15 Star Wars Themed Wedding Ideas We Know You’ll Love

If you’re a die-hard “Star Wars” fan, you can incorporate your love for the franchise into a “Star Wars”-themed wedding.

By Jennifer Prince

Star Wars Themed Wedding
Photo by Ricky Stern Photography

The First Look ✨

There’s no doubt that the Star Wars franchise has drawn folks to the dark side for decades. The proof is in the spin-offs, collectible ephemera, and dedicated days, such as May the 4th. If you’re the ultimate Star Wars fan that adores Han Solo or can’t get enough of adorable baby Yoda, it’s possible that a Star Wars-inspired wedding is for you. Here’s how to plan a Star Wars themed wedding ceremony and reception that would even make Darth Vader proud.

How to Incorporate Star Wars into a Wedding

For some, it’s up for debate whether a Star Wars theme fits into the category of geek or chic for your wedding day. And—trust us—both are good. However, these categories also qualify for two very different types of events. So, first, determine whether you’re going to geek out or chic out. Then, decide how to incorporate Star Wars into a wedding that’s right for you.

Planning a Geek Star Wars-Inspired Wedding

To have a geeky wedding, channel those energetic vibes into a wedding day that holds nothing back when it comes to Star Wars centerpieces, favors, and invitations. Both you and your guests can dress up as movie characters. Display your vast collection of memorabilia, and have everything align with your favorite movie series. A geeky wedding will pull out all the stops and include your overt love for all things Star Wars related.

Planning Using Chic Star Wars Wedding Theme Ideas

It’s your wedding, so although you adore fandom, you don’t want it to be the highlight of your day. After all, it’s understandable that you want to keep you and your partner as the central focus. One fabulous way to keep your wedding chic, without going overboard, is to incorporate subtle nods to the franchise. (And if you’re concerned the Star Wars element will mess with the chic vibe of your wedding, consider working your love for all things Star Wars into other wedding events—like the theme for your bachelorette party, engagement party, or wedding shower.)

Star Wars Wedding Ideas

1. Send Star Wars Wedding Invitations Across The Galaxy

Set the tone for your themed wedding from the start. Whether your first communication is your save-the-date or wedding invitation, incorporate the movie into your stationery. Use phrases such as “Invited, You Are” and “We Are Joining Forces” on your wedding website and invitations. “Star Wars” fonts are available to allude further that you’re hosting a themed event.

2. Embrace The Force With Star Wars Themed Wedding Attire and Hairstyles

Geeks may choose to duplicate outfits, and those who want to keep it chic can use the movie as inspiration. Rey, Leia, and Padme all had lovely white clothing to replicate. However, you can also search for Princess Leia wedding dresses reminiscent of her style.

When it comes to hair, chat with your stylist about updated options. Turn Leia’s trademark side twists into messy braided chignons, or use Rey’s row of buns as a base for your style. Grooms can gain inspiration from Han Solo and wear an open vest under their suit jacket. Another option would be to wear StormTrooper cufflinks with your tux. So chic!

How to Plan a Star Wars Themed Wedding Photo Credit // Ricky Stern Photography

3. Join Forces Star Wars Wedding Rings

Show your love—for your spouse and the Force—every day by wearing Star Wars wedding rings. Designs are available that give nods to StormTrooper uniforms and the Millennium Falcon. One feature of most of these pieces is that they don’t overtly scream Star Wars. Only loyal fans would notice the association, particularly if they are paired with more traditional engagement rings.

4. Have Your Officiant Dress As Your Favorite Character

Want to have a Star Wars character oversee your “I do’s?” Consider asking your officiant to dress as your favorite character from the films, like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, or even Darth Vader!

5. Exchange Star Wars-Inspired Wedding Vows

Alter your traditional vows to incorporate your theme. With a plethora of movies and shows to choose from, there are many sayings that you can include. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • I pledge to never turn to the dark side.
  • I will join forces with you now and forever.
  • Just like the Force, I will be with you always.
  • Yoda one for me. Marry you, I will.
  • I’m just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe with you.
  • I begin a new chapter on my epic journey with you.
  • I love you...I know.

