Minimalist Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide

Looking to find what makes (and doesn't make) a minimalist ring? Read our complete guide to find what style of minimalist ring best suits you.

By Jennifer Prince

bride with gold wedding bands in her hands
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Minimalist Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide

Blame it on Marie Kondo or the popularity of Joanna Gaines’s muted farmhouse decor, but minimalism is here to stay. We see it everywhere, from the simplicity of homes to fashion and even jewelry.

As such, more couples are taking a second look at delicate, design-centric pieces to pledge their love. This adoration has caused a rise in the presence of minimalist engagement rings, sparking joy for engaged couples everywhere. Here’s what you need to know about the trend:

Attributes of Minimalist Engagement Rings

There are no universal qualifications for a minimalist ring, although there are a few guiding principles that distinguish the ring style. Don’t worry if you find a minimalist ring you adore that doesn’t fit this criteria, as many scaled-back rings are unique and one-of-a-kind.

  • Simple Settings: The Edwardian era of the 1940s produced intricately detailed filigree rings, which are stunning in their own right, but today brings about understated details that forego the pomp and circumstance—think halos—that some modern engagement rings have.
  • Impactful Bands: When a large stone is the focus on a diamond ring, the beauty of the precious metal often gets lost. More delicate engagement rings allow the gold to make a statement, and designs often include a thin, yet noteworthy band.
  • Traditional Shapes: Classic shapes, such as round and emerald cut, take center stage in minimalist engagement rings. Although, sometimes, these pieces feature rough-cut diamonds that create an earthy vibe.
  • Natural Elements: Diamonds and precious metals are natural substances, and minimalistic rings often include motifs of delicate foliage or lines frequently occurring in nature.
  • Muted Sparkle: Dainty engagement rings feature smaller rocks, which lead to less of a flashy look on your hand. Although, don’t sacrifice the quality or cleanliness of your diamond just because you’re going a bit smaller.
Minimalist Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide Photo Credit // Unsplash

Reasons to Consider Simple Engagement Rings

Some couples know exactly what they want, while others need to look extensively before they find the piece that speaks to them. Whether heading online or to the local jeweler to look for rings, take a peek at the solitaires and then head to other sections, such as wedding bands with gemstones or estate jewelry. Often, the more pared-down pieces are hiding in different places, and they deserve a look, too.

Simple Engagement Rings Go With Everything.

You probably have a go-to watch, necklace, or bracelet. Chances are that the piece is classic and understated. We often reach for the same accessories for a reason—they go with everything. The same should reign true with your wedding jewelry, mainly because you’ll be wearing it daily.

An Understated Ring Won’t Grab Attention—or Objects.

A large, solitaire engagement ring can be stunning, but often it grasps attention that may not be warranted. Other things that big rocks can attract and potentially damage are clothing and hair. Additionally, many minimalistic designs do double duty as low profile engagement rings.

Minimalist Engagement Rings Are Timeless.

Although not necessarily simplistic, the marquis is making an entrance once again. The shape was overly prominent in the ‘90s and took a hiatus for a while, making the cut look dated. Avoiding trends and pieces that mark an era is a way to ensure that your ring remains timeless.

Minimalist Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide Photo Credit // Unsplash

Not All Couples Want a Statement Piece.

Wearing jewelry on your left ring finger signifies your relationship status. It doesn’t matter if it’s a four-carat solitaire or a subtle band with inset round, diamonds. A piece on that finger says something, but that doesn’t mean your ring has to make a statement. Today, just as many couples opt for delicate engagement rings as those who prefer more substantial pieces.

Dainty Engagement Rings Thrive on Design.

A round, solitaire engagement ring is about as classic as you can get, which means they are everywhere. For the couple whose heart beats fast at the mention of an art show or decorator house tour, having something unique and artsy can be more meaningful. A simple engagement ring allows for the design to shine, and artisans can create one-of-a-kind pieces.

You Can Budget Less for Small Engagement Rings.

For some couples, choosing to look at minimalist engagement rings isn’t all about design or personal taste. Frequently it’s about finances, which is ok, too. Petite, understated ring purchases are on the rise, so opting for something a bit more demure is appropriate and modern.

Above all, pick the minimalist engagement ring that’s right for you and fits with your already established style. If that includes choosing a stunning solitaire ring or scoping out minimalist engagement rings, keep your budget, style, and—best of all—your love in mind as you choose your ring design. Nothing can spark more joy than that.