for a uniform bouquet all in one shade, while other brides will choose an array of roses that range from burgundy to shades of mauve or coral. The darker rose colors tend to be more formal, while lighter red roses can be more festive, and perfect for a daytime or garden wedding. Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong with a wedding day bouquet of all red roses.

Go Wild With Ferns, Eucalyptus, and Branches

The red wedding bouquet accented with greenery and herbs contrasts beautifully with most wedding dresses and adds a particular layer of romance to any wedding day look. These wedding bouquets can be centered around red roses in shades of maroon or include a variety of red flowers, from red peonies to carnations to begonias. The addition of foliage, eucalyptus, fern, berry branches, astilbe in any number of shades, scabiosa, and other wildflowers accents not only adds a degree of romance to the bouquet, but the texture and interesting length variation as well.

Think Red, Green, and White for Drama

Whether you’re seeking a formal, satin-wrapped bouquet of red roses or a bohemian bounty of red peonies and dramatic foliage, the basic color combination of red, green, and white will ensure your red wedding bouquet pops. For any bride looking to make a dramatic entrance, the combination of dark red flowers against dark green herbery and accented with white will look stunning. This might mean dark red carnations, large green aspidistra leaves, and a few white calla lilies as accents. Any romantic red wedding bouquet against dark greenery with some white floral accents will be a beautiful combination.

Think Beyond Roses

Red roses are stunning, traditional, and romantic, but they aren’t the only option for a romantic red wedding day bouquet. There are many other red flowers that work well in wedding bouquets. For modern brides, red calla lilies make a dramatic, minimalist bouquet that’s perfect for an elegant wedding. Red ranunculus flowers offer some of the traditional feel of roses with a multi-layered petal twist. Asters, begonias, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, and poppies all come in a range of beautiful red shades and offer playful or dramatic takes on the romantic red wedding bouquet. No bride should feel beholden to the rose when it comes to her wedding, especially with so many fantastic options out there.

Consider Bold Accent Colors (Pale Blue Daisies, Anyone?)

The traditional color palette of red, white, and green is stunning, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to get a little funkier. Pale blue floral accents, or even deep blue or vivid purple, can turn your red wedding bouquet into a piece of art. Don’t be afraid to consider yellow, hot pink, lavender, or turquoise additions. The incorporation of bold, contrasting colors can make a romantic red wedding bouquet feel personal and unique.

Remember That Red is Everywhere

The red wedding bouquet can include flowers that lean closer to pink, orange, and even purple. Anyone who wants a romantic red wedding bouquet should consider the full spectrum of red flowers and choose the shades that most celebrate the specific tone and aesthetic of the wedding day itself. A more casual wedding, for example, might be best reflected in a burst of orangey carnations with red daisies and tropical additions, while a summer wedding might be the right time to choose a spray of pinkish flowers. There are many types of herbs, such as astilbe, which come in a variety of shades that could make the perfect, multi-hued red wedding bouquet. Think widely when it comes to the right romantic red wedding bouquet for you.

The red romantic wedding bouquet is a classic for a reason, but there are many ways to get its iconic look. This guide will help you decide what sort of red wedding bouquet is right for your wedding.

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