Minimalist Wedding Decor: Simple yet Beautiful Ideas

Minimalist weddings are becoming extremely popular, with people focusing on clean, simple, and beautiful decor for their weddings. Here's some inspo to pull it off.

By Amanda Mitchell

Minimalist Wedding Decorations
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Minimalism has had a huge rise in both home decor and wedding decor—people really are opting to do less than more, and simple is the new way to go. Minimalism focuses on clean lines, geometric and sculptural shapes, textures, and simple details. Elaborate, decadent decorations have their place in another day: Minimalism wants you to eliminate the clutter and debris, and then focus on what really matters—the wedding.

A minimalist wedding theme wants you to focus on intention. Decorating with intention doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a cold, stark white wedding—simple, yet beautiful decor is entirely possible to have a warm, celebratory day. Looking for plenty of minimalist wedding decor ideas? We’ve got a few of them for you, here.

What Are the Different Types of Minimalist Decor?

Minimalist, despite its name, has several different subtypes and categories. Modern minimalism focuses on geometry, shapes, and crisp, white elements, usually paired with silver or gold. Rustic minimalism may embrace greenery, refurbished wood, and white linens. Industrial minimalism is likely what you think of when minimalism comes to mind—sharp lines, mixed metals, brick, city vibes—while romantic minimalism is all in airy, moving fabrics, pops of color, and calligraphy. What these all have in common is typically a neutral palette, no-frills, and an airy ambiance. It’s all about the people getting married being the centerpiece for the day.

What Does It Mean to “Decorate With Intention?”

Usually used to describe home decor, decorating with intention is absolutely something you should keep in mind for your wedding day, as well. The concept is that everything has a place—no clutter allowed. The point is to authentically celebrate and emphasize the space as it is, and nothing should be involved without serving a purpose. With more weddings keeping sustainability in mind, decorating with intention can help ensure that you’re not being purposefully wasteful just to say that you could be. If you keep your eye on your vision, decorating with intention is easy.

Keep It Neutral

Simple yet Beautiful Decor Ideas for Minimalist Weddings Photo Credit // Viera Photographics

Neutral colors don’t simply mean just whites, blacks, greys, and browns—but those colors should be a major part of your wedding day colors. Keep the wedding colors to three or less, two major colors and an accent shade. That accent shade can be green, navy blue, or even a blush pink. Stick with solid, more muted colors—fuschia pink has its place, but you don’t want to shock your guests too much.

Geometric Shapes and Lines

Get your ruler out, because a beautiful minimalist wedding can be emphasized by using geometric lines and decor. Consider having an artist on Etsy make a personalized logo with your and your partner’s names in a line style, which can serve as a core element for your wedding. Or, how about infusing your own idea of art into your wedding day by using a geometric structure as your wedding arch, or Himmeli vases wrapped in ferns or banana leaves as your wedding centerpieces. Considering being really unconventional? Try out a hexagon-shaped wedding cake—sharp lines and angles galore.

Embrace Natural Textures

Just because your wedding decor and colors are leaning on the more neutral side doesn’t mean that they’re boring—this can be a time to use what exists naturally in nature. Wood can be a neutral, as can glass. Try featuring white pillar candles in simple glass vases on a slab of refurbished wood for your sweetheart table at the wedding reception, or creating your wedding arch from oversized white florals. Embracing nature in your wedding detail is one of the reasons why minimalist wedding trends are very popular.

Green Is Great

Simple yet Beautiful Decor Ideas for Minimalist Weddings Photo Credit // Viera Photographics

Lush greenery, such as palms, leaves, and branches, can be a great use for minimalist decor. Large palm leaves can be used as an archway, single strands of leaves can be chair decorations, or they can be used as a centerpiece on a long table runner. Consider tying ferns to white candle votives to line the aisle way or as minimalist wedding centerpieces. If you’re using a lot of white in your wedding, the pop of green can be a welcome, but not jarring accent shade. These subtle minimalist wedding details will add to the overall look of the day.

Emphasize Your Venue

If you’re having a minimalist wedding, it’s highly likely that you picked your venue because of that concept. Whether you’re getting married in an industrial environment, a sprawling rose garden, or a modern venue that’s the barest of bones, let your venue sing. Keep things simple and bare—no-frills, bare bones is gorgeous for the modern minimalist, while the more organic type might want to let nature do the work.

Patterns and Fabrics

Just because you’re using neutrals doesn’t mean that they have to be blacks, whites, greys, and browns. Adding textures and different textiles can make those colors seem like more than just neutrals. Lush velvets, shiny metallics, and fluffy faux furs are just a few ways to bring in color and texture without losing the minimalism.

Streamline Your Florals

Instead of the elaborate floral arrangements of more conventional weddings, the key to minimalism is the sparseness and simplicity. Keep your florals to one or two varieties, and all in the same color. Hanging dried flowers from a clothesline in the ceiling can add some color into your decor, as well as serve as a great alternative to a modern chandelier. Single blooms can be used to decorate the backs of chairs, while large stems can be paired with large feathers to be used as gorgeous centerpieces. A minimalist style wedding decoration theme can be beautiful with the right color scheme to complete the minimalist look.

Clear Is a Color

Glass and clear elements are perfect for a minimalist wedding, because they’re not going to take away from any major part of your wedding decor. Ghost chairs can be a clean, minimal seating option, and glass vases don’t distract from any other decor elements. A clever way to incorporate clear elements is to print your wedding invitations on clear acrylic stock or vellum. Clear as a color can be easily incorporated into minimalist wedding ideas from wedding favors, wedding stationery, to decorations both inside and outside the wedding venue.

Decorating for a minimalist wedding can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep your wedding ideas simple, focus on your colors and the important elements, and remember to decorate with intention.

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