6. Order a Star Wars Wedding Cake...

Having a Star Wars-themed wedding cake is a fabulous way to play with a theme. Whether you choose Jedi wedding cake toppers or mimic the pattern of BB-8, have your cake artist get creative. If you don’t want a Star Wars motif wedding cake, your groom’s cake can always incorporate the theme.

7. Incorporate Thoughtful Star Wars Wedding Decorations

The options for Star Wars wedding decor are seemingly endless. Include miniature Millenium Falcons into your wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Accent your linens with subtle Star Wars wedding table decorations, such as small Death Stars. Place candles into holders reminiscent of lightsabers. Be creative with your decor while keeping it chic—or geek.

8. Send Your Guests Off With Unique Star Wars Wedding Favors

After your attendees have danced the night away at your Star Wars wedding reception, send them off with a memento to remember the night with—themed wedding favors. Fabulous ideas include C-3PO cookies, lightsaber bookmarks, and favors with Jedi-themed sayings. Your guests will appreciate useful—but creative—thank you gifts.

9. Split Guests Into The Empire And Rebel Alliance

In Star Wars, it’s all about Good vs. Evil—or the Rebel Alliance vs. The Empire. And while none of your guests (of course!) would fall under the “evil” umbrella, splitting the guest list and tables into The Empire vs. The Alliance is a fun way to incorporate Star Wars into your seating chart.

10. Host A Star Wars-Themed Photo Booth

People love to snap fun wedding photos. So, if you’re hosting a Star Wars-inspired wedding, why not incorporate Star Wars into your photo booth? Stock your photo booth with fun accessories for people to dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters like Chewbacca, Boba Fett, or C3PO—and then cherish the photos of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and wedding guests having a ball acting like they’re from a galaxy far, far away.

11. Have Your Loved Ones Sign A Star Wars Guest Book

You want something to commemorate your Star Wars-inspired wedding—and a guest book is a great way to remember your special day! Have your loved ones sign a Star Wars guest book with well wishes for your marriage—which not only gives you another way to incorporate Star Wars into your wedding, but a fun conversation piece to display in your home.

12. Have Each Part Of Your Big Day Correspond To A Different Part Of The Star Wars Franchise

At this point, Star Wars has a had a few iterations; the original trilogy, the early 2000s Anakin origin story, and the new Disney films. So, if you’re a lover of all things Star Wars, why not have the different parts of your wedding correspond to the different parts of the Star Wars franchise? For example, you might have your wedding ceremony include vows inspired by the original Star Wars films, then drinks inspired by the early 2000s films at your cocktail hour (Jar Jar Binx Bellinis, anyone?), and then incorporate newer Star Wars touches (like BB8 cupcakes) at your reception. It will transform your wedding into a journey through the Star Wars films!

13. Embrace Star Wars In Your Wedding Decor

There are so many decor touches that go into a wedding. So, if you want your wedding to have a Star Wars vibe, decor is a great way to do it. Think Star Wars table numbers, Star Wars Lego centerpieces...the sky (or, in this case, the galaxy) is the limit!

14. Pass Out Lightsabers On The Dance Floor

If you want your dance floor to feel like one big Star Wars dance party, consider handing out neon lightsabers for your guests to dance with. Not only will it help to support the theme, but the sabers can act as fun glow-in-the-dark lighting for your reception!

15. Incorporate Small (Or Secret!) Star Wars Details

As mentioned, there’s no need to have a full-on Star Wars themed wedding to embrace your love of the franchise. There are subtle (or even secret!) ways to incorporate your love of the films into your wedding—without it feeling like the overarching theme. For example, you might have the bride wear a Star Wars garter or the ring bearer carry the ring in a Star Wars ring box.

Whether you’re leaning towards being geek or chic, having a Star Wars-themed wedding is magical. Using the franchise to celebrate the fact that you and your SO will join forces is both ingenious and memorable. Wow your guests as you say “I do” and have an event that’s out of this galaxy—even if it’s not far, far away.

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