How to Put Together a Peacock-Themed Wedding

Peacock themed weddings are full of rich, vibrant colors and chic decor elements. If you are hoping to pull off this luxe theme, come learn about all the details you will need to consider.

By Emily Forrest

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Though a peacock wedding theme may initially seem a bit out of the ordinary, it’s actually a chic and modern theme full of rich, vibrant colors and wedding decor. What’s more, the regal color palette symbolizes a strong and fruitful future ahead.

However, to achieve an elegant design that incorporates the peacock motif, you have to pay close attention to a variety of details—or you run the risk of the theme going from chic to shabby. But don’t worry, Zola has you covered as you take on one of the more unique wedding themes. Here’s everything you need to know to create a picture-perfect peacock-themed wedding.

A Gorgeous Peacock Palette

When it comes time to select your colors, look no further than the stunning beauty of natural peacock feathers, which are full of vivid blues, greens, and golds. While you will want to keep this in mind as your guiding palette, a peacock theme does lend itself to some customization.

The peacock blues you choose to incorporate throughout your big day can range from turquoise teal to sapphire or navy, while greens can vary from bright emerald green to grass green. Since green and blue are both cool colors and neighbor each other on the color wheel, they will always go together, so focusing on these two hues as your primary colors is a failsafe way to design a stunning wedding. Then you can use gold and black as your accent colors, or if you want a more playful color palette, try adding pops of bright colors like pink, coral, purple, and orange as accents.

Dazzling Details

While the colors you select for your peacock wedding theme will set the tone for your event's design, creating an elegant theme will depend on the details of the big day. Weaving your theme and colors throughout all the elements of your wedding planning ensures that the theme is prominent and consistently represented. For cohesiveness, incorporate your peacock colors and details into your wedding invitations, venue selection, attire, flower arrangements, and more.

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Invitations and Stationery

Your wedding starts with the invitations and stationery, such as RSVP cards and save-the-dates, so this is when you’ll want to begin showing off your elegant theme. Of course, one of the most traditional ways to theme invitations is to simply design them with the colors of your wedding. However, a peacock theme offers the opportunity to decorate your turquoise teal or emerald green wedding invitation with images of peacocks or their features—you may even choose to include a real peacock feather as part of the design for a more exotic touch.

Venue and Location

Selecting your wedding venue is one of the most important choices you will have to make when wedding planning, but the right choice can support and highlight your theme. For example, a peacock theme will feel like a natural choice for a destination wedding in an exotic location like Sri Lanka or Myanmar, where peacocks are part of the wildlife.

However, if you’re looking to stay closer to home, peacock colors will also complement nature wedding venues, such as zoos or botanical gardens. And if you prefer an indoor venue or only have access to a more traditional reception hall, bring your inspiration to life through decorations. In this case, finding a venue will require you to consider how the colors of the room will influence your theme.

If your location has access to peacocks, such as in their natural habitat or at a zoo, having your photos taken with one in the background adds a unique touch. However, some couples may choose to have a peacock brought to their wedding. If this is something you are considering, be sure to check with local animal authorities and make sure you understand all the regulations that may impact your ability to do so. In addition, secure permission from your venue and file all necessary permits and waivers.

Accessories and Attire

When it comes to attire, there are many different ways to incorporate your theme. Most obviously, you can have the women in your wedding party wear bridesmaid dresses that are in line with your color palette. Likewise, the men can wear matching vests or ties. However, the peacock theme also lends itself to a few other creative wedding ideas, such as:

  • The bride may choose to wear a colored ribbon around her bodice or don a peacock brooch as part of her attire.
  • The bride and/or bridal party may add peacock feathers to their hairstyles as a hair piece. Similarly, the groom and/or groomsmen can wear peacock-themed boutonnieres.
  • The bride and/or bridesmaids can wear jewelry featuring peacock feathers or colors. Pro tip: Search for gemstone shades and blue-green stones.
  • Ushers and other male members of the wedding party can wear fun socks featuring the bird itself, the pattern of its feathers, or colors in line with your color palette.
  • The bride can utilize a bold makeup palette with blues, greens, and golds to create a thematic look. Eyeshadow is an easy opportunity to include these colors in a flashy or subtle way.
  • Peacock feathers can also be adorned to most styles of shoes. This can be done via individual faux feathers (glued or otherwise attached at the back, or flat over the side or top) or utilizing a broach or clip of some sort (secured to the back of a heel or flat).
  • Your vibrant colors can also be featured in layering pieces. For example, if you'd prefer your bridesmaids wear more neutral or subtle colors, consider asking them to also wear a wrap in a more bold blue, green, or purple shade. This addition works especially well for winter weddings or those in cooler climates.
  • Brides that long for a unique and jaw-dropping wedding outfit moment can include peacock feathers in the train of their wedding dresses. You can opt to place a few here and there or, for full effect, have an entire layer of them over or attached to the skirt of your gown.

