Park Wedding Ideas

A park wedding provides gorgeous scenery, endless space, and is usually extra affordable. Here are some ideas to give you inspiration.

By Taylor Bryant

Park Wedding Ideas
Photo by Nick and Lauren Photography

The First Look ✨

From the gorgeous scenery to the endless space, throwing a park wedding is a great way to have an outdoor ceremony without completely blowing your budget.

Sure, there are logistical elements—getting the necessary permits, reserving the space, figuring out the audio, preparing for bad weather—but the benefits outweigh the potential headaches. Plus, you can’t beat a natural setting, lots of vitamin D, and a great golden hour sunset. Talk about a dreamy fairytale ending.

So, if you and your partner love the outdoors and have ever dreamed of having your wedding at a local park or a national one, here are some ideas.

Park Wedding Ideas Photo Credit // Pat Furey

Take Advantage of Mother Nature

Other than the bride, the true star of the wedding will be mother nature herself. There’s a reason why you chose a park as your venue, and that’s because of its beauty. Take advantage of it. If the park you chose has a city skyline visible, set the reception and ceremony up so that guests face it.

Instead of building an arch, scope out a nice clearing of trees or expanse where you can say your vows. And, of course, take advantage of the scenery when taking your wedding pictures. If you can, the time it so that they've taken during golden hour when mother nature shows off her beauty.

Keep the Decorations Simple

Since the backdrop of the trees, foliage, and overall greenery will likely be the main focus, feel free to keep decorations simple. The main goal is to glam up space enough so that it feels true to you and your partner's vision for the wedding rather than a public space.

Hanging wedding bunting in between trees will add a romantic visual element. And you can tailor it to your particular wedding style, be it romantic or bohemian. If you’re going for a rustic look, you can suspend candle lanterns from trees or line areas with tiki torches to add some light to a nighttime reception. Or, opt for twinkle or bistro string lights instead.

You can also borrow from your surroundings. Rocks, driftwood, or even leaves can be incorporated into decor elements. If your park is dessert-like, additions like pampas grass, succulents, or longhorns are nice nods to a rugged backdrop.

Depending on your theme, the idea of picnic tables covered with gingham cloth could be a nostalgic throwback touch to camp days. It might not be as high-class as your typical round tables, but it adds a friendly, chill element and will allow you to fit multiple guests in one space.

Park Wedding Ideas Photo Credit // Corey Lynn Tucker Photography

Provide Guests With an Outdoor-Friendly Welcome Bag

With any wedding that takes place outdoors, you should provide them with some just-in-case items, like bug spray, sunscreen, paper fans, umbrellas, charging stations, and lots of refreshments. While we love the outdoors, we don’t always love the critters and unpredictable weather that comes with it.

Have an Inside-Outside Option

Speaking of unpredictable weather, if your park comes with a gazebo, covered patio, pavilion, or another outdoor-indoor space, definitely take advantage of it in case of inclement weather. Depending on the park’s rules and rental limitations, you can also hold the reception in a tented area (or have one on standby) that you can then decorate to your liking.

There are so many ways to make your park wedding unique and personable—all it takes is planning, an open mind, and some decorations. Mother Nature will handle the rest.

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