How to Do a Bold Bridal Makeup Look

Want to say “Yes” to a bold bridal makeup look, but you’re not quite sure which features to focus on or how to achieve it? Read this inspiring list to embolden your wedding day style.

By The Zola Team

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Nowhere does it say that you must wear subtle shades of eye shadow, perfectly pink cheeks, and “natural” lipstick on your wedding day. We searched the handbook and never found it. So, we feel good about giving you the green light to go bold with your wedding day makeup look. That’s right, if you always wear a red lip, or you don’t leave the house without false lashes, now is not the time to dial it down. Show off your personality and let your favorite features shine, whether they’re your eyes, your lips, or your whole face. There are so many beautiful ways to be bold.

Odds are, you’re having your wedding day makeup professionally done, so take advantage of the skills at your disposal. Your makeup artist knows what he or she is doing and is probably dying for a bride to let him or her spin his or her magic wand, er brush, to make all your beauty dreams come true. Want to say “Yes” to a bold bridal makeup look, but you’re not quite sure which features to focus on or how to achieve it? We put together an inspiring list of options you’ll have no trouble saying yes to.

For Your Eyes

If you want to draw all the attention to your baby blues, or make your hazel eyes stand out, go for colorful shadows, smokey lids, or dramatic liner for truly eye-catching beauty.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes aren’t only for nighttime. In fact, this staple makeup look was created to make your eyes stand out, so why not incorporate it into your wedding day? Go for tones of grey or brown for a classic smokey eye, or add a little color—it’s not the shade that makes it a smokey eye, but instead the technique of building color on (and around) your lids from light to dark.

Pink Lids

Pink shadow graced the runways of Bridal Fashion Week this past year and has caught on quick. Highlight your eyes with a rosy hue for a bold beauty look that is super pretty, super feminine, and super on-trend.


If a cat-eye is your signature makeup look, don’t stray from it on your wedding day. You can go subtle with a thinner line or a shorter wing, or extend the wing and thicken the line for a bolder look. Add false lashes to really draw attention to your eyes, so that your liner isn’t missed.

Do a Bold Bridal Makeup Look Photo Credit // Unsplash

Shimmering Bronze

Whether you’re going for a bridal look that says beach babe or queen of the ages, bronze eyes are the way to go. This shimmering shadow stands out and looks good on every skin tone. Take it all the way to your brow line for a true glow. For an even bolder look, go monochromatic with bronze cheeks and lips, too.

Brown Lids

Brown lids can be glam or rustic, and also look good on just about everyone. You can utilize deep brown hues or softer shades to tailor this makeup trend to your skin tone, and make it stand out more with dark liner and brows.

Winged Liner

For a truly eye-catching bridal look, up the ante on a traditional cat-eye with a winged liner that extends far beyond your lash line. Embrace this makeup trend completely by opting for a white, gold, or rosy liner.

Smokey Liner

If a smokey eye isn’t really your style, and a simple black liner just isn’t enough, smoke-ify your liner by carrying it up your lid a bit with a dark grey shadow. Romantic photos with your eyes closed will stun.


Metallic shadows and liners are a red-carpet favorite because they’re chic, fashion-forward, and stand out from the crowd. All of these characteristics make a metallic shadow and/or liner a solid choice for your wedding day. Go silver for the most modern makeup look, or gold for a slightly safer option.

For Your Lips

Highlight your pretty pout with the latest lipstick trends or a color that shows off your personality.

True Red

Red lipstick will never go out of style. Paint your lips with this classic hue for a timeless, bold beauty look. It’s where bold wedding day makeup got its start, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Do a Bold Bridal Makeup Look Photo Credit // Unsplash

Rosy Pink

A pink pout can add an ultra-feminine touch to your bridal beauty look. There are a slew of shades to choose from, so test out a few to find just the right shade of pink for your skin tone and for the level of boldness you want to achieve.

Vibrant Orange

Vibrant orange lips are like an Aperol spritz on the coast of Italy—refreshing, loved by everyone, and the same color to boot. This bold lip works on dark and light skin tones alike, and it’s best worn in the spring and summer months to complement a sunny day, and ideally a destination wedding.

Deep Purple

On the other hand, deep purple pouts are best worn during the fall and winter months to complement the cool tones in the weather and florals. This hue can easily go elegant or edgy, depending on the style of your dress and hair.


Matte wedding day makeup often has a bolder effect than glossy or shimmery shades, especially on your lips. Choose any lipstick—red, orange, purple, you name it—in a matte formulation to put a bold twist on your beauty look.

Colorful Coral

If vibrant orange is a bit too bold for your liking, take it down a notch with a coral hue in the same family. This pretty shade topped the trend list a few years back and has become beloved by makeup artists and brides all over, so it’s no surprise that it stuck around.

For a Total Look

There’s no need to pick just your eyes or your lips. If you’re going for bold wedding day makeup, go big or go home. Just be sure to test out these beauty looks at your makeup trial to ensure that you love it for the big day.

Nude All Over

Monochrome makeup is an easy way to be bold with your wedding day beauty look. Emphasize your natural beauty with nude hues all over, from your eyes and your cheeks to your lips. Natural bridal makeup is cohesive and subtly bold.

Bold Brows

Brows can instantly embolden your beauty look. Brush them up for a youthful, boyish look, and fill them in and tint them for a fierce photo-worthy look. Beware of going too big or dark to avoid your brows being the only thing you see when all is said and done.

Bronze Beauty

Don’t stop at bronze lids. Dust the pretty, versatile hue all over for a beautiful glow. The shade will give your skin a healthy color and ensure that you don’t look washed out in photos. Plus, you’ll look like you’ve spent a week in the sunshine.


Red lips, black liner, bold lashes, and bronzed cheeks are all a big yes. For the ultimate, bold wedding day beauty look, don’t limit yourself to one facial feature, especially if you’re going for an ultra-glam look. Show off all your features and keep your hair simple so that they really shine.


If you want to look like you’re glowing from the inside out, go for this bold wedding day beauty look. Make your skin shimmer and shine by starting with a dewy foundation. Add highlighter to your cheekbones, eyelids, cupid’s bow, and the brim of your nose—basically everywhere—to achieve this stunning look. The trending glow is perfect for your wedding day and will enhance your natural glow from the love and joy-filled celebration.

You may have heard it said that no one should outshine the bride on her wedding day. After attending dozens, if not hundreds, of weddings, we hardly believe that’s even possible. The bride is always radiating with joy and love, and has a signature bridal glow. But, if you really want to stand out, embrace one of these beautiful, bold wedding day beauty looks.

We hope they inspire you, whether you’re already set on doing something dramatic, or needed a little encouragement in that direction. Enlist the help of a professional makeup artist to bring the vision to life and make all of your bridal beauty dreams come true.

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