Floral Arrangements

The floral arrangements for a wedding are often one of the best ways to highlight your theme and incorporate your colors throughout the ceremony and reception. For a peacock wedding theme, consider using the feathers to enhance your arrangements.

In some cases, you may even choose to omit floral blooms entirely and opt for a minimalist vase filled with peacock feathers. Consider your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, flower girl "petals," and wedding centerpieces. Your arrangements are a place where you can have fun and get creative, so don’t be afraid to try out a few different ideas with your florist or event designer.

Reception Decor

How to Put Together a Peacock Themed Wedding Photo Credit // Apollo Fotografie

Your reception decor is what will really bring your theme to life. This includes everything from photo walls to place settings. But think carefully about the details you want to include and how they all fit together—trying to do too much can take your wedding day from elegant to gauche quickly. Here are some of our favorite ideas to consider when you begin planning your peacock decor:

  • Floral Sculptures: Some florists may be able to create shaped peacock shaped floral arrangements to place around your venue. One approachable idea is to purchase peacock figurines and have your florist adorn the tail feathers—or create them entirely—with your desired florals. What's great about this is that you can stick with traditional peacock colors or customize the display with an alternative palette.
  • Photo Backdrop: Create a photo wall using the feathers. This can be DIY'ed or done professionally by stringing the feathers in vertical lines or arranging them in a fan, as would be seen on the actual bird.
  • Gold Tableware: Using gold chargers and cutlery is a sophisticated and luxe way to elevate the entire reception. You and your guests will feel like royalty as you dine.
  • Folded napkins: As a small but delightful detail, have each of your reception table napkins folded into the shape of a bird. For added effect, select napkins that are a bold shade of blue, purple, or green—if not a variety of these colors.
  • Table runners, tablecloths, and chair fabric: Drape your reception in your vibrant color palette by including it in your tablecloths and/or table runners, as well as fabric wrapped around the backs of everyone's chairs.
  • Place cards and table numbers: Attach a single, beautiful peacock feather to each table number sign or individual place card (or both).
  • Uplighting: If available at your venue, use colored uplighting to create a dramatic and bold effect that gets cast over your entire celebration.

While these are just a few ideas to help get you started, the reception decor possibilities are endless with a peacock theme.

The Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is often a focal point of your reception, so it’s a fun opportunity to show off your theme. There are a variety of creative ways that you can do this, but some of our favorites include:

  • A peacock-shaped cake: Seek out a talented cake sculptor who can carve your peacock wedding cake into the actual shape of the animal.
  • A cake topper made of feathers: For a more subtle look, simply stick a peacock feather cake topper to the top layer of your cake.
  • An edible cake topper: Alternatively, request a fondant peacock topper. This can be made more dramatic by adding feathers that cascade from it in the place of tail feathers. Pros may even be able to layer them and make them out of frosting.
  • Wrapping the layers in feathers: Ask your baker to gently place/press individual feathers around the sides of your cake. Of course, remember to remove these before slicing and distributing pieces. An alternative idea is to wrap feathers around the top layer only, since the bottom layer is what will be cut into the most.
  • A hand-painted feather design on the cake: For an edible design, ask your baker to hand-paint an exquisite feather design on your cake's surface.
  • A cake followed by cupcakes to create dimension: Similar to the fondant-topper-and-feathers idea or floral tail feathers decor, design a cake that features the body of a peacock, followed by cupcakes that make up its tail feathers. These can be placed at the cake's side or cascade down a tiered tray.
  • Use a swirl pattern design: For a cake that doesn't look directly like a peacock, but is inspired by them, request gold swirling designs be incorporated on top of a blue or green cake.

If you’d like a specific design on your cake, be sure to discuss it with your baker to ensure they can execute your vision. However, if you aren’t sure what you want, your baker may be able to come up with a few options for you to consider.

Birds of a Feather

Peacocks are revered for their vibrant colors and exotic feathers, so it is no wonder this makes an excellent wedding theme. But with such a vibrant bird as your inspiration, creating an elegant design from the ceremony through the reception requires great attention to detail and a delicate hand. Take your time sourcing the right elements—it’ll pay off, as you’ll be much more likely to pull off this luxurious theme.

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