Oval Cut Wedding Ring Guide

Here's everything you need to consider when looking for an oval cut wedding ring.

By Ruksana Hussain

Oval Cut Wedding Ring Guide
Photo by Olly Allars

The First Look ✨

While any gem can adorn your wedding band, oval cut diamonds are certainly in high demand. Cost and comfort are important factors to consider, as is the style of setting you finally choose. But to make a purchase confidently, it’s important to arm yourself with some additional information on oval cuts ahead of your shopping adventure. Here are a few key points to remember, plus some settings to consider.

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Why Choose an Oval Cut Wedding Ring?

Oval cut diamonds are considered unique because of their fancy shape. The diamond appears longer than other cuts and doesn’t have any sharp corners, which makes it less prone to chipping. An oval diamond wedding ring also costs less than a round cut of the same weight, but visually looks larger. And if you decide to wear it east-west, or perpendicular to the finger, then it will surely be a one-of-a-kind design that will garner plenty of attention.

What to Watch Out For

Given the fancy shape, oval cut diamonds are not typically graded for quality. As such, it’s crucial to buy from a certified jeweler who will visually inspect for discrepancies, as well as provide a certificate of quality upon purchase. And while oval cuts come in varying dimensions, the right length to width ratio is important. Again, a keen eye for detail and professional expertise from your jeweler is vital.

Beware the Bowtie

The bowtie effect is a term you will hear often when shopping for oval cuts. It refers to a reflection effect that resembles a bowtie. This happens as a result of the facets of the oval cut and can easily go unnoticed if you’re not aware of the defect. Don’t let that deter you from choosing an oval cut wedding or engagement ring. With an experienced jeweler, you can easily address the issue.

Think an oval cut is for you? Let’s look at some styles and setting for inspiration:

Happy Halo

Oval-shaped diamond wedding rings in a halo setting are perfect for the radiant bride. An oval cut diamond ring in white, yellow, or rose gold—especially with a pave band—brings a special sparkle to a traditional wedding band.

Stunning Solitaire

For an oval cut wedding ring, a solitaire setting is a classic and elegant take on a simple yet striking visual. No matter the metal you choose for your wedding band, an oval cut diamond will shine brilliantly.

Eternity Bands

With an eternity band featuring oval cut diamonds, you get a sophisticated look with a larger visual impact. An east-west, or sideways, arrangement in yellow gold is a unique style for an oval cut wedding ring.

Three-Stone Pavé

Oval Cut Wedding Ring Guide Photo Credit // Shutterstock

Consider platinum, white gold, or sterling silver option for an oval cut wedding ring in a three-stone pave setting for a twist on a classic romantic style. The larger center stone in its oval shape adds an extra dimension.

Viva Vintage

Embrace vintage charm with an oval cut wedding ring featuring a double band in a twist pattern to add width to the ring and also provide a sturdy base for a larger gem.

Split Shank

For a dramatic effect, opt for a split shank setting that frames the oval diamond elegantly, giving it pride of place at the center of the wedding band. It’s a small change from a plain band, but one that makes the gem the focal point.

Leave It Open

An open band holding an oval cut diamond is an eye-catching design that will make for great everyday wear—casual or formal—and still look like a fashionable statement piece

Create Tension

Use a tension setting for a modern approach that’s gaining popularity and provides the illusion that the gem is floating within the band itself.

Bezel Beauty

Emphasize the shape of your oval cut gem with a bezel setting, where a ring of metal around the diamond protects it and holds it firmly in its spot. This is one of the more common settings for an oval cut engagement ring or wedding ring.

Whether you want to make a statement with your wedding ring or add a modern touch, bring in more of a traditional element or go fully vintage, an oval engagement or wedding ring is a versatile choice. The settings here show an array of design styles to suit your tastes and add that sparkle for both your wedding day and you're happily ever after.

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