How to Create a Bridal Makeup Touch Up Kit

We spoke to the pros to find out how to create the perfect makeup touch-up kit for your wedding day.

By Ruksana Hussain

How to Create a Bridal Makeup Touch Up Kit
Photo by Zola

Your makeup is all done for the big day, and you feel gorgeous. But a little smear here and a smudge there can ruin everything. Your professional hair and makeup person or beauty consultant will do a good job of preparing you for the festivities, but it never hurts to have your own bridal makeup touch-up kit for any surprise snafus. We spoke to the professionals to find out how to create one, so you can address all makeup matters that arise during your wedding.

For the Bag

Instead of a cloth bag or pouch, try to find a transparent or clear purse that can serve as your bag for your bridal makeup touch-up kit. You can arrange all the makeup and tools neatly and clearly see what’s there. Dumping everything in a cloth bag or pouch might mean having to dump everything back out again to find what you’re looking for—not exactly a feasible option at all times. Always add in a mini mirror to check on your touch-ups after. And designate a member of your bridal party to be in charge of always carrying the kit on them.

For the Face

To touch up your foundation, keep a few small sponges handy to clean up smears. Carry translucent setting powder to freshen up your makeup. Concealer, to cover up any blemishes or dark circles that begin reappearing after a long day of mingling with guests is important, as is highlighter to keep that soft, glowy finish to your skin. If you tend to sweat a lot or have oily skin that proves too shiny sometimes, then blotting paper to absorb the excess liquid and oil control powder to curb that oily shiny skin is always helpful. And once all the touching up is done, a good setting or finishing spray will help ensure all your makeup holds good for a few more hours.

For the Lips

Carry your favorite lip color on you. Or if your makeup professional mixed a custom shade, then have them add some extra in a container or in a retractable lip brush for you to apply closer to the ceremony and while taking pictures. Lip gloss and lip liner are good to have handy in your bridal makeup touch-up kit, too. Add some tissue to your lip kit to wipe away any overflow on your teeth. With all the kissing and dining going on, your lips are the first that will see signs of makeup wearing off.

For the Eyes

There will be tears of joy and many emotional moments throughout the day, so planning for it when you pack your touch-up kit is highly recommended. A waterproof/resistant eyeliner and mascara in the shade applied by your makeup professional must be in your bridal makeup touch-up kit. A fresh coat every now and then will help your eyes pop in all your pictures. Using false lashes for those dramatic eyes? Remember to keep eyelash adhesives in your kit to keep those lashes in place. A tweezer would also be useful to help place back any false lashes that have lifted.

For the Hair

A bottle of spray and some bobby pins to tackle any stray strands and keep your hairdo set for the length of the event is essential. If you have any elaborate headgear for religious or cultural purposes, then carry sufficient reinforcements. This is one area you might have to specifically pay attention to if your hairstylist isn’t familiar with traditional headpieces. What was held tightly together at the start of your makeup session may begin unraveling as the hours go by, so the extra hair accessories in your bridal makeup touch-up kit will surely work to your benefit.

The Extras

Keep some straws handy, so sipping on beverages doesn’t mess up your lipstick. A pack of tissues and wet wipes to handle any quick fixes are also great. Q-tips to help with mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow, or other smaller spots are always welcome. Toothpicks to handle any dental emergencies as you munch through the day, and safety pins or a small pair of scissors for wardrobe malfunctions are good, too. A mini bottle of your nail polish to fix chipped nails and a travel-size bottle of your signature perfume are must-haves in your bridal makeup touch-up kit.

Refrain from adding any new products that weren’t previously tried and tested on your hair and skin. An allergy or reaction to a new brand is the last thing you want to deal with. Ideally, your hair and makeup professional hired for the day will be available to help with touch-ups and can put together a handy kit for you if they aren’t around. But if not, then these tips from the professionals are a good place to start in creating a bridal makeup touch-up kit that will solve any of your makeup emergencies on the day of your wedding.

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